4 Hairloss Tips That Actually Work

If you want to regrow your hair or you simply want longer, more lustrous hair, let's talk about the things you should do and avoid. The first thing we should remember is that hair growth starts at the scalp and the things we put in our body. If we don't don't have a strong regimen that supports this, the scalp is not going to produce the hair we want.


Choosing the right oral and topical supplements

While many people take biotin supplements for hair growth, biotin's efficacy is not adequately supported by research. Most of the studies that demonstrate its effectiveness were done on rats or dogs. Granted, there is some valid research on its benefits for nails. But truthfully, if you're not deficient in biotin, the supplement is not going to do anything. Instead, you could try things like topical ashwagandha or oral turmeric, which are both hair treatments with deep roots in Ayurvedic medicine.

A 2023 study showed that topical ashwagandha was effective for hair growth. “In an analysis of 61 participants, the Ashwagandha group demonstrated significant reduction in hair shedding. Similarly, Ashwagandha substantially enhanced hair density, growth, and thickness.”

Furthermore, turmeric contains curcumin, which is proven to decrease inflammation in the body and provide antioxidant benefits. Although there aren't many clinical trials on oral curcumin, there is a wealth of literature and observational knowledge on the anti-inflammatory effects of oral turmeric.

For example, Cassandra uses Nutrufol Women's Vegan tablets, which contain both ashwagandha and tumeric, and these have had amazing before and afters since 2016.

Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Nutraceutical 

Addressing Scalp Inflammation

A lot of people don't realize how scalp inflammation contributes to hair loss or lack of hair growth. For example, as Cassandra's been struggling with hair loss, she went to a hair clinic in Korea and saw that she had an inflamed scalp.

What causes scalp inflammation?

Many things could cause an inflamed scalp. It could be stress, anxiety food, contact dermatitis ( allergic reaction). Inflammation can stunt hair growth, and that's why it's important to see your dermatologist. You can also look for OTC ingredients for inflammation like salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is also exfoliating. Our scalp has a lot more sebaceous glands than the rest of our body, and a clogged scalp or product build-up can also prevent hair growth.

Fortunately, there are also a lot of other ingredients in the Nutrafol like B12, zinc, andselenium. Nutraceuticals like “Nutrafol” are thought to lower pro-inflammatory cytokines. “Pro-inflammatory cytokines trigger or heighten inflammation. They relay messages that coordinate your body's immune response to fend off attackers, like germs.” (Cleveland Clinic, 2023). If we can lower cytokine levels, there's a better chance of keeping our hair follicles healthy and rejuvenated. In turn, the hair can be nourished, and it can grow properly.


Red LED 

Red LED can decrease inflammation, but you have to use it at the right wavelength. Cassandra sees a lot of people using LED devices that are not powerful enough. Additionally, some do not have the right wavelength. Some medical studies show that the right wavelengths of red LED can help with stimulating collagen, hair growth, and decrease inflammation of the scalp. Red wavelengths range from 620 to 750 NM, but you want to make sure that you're devices emits wavelengths somewhere in between. You also want to make sure that your LED devices cover your entire scalp. For instance, the irestore Elite Device is a great choice, and it's FDA-cleared.


irestore Elite device

This has 500 LEDs, and it also has lasers. Lasershave a single wavelength that generates high-intensity light per unit area.LEDshave scattering wavelengths. The irestore Elite device is a low-level laser therapy that you can get over the counter, and you can use at home. This is one of the best things that Cassandra has ever used for her scalp, but you have to use it consistently for it to work. Overall though, the irestore Elite Device is fantastic, and it's one of the most potent ones that exist on the market.

Scalp Massage

Bringing nutrients to the scalp and helping to stimulate circulation with hair follicles also helps with hair growth, and massaging the scalp is definitely something that can help with this.

Comfier Scalp Massager  

There are simply some of Cassandra's suggestions for hair growth, but the best option is to see your dermatologist for a treatment plan that is customized to you!