3 Alternatives To The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm

When you ask people their opinions on oatmeal, you get some very mixed responses. And if there is a skincare product that is just as divisive as oatmeal, it would be The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm. Cassandra loves this, but some people hate this which is why Cassandra is sharing three alternatives for people want something different. The most common issue people have The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm is that (1) it separates in your hand, especially if you’ve had it for a while, (2) the texture is gooey and squirts out a bit wildly, and (3) it’s a bit oily. Albeit this products is an acquired taste, Cassandra maintains that is still a good product for the price and great first step for a double cleanse routine. But, let’s say you still don’t want to deal the product. Cassandra has some of the alternatives.

Best Dupe: Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser  (comes in recyclable packaging) - $18.99

If you are looking for the closest dupe to The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm minus the separation and gooeyness, this Cocoa Kind Oil to Milk Cleanser is the one. It has almost identical texture, and it is extremely and soothing on skin like the Inkey List One. Additionally, it’s a great option for the first step to a double cleanse feel without separating. It doesn’t separate in the bottle or in your hands. By the time Cassandra actually tried this, it had been laying on her shelf for quite a while, but it didn’t separate. This product has some of those same gentle, nourishing, and soothing oat ingredients. Combined with sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, and lactobacillus ferment, this a hydrating cleansing balm. This is best for really dry skin, or if you have oil skin like Cassandra, you can use this as a double cleanse.  Cassandra finds that this breaks down oil and makeup extraordinarily well. It gets dirt and debris off of the skin, and while it is amazing, Cassandra has to use it as a first cleanse within a double cleansing routine. But, if you have dry skin, you could use this as your only cleansing product. You could perhaps even leave this on the skin, especially if you want the benefits of the probiotics. So, Cassandra would recommend this as a night cleanser.  If you have dry skin or dislike like the Oat cleansing balm, this is the most similar formula without the separation. It might even be a level up. 

Community Sixty-Six Makeup Melting Balm Cleanser - $16

This is a great dupe, but it has the same problem as the Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm in regards to the separation.

Wander Beauty B.O.M. Voyage Cleansing Balm - $34 

If the Cocokind cleanser is still too oily for your skin, this one from Wander Beauty works great. Wander beauty actually has one of the most underrated cleansing balms that Cassandra has come across. This is the BOM Voyage Cleansing balm, and it’s fantastic, especially if you have more combo to oily skin. This doesn’t separate in the bottle, and it doesn’t squirt out. This product is a beautiful blend of different oils and plant extracts, making for a wonderful  antioxidant boost. This has apple extract, pear extract, and strawberry which are all amazing antioxidants. You can use in the morning or night as a cleansing balm. This is also fantastic for oily skin even though it’s a thicker formula because it melts down into a watery cream on your face. Two of the oils in here included in this cleansing balm are evening primrose oil and jojoba oil which is one of Cassandra’s favorite ingredients (jojoba) for oily prone skin. As mentioned before, although this is an oil cleanser, but it becomes a cream on the skin. Because Cassandra is more on the oily side so she would not put this on and go, but she would definitely put this on as a first step to a double cleansing routine.  This is definitely Cassandra’s favorite for the oily prone skin, for those who want an alternative to Cocokind and the Inkey List, or are looking for something that give a little more antioxidant support and hydration. Theis is not gooey or oily.

Heimish All Clean Balm -$15.30

This is an OG, and it was one of the first K-Beauty products that got Cassandra obsessed with K-beauty. It’s one of Cassandra’s favorite cleansing balms, and it’s from Stylevana. It has a buttery, cloud cushiony texture. Cassandra has gone through so many of these, and it has a little spoon that you can scoop and put on your face. If you need to remove makeup, double cleanse, but  you don’t want your skin to be stripped when you are done, this is the one. It comes out as a paste, and when you mix it with water, it becomes a milky, beautiful, liquid potion that removes  makeup, dirt, and sunscreen. Cassandra loves this so much. It smells divine (so there are fragrances in here). This also contains ingredients like shea butter which give it a silky, soothing feel. It’s also has tea tree which is also antimicrobial. There’s rose extract and vitamin E, and all of these ingredients combined make it one of the nicest cleansing balms. 

This doesn’t squirt out because you scoop it. Upon applying it, It makes you feel like you’re washing the whole day off your face. It doesn’t make anything melt down your face as some cleansers do. It’s not messy, and it feels more like debris is being lifted off of your face. Cassandra doesn’t use this in the morning, and she only uses this at night especially on her heavy maker days. If you want something light and thorough that doesn’t ball or squirt, this one works well.