The 3 Best Cleansing Products for Acne-prone Skin

When Cassandra was going through issues with her skin, she didn’t have anyone to turn to. Back when her acne was at her worse, she saw 23 or 24 doctors and dermatologists to get help. For a long time, Cassandra believed that natural or celebrity-endorsed was better. She wanted something to would magically cure her skin, but that’s not how skin works, and it wasn’t until she studied physiology that she was truly able to find solutions for her acne. 

The Inkey List 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser -$17.99 

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient medically proven to help with acne. Acne is always caused by c acnes bacteria. Acne bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they live in a no-oxygen environment. C acnes bacteria  is a normal part of our skin, but when it goes haywire, oil and dirt get clogged and inflamed. That’s when we get whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. But, benzoyl peroxide directly kills acne bacteria by going into the skin.

When you look at the chemical structure of a benzoyl peroxide molecule, the bond actually breaks in the skin and releases oxygen.  And what does the oxygen do? It kills the c acnes bacteria. This has been medically proven to work time and time again. It can be a little harsh if you have dry, mature skin. This is why Cassandra is excited about The Inkey List’s hydrating cleanser. This works wonderfully for people who normally struggle with benzoyl peroxide treatments.

How does the Inkey List 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser compare to Panoxyl?

This is a brand new benzoyl peroxide product from the Inkey List, but it is already one of the best acne products that Cassandra has come across in a long time. Before, if Cassandra wanted a benzoyl peroxide cleanser, she would always reach for the Panoxyl. You can get Panoxyl from CVS. Panoxyl has both a 5% and 10% benzoyl peroxide formula, and they are more creamy. The Inkey List one is available internationally whereas the Panoxyl one is not. 

You can use the Inkey List One on the chest and the back, but you probably shouldn’t leave it on even though it’s more hydrating than the Panoxyl one. 

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser - $19 

If you have acne, you also probably have oily skin, and for Cassandra,  this oil-reducing cleanser has been one of her favorites. Cassandra used this when there was a heat wave in California, and it was 114 degrees. This was a  cleanser that actually got all of the oil off of her face without making her feel overly stripped. It has sunflower seed oil in it, and yet, it’s very good at getting the oil out of the skin. This washes it away, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped.

If you’re looking for something to simply fight a little oil and blackheads, this is a great one and one of Cassandra’s go-tos. 

SLMD Skincare Salicylic Acid Body Spray - $29.99 

Toners are not essential in a skincare routine, and they are not cleansers. But, they have cleansing properties that balance the skin and break up oil, especially the ones with salicylic acid. What Cassandra loves about this is that it has salicylic acid, which is a medically proven ingredient to help with acne. Also, it’s a spray. So, it’s really easy to get to your back and those hard-to-reach areas.

This has 2% salicylic aid, a wonderful and efficacious ingredient. Salicylic acid is a popular BHA or beta hydroxy acid. BHAs are oil soluble meaning they can penetrate deeply into the skin. Once they’re deep inside the pores, it kills the acne bacteria and exfoliates those dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. If we touch our skin too much or wear a bunch of makeup throughout the day, it can get clogged. That’s what causes some whiteheads to bubble up under the skin. So, regular gentle exfoliation is really great way to combat that, and this is one of the best ways that  Cassandra recommends.