If there’s a skincare product to spend more than normal on, it’s sunscreen. Not only does sunscreen prevent skin cancer. But, it’s the number one product for wrinkle and hyperpigmentation prevention. It can even help prevent blemishes and acne from turning into acne scars! However, sunscreen can be very expensive, and that’s why Cassandra has been trying out a few that are more budget-friendly. In this blog, we’ll share sunscreens that are under $10 and worth it to the last penny.

Trader Joe’s Daily Facial Sunscreen

This is a dupe for Supergoop sunscreen. However, whenever she applied it, it did break her out, and that was a little frustrating. But, if you’re on a budget and you want something like Supergoop, this works wonderfully. This is a chemical sunscreen that has one of Cassandra’s favorite ingredients, jojoba! This includes jojoba esters that penetrate the skin and nourish the acid mantle. It also includes other moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, dimethicone crosspolymer,  and caprylic triglyceride. It’s a bit rich though. So, this could be (but not necessarily) be incompatible with some oily skin types.

Minimalist SPF 50 

This is an organic chemical sunscreen from Minimalist, and it’s phenomenal. Not only is it an SPF 50, but it also has niacinamide, vitamin B, and vitamin F. When you first put it on your skin, it looks really white and really pasty, but it does blend out. Cassandra would pay 20 to 30 dollars for this even though you do have to blend it in for a moment because it’s a great formula. While the SPF protects your skin, the niacinamide helps to regulate oil production, and the  Vitamins F and B help to strengthen (boost up) the sunscreen.

This sunscreen doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, and this formula can also help with dark spots. It only costs$7.99 on Amazon, and this is absolutely gorgeous. Cassandra would say it's of Be Minimalist’s best products! It has so many great ingredients combined with the SPF that protect and nourish the skin. 

Good Molecules Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 - $12 

This is completely mineral, cruelty-free, vegan, and amazing on the skin. While it retails slightly above ten dollars for $12, you can get it on sale for $9. This Good Molecules sunscreen does take a minute to soak in, but this works on all skin tones! It even works on acne and a vast range of skin tones.

The truth of the matter is -- you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get great products. You can find them on a budget. If you love a product and what it stands for, it’s still okay to invest in it though. But, always remember that you can have great skin at great prices!