3 Things That Cause Ingrown Hairs

Cassandra has been struggling with ingrown hairs so badly, but fortunately, she found out what’s going on. Because ingrown hairs can be very painful, we're happy to share some solutions. But before we cover those, let's talk about what causes ingrown hairs.


What causes ingrown hairs?

When hairs grow up and out of the pilosebaceous unit, sometimes they’ll burrow themselves back into the skin. Especially during the winter when our skin tends to be a little drier, ingrown hairs can also happen if you shave or wax. When you shave hair, it's not gone. A part of it remains underneath the surface of the skin. But, when the hair grows, sometimes it doesn’t make it all the way out, and it curls under the skin. Then, it can look like a pimple. So, what do we do to make these stop, and what do we do to prevent it in the future?



One thing that can cause ingrown hairs is clothing. If hairs are trying to grow out of the skin, but there’s tight clothing that causes friction, the hair might not be able to grow out properly, and it might burrow back. This is what often happens with bikini lines and tight clothing. Using tight clothing like leggings in humid weather or keeping on gym leggings after you sweat can trap moisture and heat between the skin and fabric. This can cause ingrown hairs or pseudofolliculitis on your glutes. For example, Cassandra did not even realize that her pants were causing ingrown hairs, and she had to start being more selective of the fabrics she wore. There are actually certain fabrics that dermatologists recommend for the prevention of ingrown hairs like cotton or bamboo.


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Cassandra has started wearing these. They have a fuzzy layer on the inside, and she loves these so much because the material does not further irritate ingrown hairs, and they are warm but breathable.





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Here are some that Cassandra often wears to sleep too. But, in addition to clothing, one of the most important things for preventing ingrown hairs is shaving properly.



How to avoid ingrown hairs when you shave.

When shaving, people often like to go in the opposite direction of hair growth because it gets a smoother, closer shave. But remember, the closer the shave, the greater the risk of the hair getting caught under the skin. So, you'll want to take a sharp, clean razor, and shave downwards.


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These are the razors Cassandra uses, but if ingrown hairs persist, you might want to consider IPL. IPL is meant to keep the hair away forever by shooting the light into the, killing the hair, and stopping growth from the very bottom. So, you never have to worry about hair balling up under the skin. But, before using IPL, speak to a dermatologist about what works best for you. If you have deeper skin tones, and alexandrite laser might be best for you. You can also ask about what topical treatment might help.


What products work for ingrown hairs and dry skin?

In addition to making sure the razor is clean and sharp, the first thing to remember is to exfoliate gently and hydrate because dry skin can trap growing hair.


Topicals High Roller Ingrown Tonic - $26


Cassandra uses this on her legs as well as her armpits. What is wonderful about this product is that it contains gentle exfoliating acids as well as niacinamide and zinc. So, it doesn’t just help with ingrown hairs, it also helps with the pigmentation ingrown hairs leave behind. This is probably one of the least expensive, most effective ingrown hair products that Cassandra could recommend. However, you just need to find a low-level AHA/BHA product that’s going to help exfoliate. AHAs might be better than BHAs because they’re a little more moisturizing than BHAs. If you get acne, ingrown hairs, or pseudofolliculitis on your glutes, you can also use the AHA or BHA skincare you already have and put them on your body. Here are some examples of skincare you can use on your body. These are the ones Cassandra uses.


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Body products for ingrown hair


Paula's Choice Clear Acne Body Spray - $29

Sandra Lee MD Glycolic Acid Body Scrub - $25


Dr. Sam's Flawless Body Therapy AHA Body Lotion - $37 

This is more of a luxury product. It smells like grapefruit, but Cassandra can use this even though citrus irritates her skin.



Ole Henriksen BeamCream Smoothing Body Moisturizer - $39.44 

This not only has hydrating ingredients, but it has alpha hydroxy acids which both moisturize and exfoliate. It also has caffeine which helps with discoloration. It’s worth every single penny. Plus, it has a wonderful fragrance that's not overpowering. It has a non-irritating and light citrusy scent. This helps with Cassandra’s ingrown hairs because it keeps every hydrated, exfoliated, and smooth. Cassandra puts this on her glutes as well.

These products have helped Cassandra’s legs look so much better, and these are just a few tips to help with ingrown hairs. See your dermatologist, and also wear SPF to prevent further irritation.