11 Best and Worst Vitamin C Serums and How They Work

In our opinion, here are some vitamin C serums rated worst to best! You can also check out a video reviewon these from Cassandra. 

#11 Sweet Chef Ginger + Vitamin C Serum - $19.99

Sweet chef is the sister brand to glow recipe. This one has ginger, and it can be a little irritating when applied over a blemish. We didn’t really see much of a difference after using it.  There wasn’t an instant glow, and it couldn’t be felt absorbing. The texture was sticky and slimy, and Cassandra actually broke out from it. She is acne-prone though so this might not happen for everyone. Ginger can be finicky, and unfortunately, people on TikTok have a habit of applying it directly to their skin. Ginger has a compound called gingerol which can irritate the skin. Gingerol is similar to capsaicin which is found in jalapeno peppers, and I don’t think people would want a jalapeno serum.


For Cassandra, it didn’t resolve uneven skin tone.  Additionally, it even actually stopped her sunscreen from laying down properly on her skin. Sunscreen has to settle into this skin to create a protective film. When Cassandra applied this sunscreen, it stopped her sunscreen from forming that film.

#10 Indeed Labs Vitamin C - $19.99

This is the vitamin c that James Welsh described as a hydrating milky serum consistency, and it is. It does give a silk dewy look, but this product also has volcanic soil. It dries down mattified on the skin. Cassandra is oily and acne-prone, and she see that oil was being controlled on her face. It just kind of created a little cracky layer on her face. This formula does have hyaluronic acid which is good, but similar to the sweet chef one, it was slightly sticky. And the way products layer could positively or negatively affect your whole skin routine. 

#9 Glossier Super Glow Magnesium Vitamin C Serum -  $28

This vitamin c magnesium serum has jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin c in the form of magnesium scorable phosphate. This is a less irritating form of vitamin C especially in comparison to l ascorbic acid, but it didn’t work for Cassandra’s oily prone skin. This is where subjective experiences truly matter.  If you have dry skin, you’ll love it. It has a creamy texture, and it feels like a non-greasy oil. It sets upon the skin like a liquid, but then, it dries down to a shine and grease. So, for Cassandra, this serum did not just give a glow, but a greasy look - especially by the end of the day. However, If you’re looking for a vitamin C that’s more moisturizing, this is going to be for you. If you’re someone that has really dry skin, I think you will love this.

#8 Pacifica Glow Baby Vitamin C - $16 

This is a vitamin C and a great exfoliator. There are still positives and negatives though. It has AHA, glycolic acid. Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin, but remember how vitamin C likes to be in an acidic environment, so does glycolic acid? Mixing the two can be a recipe for irritation, and a lot of people apply vitamin C in the daytime, but you don’t want into the sun after exfoliating. This product is still a wonderful sensory experience, and the glycolic acid gives a great glow to the skin. 

#7 Jumiso Vitamin C - $16.39 


This isn’t just a vitamin C serum. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and VItamin E. It has centella asiactica too which is super soothing to the skin. It does have bergamot oil though. This is an essential oil so it might not react well with some people’s skin. The bergamot oil doesn’t do anything for the skin but give a fragrant experience. There are more functional alternatives for such as laminin which are carrier molecules that draw other molecules deeper into the skin. 

This serum goes on like a water cream so it’s relatively nonirritating as long as you’re not sensitive to bergamot or water cream. It’s not the most potent vitamin  C, but for someone who wants a lightweight vitamin C for oily skin or for someone trying vitamin C for the 1st time, it’s a good option. If you’re someone with dry skin, you’d still need a moisturizer over it. 

#6 Covey Vitamin C  - $59 


This is an excellent vitamin C that absorbs very well into the skin. When you pump it out, the product comes out like a serum. It’s almost a milky formula, and it goes onto the skin like margarine. It works better with their moisturizer. It makes the skin feel really good. It plumps fine lines, and it can be used as an eye cream. You can use it on the side and under the eyes. It also helps with under-eye brightness. It’s gentle enough to use around the eyes because it doesn’t have aromatic alcohols.

#5 Wander Beauty Vitamin C - $42 

This is a lightweight absorbable vitamin C for those with oily skin.  At the same time, you could use this if you have dry skin, and you could definitely use it if you have combination or oily skin. The texture is like a  hybrid between a serum and a moisturizer.  It gives the skin a glow but not in a greasy way like Glossier. This has vitamin c, it has squalane, niacinamide, and vitamin E. It can help with pigmentation, collagen, and oil regulation. It also has something called pearl optics, but this is not makeup or mica. It’s not a highlighter or luminizer. It’s just something that gives a dewy look 

#4 Inkey List EGF Vitamin C - $14.99 


This has an epidermal growth factor. An epidermal growth factor is a protein that stimulates cell growth. This vitamin C  has a signaling peptide that enhances repair. Peptides line themselves into chains and fold themselves into proteins. Although the proteins are too big to get into our skin, the peptides can. That’s the EGF. 

As for the vitamin C, it’s awesome. It’s a nice lightweight texture, and it doesn’t get overly sticky. The vitamin C they use is ascorbyl glucoside, For someone who is irritated by specific vitamin c products, ascorbyl glucoside is a really good option since l ascorbic acid can create irritation. This product creates brightness, balance, and it’s nice and lightweight. 

#3 The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% Vitamin C - $10


This is a real powerhouse for people with hyperpigmentation. The Alpha arbutin is a tyrosinase inhibitor. Tyrosinase spread pigment to the skin, and if we can stop that, that pigmentation can’t spread. This is a liquid oil. You can use it at any time during the day. 

#2 Beauty Pie Vitamin C Capsules - $65


They’re little balloons with product in them. It’s very pillowy, and it goes onto the skin super dry. So, any skin type would need a moisturizer either over or under it. If you like primer, you’d like this texture. Futhermore, this helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

#1 Dear Klairs Vitamin C - $23

This product is an amazing sensorial experience. It warms up on the skin, and then it cools down. The delivery system combined with the formula makes an amazing product. If you’re looking for increased suppleness, this is an amazing product to try.