3 Acne-prone Alternatives for Skin Slugging

Here are alternatives to slugging that won’t make your skin feel slimy, especially if it's oily-prone. Cassandra has acne-prone oily skin too so we're sharing some alternatives that Cassandra would recommend. 


What is slugging?

The technique of slugging has been around forever, but it was recently just given this name. "Slugging" is a moisturizing technique that involves slathering the face with an occlusive product like petrolatum jelly otherwise known as Vaseline. This technique has been used for ages by the African-American Community. Vaseline is a petroleum-based product that protects the skin from the outside. It’s used in wound healing, and it’s fragrance-free, really inexpensive, and it works very well as a sealant on skin. If you do want a vegan-cruelty-free one, this Solimo Vaseline works.


Petroleum Jelly 

Cassandra recommends this. It’s the vegan cruelty-free version of Vaseline. Some people use this with their retinoids. If you put this on first, and then, put a retinoid on, it’s a way to buffer a retinoid if you are prone to itching, peeling, and redness. But, you could also put on the retinoid first and use the Solimo petrolatum to make it penetrate more deeply. You could also use petrolatum jelly to make hydrators like hyaluronic acid or hydrators penetrate more deeply. 


The benefits are great, but when people with acne-prone skin use petrolatum, they occasionally break out. Vaseline doesn't always cause people to break out, but for some oily skin types, it can make the skin feel sensitive or overly suffocated, which might lead to break outs.  There are also people who don't like the feeling. 


So, Cassandra does have some alternatives for those who have acne and want to participate in the slugging trend and its benefits.  Here are some slugging alternatives that don’t feel as slimy.


Versed Smooth Landing Advanced Retinoid Eye Balm - $17.99 

This is like petrolatum with a retinoid in it. It's an eye balm, and it works so well. It's not quite as heavy though, but it still gives you that greasy shine. 


This is great for acne-prone skin or if you have wrinkles. This allows you to get the benefit of a retinoid, specifically the anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, anti-hyperpigmentation, and anti-scarring benefits without the grease. It’s also a gentle and encapsulated retinoid. It was meant for the eyes so it truly is gentle. Cassandra uses it on her marionette lines, around her eyes, and all over her face. It’s been one of her favorites.


For some people though, this product may be too potent although she does recommend it for those who are acne-prone or have fine lines.


Ceramedx Ultra Moisturizing Cream 


This is similar to CeraVe. It is a thick, cruelty-free moisturizer. If you’re someone who’s looking for the benefits of slugging without the grease, this is a hydrating moisturizer, meaning it traps in moisture, but also gives the skin moisture. This formula is also abundant in ceramides. Ceramides are half of our skin’s outer layer, which is called the stratum corneum. As we get older, our skin tends to lose those ceramides. So, replenishing them truly helps.  If you’re someone who has dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis, speak to your doctor. But, this is an ultra-moisturizer that works wonderfully on those skin concerns.


You can mix this with the Solimo, layer them to lessen the greasiness of the Vaseline, or you can use it by itself. This is more of a mattified moisturizer, and it’s also fragrance-free, making it a good choice for sensitive skin. 


Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream

This is a sensorial, K-beauty option that delivers. To Cassandra, this is the closest K-beauty comes to slugging. It gives your skin the same feeling but without the grease, making it even more convenient. Slugging is normally done overnight, and it can get messy. You also have to remove the Vaseline in the morning as well because it's very greasy. It just sits on top of your skin. It doesn't absorb.


However, the products you've put underneath your skin have penetrated and hydrated your skin which is what makes it feel great. This K-beauty product gives you that feeling without the grease. It's so soft and nourishing. However, it's a little more liquidy than the other two, but It does absorb a little bit better. Likewise, it gives your skin a hydrated beautiful glow. It gives your skin the feeling of slugging without slugging. 


Cassandra would say this is the best option if you want to just put something on and go. It doesn’t have an overly powerful scent. Cassandra gets this from Stylevana because she finds that it has the best prices for K-beauty. 


Next, if you’re somebody who was recommended to use Vaseline because of eczema and psoriasis, but you don’t like the feeling of it, this was made by a dermatologist. It is thick, but it’s also fragrance-free.


SLMD Body Seal 

This is the body seal, and it’s made for dry eczema-prone skin that needs repair. It was made by a doctor and dermatologist. However, this product is not eczema treatment because there’s no treating eczema, but it truly helps. It doesn’t feel greasy at all. This has glycerin, rice bran, sunflower, and it’s fragrance-free. This does not have petrolatum jelly though. 


It’s more liquidy than the Ceremedx one, but it is a little more firm than the K-beauty one. This works very well for rough elbows, ashy knees, and eczema-prone skin.  This also works well from scales due to cold weather. If you’re not very sensitive, you could use this one on the face. For Cassandra, it’s a little much for her oily to combination skin, but you can mix a little bit of this with Ceremedx which is made for the face. They also have a similar consistency, meaning they'll probably blend well together.

All in all, slugging is a wonderful technique for skin moisturization in the winter. And if you have oily skin or dislike these could be great options for you!