The Morals We Live By

We strive for a higher standard of ethical and moral business practices. From the content we create to the products we consume, we choose to put our money where our morals are. Here is the code of ethics we live by:

Influence Through Positive Impact

What does it mean to be an influencer, to influence other people? We recognize this is a vast responsibility and don’t take our positions lightly. We strive to think, communicate, and act in ways that allow us to be a positive influence to all who come in contact with our content, commerce and community.

Trust & Tenacity

Trust is built through communication, vulnerability, and actions that align with our commitments. As an influential platform, we recognize we aren’t just a brand, but a friend, and we value the relationship we have with each and every person who interacts with our content. Posts, products, partnerships, and sponsorships are all fostered with the guiding principles of honesty without exploitation, veracity and perseverance.

A Helping Hand

Being helpful seldom comes in the form of berating, or belittling others. In addition to having a no-tolerance policy for bullying or discrimination, we work to avoid any patrionization of our readers, viewers, and community members. We all learn at different paces, and those differences should be celebrated. We strive to communicate with humility and the genuine desire to provide support and guidance, regardless of where you’re at on your journey.

The Human Element Of Error

Mistakes happen, as no human is perfect. However, we believe that how someone works to correct and grow from those mistakes defines their character more accurately than the infraction itself. We work to avoid mistakes at every step of our actions. We commit to correcting, and learning from those that do happen to make our companies and communities better for everyone involved.

People Over Profits

We are aware that businesses need to make a profit to keep lights on, or continue to work to expand their offering of positive products or helpful services to others. However, some businesses take this to extremes, and walk paths with a saunter of greed and avarice, willing to exploit any human, ecosystem or resource that comes their way. We refuse to operate in ways that knowingly exploits the planet, animals, and humans. Especially in the realm of slave labor, human rights violations and exploitation, we choose to put people over profits.

Marketing With Meaning

We understand that the media, images, and content we consume impacts how we classify and experience the world and define our own self esteem. Because of this, we commit to marketing with meaning, upholding a non-discrimination policy, avoid using women, men, and non-bianary friends as sex symbols in advertising, and work to include positive messaging and impact in each campaign we produce or create.

Our Stance On Sustainability

We respect the planet we share, and are concerned about current climate, environmental, and global issues. We strive to minimize waste at every step of our processes and supply chains, and encourage reusing and recycling in every stage of our productions and operations. Although the majority of our products and services are eco-friendly, we cannot honestly claim to be a 100%, fully carbon-neutral, environmentally-friendly company… yet. However, we promise to continue to give conscious, sustainable effort to build our products, teams and company as an environmentally-friendly corporation in the shortest timeframe possible.

The Dream Team

A whole is only as good as it’s parts, and we recognize our company is only as good as the individuals who help define, create, and operate it. Our Dream Team members are treated fairly regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, marital status or disability. Although our Dream Team and community members may hold different designations or positions, all employees and contractors are considered ‘equal’ as company members. This is reflected to all of our Dream Team members, contractors, and in all phases of employing new team members or internships.

Legitimacy Through Legality

We work to abide by all applicable laws that we fall under the jurisdiction of. For laws that are created by entities that discriminate, marginalize, or negate the value of humans, animals or the environment, we work to raise awareness, cast our votes, and change legislation that doesn’t align with the guiding principles of equality, morality and humanity. For our products, services, and community conversations, we maintain confidentiality of all the related parties except when authorized or legally obliged.