18 Internationally Available K Beauty Products on Amazon

Given that some people do not like or have have commerce platforms like StyleVana, Yesstyle, and Wishtrend, here is a list of K beauty products available on Amazon. These products ship to countries like the UK, India, Germany, Canada. Australia, and the Netherlands, and they work for a variety of skin types.


Dear Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil -$20

Did you that this is one of James Welsh’s favorites? Whether you are dry or oily, this works. Plus, it successfully removes sunscreen and oil. In addition to antioxidant-infused ingredients like black seed and jojoba oil, this is a non-stripping, gentle cleanser with omega fatty acids. If you have oily skin, you can use this as a first cleanse, but if you are dry, you could use this as singular cleanse.


Be Plain Greenful pH-Balanced Cleansing Foam -$25

This is a gentle foaming cleanser that is well-suited for both dry and combo skin during the winter. It adds moisture to the skin, but it doesn’t make you feel greasy. The texture and consistency of this product are reminiscent of pancake batter. Another wonderful thing about this cleanser is that it’s more acidic and around the same Ph of our skin.



PURITO From Green Deep Foaming Cleanser -$13.90


If you have oily skin, this is a good one. While the product’s lather doesn’t overly strip, it can leave dry skin feeling a bit tight. This does have a Ph of 5.5, and it has plant-based surfactants that make sure the different ingredients can combine well. Additionally, there’s green tea and licorice which are both really great for antioxidant penetration into the skin. As for skin concerns, this product works well for someone who lives around pollution or is prone to hyperpigmentation. This won’t treat hyperpigmentation, but the soothing ingredients are beneficial for those who struggle with it. All in all, it’s a deep cleanse, and it removes oil, dirt, sunscreen, and natural grease.


BY WISHTREND Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash, cleanser, exfoliate -$24

This one is an exfoliating and polishing formula infused with green tea enzymes and papain enzymes. It is geared towards oily skin and contains corn starch as a physical exfoliant. Physical exfoliation is textured, and if you like a grainy feeling to your cleansers, this is a must. This one contains chemical exfoliants, enzyme exfoliants, and corn starch. For best results, wet the cleanser so it emulsifies, and then apply it.


Frudia Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Toner -$19.99

K beauty is known for its toners and essences. These pomegranate and grape toners are best for someone who has combination skin. If you’re super dry, you’ll love these year-round. If you’re oily, you’ll mostly want to use these in the winter. Because of the plant extract and fragrances, these are not for sensitive skin individuals. This toner has a syrupy consistency, and it’s like a moisturizer in a liquid form. Moreover, they are a great source of omega fatty acids, hydration, and antioxidants.


Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Toner -$16.99



iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Face Toner -$19.99

If you’re acne-prone, this is a non-irritating option. While there’s nothing in here that will treat acne, this does contain tea tree oil, however this is not a proven active for acne. On the other hand, many studies do indicate that it helps. This formula is very lightweight and uses broccoli, licorice, centella Asiatica, and six different plant extracts to support the skin. If you are oily or slightly hyperpigmentation prone, this could be a favorite.



PYUNKANG YUL Facial Essence Toner -$11.49

One of Cassandra’s absolute favorites - this toner is composed of liquid amino acids, astragalus propinquus root extract, and it has a thick and syrupy consistency. It is super hydrating, and it generally doesn’t break the skin out. This toner is known to plump and soothe. You take the PYUNKANG YUL Cotton Padsand make a sheet mask. The papers hold the moisture and fuses it into the skin. You leave the pad on until it dries, and it pushes all of the hydration into the skin instead of letting it evaporate.



PYUNKANG YUL 1/3 Cotton Pads for Face


Logically skin Aquatide Resurface Serum -$39.99


If you have fine lines and wrinkles and you’re looking for a serum that goes well underneath a moisturizer, this serum is fantastic. It has hydration and glow and skin support that helps with a tired-looking face.


The Aquatide Resurfacing Serum by Logically Skin was inspired by research that won a Nobel Prize in medicine back in 2016. The research centered around the biological process of autophagy. As the cells in our body get older, they start to die. When the body senses that its cells aren’t working properly, it goes through something called apoptosis which is programmed cell death. It picks out the cells that aren’t working properly and eliminates them.


However, in 2016, autophagy was discovered. Autophagy is when the body degrades and recycles dysfunctional cells instead of eliminating them. The Aquatide Resurfacing Serum is inspired by this skin science. The serum is supposed to support autophagy and therefore reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Furthermore, the serum has niacinamide or vitamin B3 which is great for redness. It’s got sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid. This is unique because a lot of companies use hyaluronate acid and label it as hyaluronic acid, but this formula uses both. It goes onto the skin like dew, and it’s very hydrating. It goes well under moisturizers, but be aware of your sensitivities because it has lavender.



Logically, Skin Brightening Peptide Ampoule -$37.91


This product is also based on the concept of autophagy, and if you want a glow, this is perfect. Peptides rebuild the skin so this could be perfect for a damaged skin barrier.



Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop -$22


This product is an amazing sensorial experience. It warms up on the skin, and then it cools down. The delivery system combined with the formula makes an amazing product. If you’re looking for increased suppleness, this is an amazing product to try. It feels like putting your face in a sauna. It’s good to wear while you have your mask on all day, and it also increases the efficacy of sunscreen. It has ascorbic as and other vitamins, but it also has lavender so if you are sensitive, you might want to tread with caution


ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Face Water Essence - $30.60



Unlike some hyaluronic acid products, this essence is very smooth. If you have dry skin, please use this under a moisturizer. If you are combo, you can use it any way you like. In the case of oily skin, perhaps don’t use this under a moisturizer because it’s supremely hydrating. It really plumps up the skin, and some may even see an immediate effect after using it. The plumping effect of the hyaluronic acid wears off after about six hours, but the wound healing, the skin support, and the barrier support it imparts continue long after.



MEDICUBE Super Cica Water-In Cream -$46.75



This helps with redness, erythema, and with mild sunburns on the skin. This is a greenish cream that turns into a water on your face. At first, it has the texture of a light cake frosting, and when you put it on your face, it turns into water. This is the closest cruelty-free version of Dr. Jart’s cream. Because this is super lightweight, it works phenomenally as a summertime moisturizer for oily skin. For dry skin, this works well when layered under a moisturizer.




This is for niacinamide lovers. This has panthenol, vitamin B5, and it also has hyaluronic acid. So, it’s made for deep hydration. This is great for someone with dry skin, but if you have oily skin you might only be able to use it at night. You can layer this one with the Medicube cream. Fortunately, it is essential oil-free. So, if you have a sensitive, damaged skin barrier, and you’re looking for a moisturizer, this is fabulous.


COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream - $23



Upon getting a few spots from hormonal changes, this could be a great and gentle solution. It doesn’t truly contain actives for acne, but the tea tree, zinc oxide, and plum oil lend themselves to oily-skinned people. For a K beauty product, this is pretty potent.


I’m From Mugwort Spot Gel - $34


This is a gel formula for blackheads and sebaceous filaments. Because it’s meant to control sebum production, this one isn’t for major breakouts. Furthermore, this gel has a lot of different oils like evening primrose and mugwort for sebum control. It has alcohol so if you’re sensitive, this might not be for you.


Frudia Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence - $8.99

This is essentially derived from fruit, and given that it has antioxidants and vitamins C’s built-in, it can be extremely helpful for sensitive or acne-prone skin that has little tolerance for multiple products. While this vitamin C-infused sunscreen allows less layering, please take into account that it is fragranced.


ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ - $26

As it imparts so much moisture into the skin, this water sun gel gives a dewy glow. It has hyaluronic acid as a humectant so the formula holds onto water. What’s even better is that the sunscreen’s film won’t stop the hyaluronic acid from pulling in water because the humectant is already built-in. There’s no greasy finish, it’s sheer, and it’s super lightweight. However, you might want to avoid applying this if you’re sweating a lot.