4 Retinoids Cassandra Loves

Many people think products that say "for acne" are the only products that help acne. But, retinoids can help thicken the skin by building more collagen and elastin, and likewise,  they can help resurface the skin and fade acne.  

But, not only do retinoids help get rid of acne, they also work for scars, pigment, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

But, which retinoids are the best? Here are three retinoids that Cassandra loves.

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane - $10.50 

Cassandra absolutely loves this over-the-counter retinoid from The Ordinary. It's combined with an oil called squalane so it doesn't dry out your skin. The squalane also makes the formula very easy for the skin to absorb. The Ordinary has been monumental in evening Cassandra's skin and keeping it healthy skin.


Now, there's also retinaldehyde. It's the most potent form of retinoid you can get without seeing a doctor for a prescription. Cassandra loves the retinal products from Biossance, Youth to the People, and Medik8. 

Biossance Squalane Retinol Night Serum - $72 

This is also a great retinol and squalane combo.

Youth To The People Retinal + Niacinamide Youth Serum - $23 


Medik8 Crystal Retinal 1 -$53

The Crystal retinal serum is so potent. You can use retinal if you want to work up to tretinoin or if you can't get a tretinoin prescription. If you want tretinoin, online pharmacies pair you with experts. Two of Cassandra's absolute favorites are from Dermatica, Agency, and Apostrophe

Agency’s future formula has tretinoin, and it is amazing. It’s absorbent, and it’s one of the most potent products you can get online. The formula you order will be custom blended to your skin type. If you want prescription stuff and you don't have medical insurance or access to a doctor, this is such a great option. It certainly helped Cassandra when she was struggling with her skin.

These are a few retinoids that Cassandra loves, and of course always patch test and wear them with a sunscreen!