2 Myths about Split Ends. Here’s What Really Works.

Let’s talk about split ends and the tremendous amount of misinformation around them. Everyone talks about “repairing” split ends, but in reality, you can’t repair a split end. So instead, this blogs answers what you can actually do and answers frequently asked questions.

What are split ends?

A split end is when the end of a hair strand splits. This can happen in multiple ways, and damage normally causes split ends. So, things like heat or color can cause split ends. However, some people who have curly hair naturally have more split ends. Curly strands have more weak points where the hair bends. The bends are not only exposed to the elements, but they also have more tension. However, straight hair still has tension, especially if you put it in a ponytail. Ponytails can cause tension at the hairline, and hair bands can also cause tension on hair strands.

What causes split ends?

Hair is made up of dead keratin or keratinocytes. Your hair grows in your scalp at the root first, and then, it gets pushed out. The hair has a cuticle, and the cuticle seals the hair. But when the cuticle gets dry and rigid, it flakes and splits.

Photocred: Barron’s London Salon

Do anti-frizz products work?

Cassandra has curly hair, and textured hair is actually more prone to damage. No matter the hair type, if you dye it, blow dry it, or use heat on them, you’ve probably got split ends. When we apply conditioner, hair serums, or oils, it smoothes out the cuticle, and it makes it look a little more healthy. And just the way we can smooth over the cuticle of the hair, we can smooth over the split end. But, we can not repair it. This is a myth.

Does trimming your hair make it grow faster?

Trimming your split ends is not going to signal anything in the scalp. You can trim your hair to improve its appearance and get rid of split ends, but the hair is still dead protein. That’s why it can’t repair or heal. If we get a wound on our skin, it will heal. But, if we get a split end in our hair, it is similar to a broken nail. It can continue to grow, but it will not heal back together.

So, trimming your hair does not help it grow faster. This is a myth, and it does not prevent split ends from coming back. So, what does?

How do you make split ends look better?

As mentioned before, you can’t repair split ends, but you can smooth them over and support them. You can take the split end and use products to place it back together as well. 

With "split-end repairing products," you normally see things such as silicone. Silicones make your hair smooth when you run your fingers through it. Cassandra doesn’t personally use a split-end mender though. She just uses her haircare that already has smoothing properties. 

Ole Henriksen Hydrabarrier Nourishing Face Oil - $58


Cassandra uses this on her hair. Even though this is an oil that you put on your skin, it makes your hair very shiny, soft, and beautiful. It gives the look of anti-frizz after you’ve washed it out too. This has vitamin E, and vitamin E is the same ingredient that you can find in certain hair care products. If you specifically want a hair care serum, you can get something that feels more lightweight. 

Minimalist Maleic Bond Repair Complex 05% Hair Serum -$37.75 

This product has argan oil, squalane, and coconut oil which are great for sealing in moisture, smoothing frizz, and adding shine. This also has beta carotene and carrot root extract which are amazing antioxidants that can help prevent damage from pollution and damaging molecules in the environment known as free radicals. This also includes vitamin E, which is great for supporting the scalp. 

Verb Curl Cream -  $20


Hair expert, Manes by Mell, recommended this to Cassandra, and it makes your hair very bouncy. Despite the claims, this product is wonderful, but it doesn’t repair split ends. However, it’s a cream that can smooth over split ends. 

You can also use a nourishing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. When you moisturize your hair, it’s much less likely to flake and split. Ultimately, preventive care is the core of getting rid of split ends. Read about the routine Cassandra uses to nourish her hair.