We know that beauty is more than skin deep. But how do we turn that knowledge into actionable power? We create and share educational and entertaining content online to help others feel empowered. We work to help viewers overcome their insecurities and strive to be a positive influence on our community and beyond.


Cassandra Bankson LLC is a media and impact company that creates empowering and informational content and treatments, helps aligned brands market with meaning through strategy and campaigns, and works as a sustainable retailer of socially conscious products and services. But Cassandra Bankson herself is the big sister with acne who has been there. She understands what it feels like to live and learn through our beauty, and shares her knowledge and experiences as a reminder to help you beYOUtiful, inside and out.

Who Is Cassandra?

Cassandra Bankson is a social media influencer with over 150 million views online, and over 1300,000 people who check in with her content regularly – but as an influencer, she constantly questioned what “influencing” really means.

Face First

She started off as a model with acne, who looked beautiful in magazines but felt ugly in the mirror. It was difficult to make a positive influence on the world when all she could focus on were her own insecurities. She realized that in order to move forward, she had to take a step back. She had to work on the foundations of self-confidence, kindness, and beauty from the inside out.

Empowerment Through Education

Years were spent pursuing and obtaining diplomas and certifications in skincare, nutrition, medicine, and marketing. Yet once she got the parchment papers in hand, she realized that those who are making the greatest impact weren’t guided from the teachings in a textbook, but from a strong code of ethics and streaks of inspiration. Their life experiences and personal choices caused their confidence, impact, and beauty to radiate from the inside out.

The Answers Became Clear

Casandra made the decision to stop obsessing over her acne and appearance. It wasn’t until Cassandra pursued careers in the fields of skincare and medicine that the connection between beauty and health became clearer. Through products, diet, and lifestyle changes, Casandra's skin started to change. Now, her intentions to change the industry are as clear as her skin.

Making Power Moves

Forbes magazine has called her a “Rising Woman Of Power”, Allure Magazine has called her a “Skincare and Beauty Expert”, she has been a Teen Vogue Acne Awards Judge and the Today Show has coined her a “Viral Sensation”. She has won numerous awards and honors for her work, including “Best Ad Campaign” from Adweek along with an “Inspiration” from Good Morning America– but when she calls herself, is a 'positive skinfluence'.

Education Is Empowerment

Cassandra encourages her audience to ``turn and learn`` their skincare bottles and cosmetic ingredients because she understands the products we as consumers use help define who we are. She stresses the need for us to ``put our money where our morals are``, because every purchase we make ultimately controls the businesses that succeed and fail, and the future we will be living in.

We Are In This Together

For the past 10 years, she has been working to deliver education and entertainment that infuses these messages online. The beauty of it all is that we each have power in the posts we like, the products we buy, and the choices we make. Like Casandra‘s journey shows, a struggle can build a community, and when we turn our insecurities into opportunities to grow together, we are beautifully unstoppable.

Bankson is a medical esthetician and skincare influencer who is at the forefront of social media, the Skincare Community and the Skin Positivity Movement. As a former sufferer of acne herself, she is an expert on acne recovery and the psycho-social implications that connect our mental health and skin. Cassandra often challenges mainstream ideas about skincare and beauty by providing scientific information to her followers. On her YouTube channel, Cassandra has done thousands of reviews of skincare products, especially for those with oily skin and acne.

Bankson’s platform conveys that skincare should be a journey to skin positivity and self-love rather than a fight for flawless skin. She is known for being a source of encouragement, and she concentrates on building a community around those who have skin complications. Her content aims to empower her audience against exploitation by educating them about skincare ingredients and problematic marketing tactics. She also actively publishes written narratives of community members, works with charities to give back to the community, and has pioneered skin scholarship programs to empower those in need to get an education, care, and treatment when it would otherwise be difficult to do so.  


We exist to inspire others through digital media that educates and entertains. We create products and share stories to help people become informed and empowered consumers.

We promote confidence through authenticity and self-esteem through community by creating media with meaning, products with purpose, and social strategy for the benefit of society beyond the screen.


We want to live in a world where people consume media with meaning, are educated through their entertainment, and thrive in a world where health, self-care, and sustainability come first.

One day, we will all feel empowered by the products we use, and celebrate unique beauty, without barriers.


We are your skincare-big-sisters who’ve been there. We’ve lived with the insecurities and turned them into empowerment. We’ve learned to find meaning through our mistakes, and turned the slip-ups into successes. We learn to teach, earn to share, and ideate to implement.

Everyday, we re-define beauty standards and reinvent what’s possible - together.


To educate, entertain, and empower. As the acne big sister of the internet, Cassandra understands what it feels like to be overwhelmed by-products and misleading marketing information. We have made it our promise to always strive to provide education through entertainment, and empower others to understand and embrace their skin through everything they doo -- and all of the products they choose to use. Skincare should be a choice, not a chore, and we promise to work tirelessly to empower others to know and love the skin they live in.