5 Best Ceramide Moisturizers That Aren’t CeraVe

Because ceramides make up 50 percent of the outer layer of our skin or our stratum corneum, they play a really important part in making sure that our skin’s barrier is functioning properly and can hold in hydration. Ceramides are good for graceful aging, revitalizing, and plumping up the skin. 


While ceramides serve as the main storage area for linoleic acid or “vitamin F,” a critical fatty acid, ceramide can help bind the lipid layers of the skin. That’s why they often give the skin a more supple look.


CERAMEDX Ultra Moisturizing Natural Ceramide Cream




Ceremedx is probably the closest thing to CerVe on the market. Ceremedx has a thick occlusive feel, and it is an ultra-moisturizing cream. Ceremedx is fragrance free, and it has a p.h of 4 - 4.5 which the skin absolutely lives for. This is a great option for people who have sensitive skin, want to improve a damaged skin barrier, and are looking for a CeraVe alternative


Although it has a base of water, cocoa seed butter, and sweet almond oil, it also has ceramide np. Ceramide np has a very similar structure to the ceramides within in the human skin. Therefore, not only does it reinforce the natural lipid barrier of dry and aging skin, but its superpower is maintaining the moisture balance of the skin's surface.


Likewise, Ceremedx absorbs into the skin nicely and forms a thick barrier. This thick barrier is occlusive (traps moisture in), but it’s not greasy. This formula doesn’t feel oily or slippery.  If you struggle with eczema, skin irritation, or you’ve got a damaged skin barrier, Ceremedx is a fabulous choice!


Inkey List Ceramide Night Treatment

The Inkey List Ceramide Night treatment is also fragrance free, but it’s not as nearly thick. It  actually comes out a lot more liquidy. This formula is more hydrating (replenishing of moisture) than moisturizing (maintaining of moisture) so it goes on in a thin gel texture. It absorbs into the skin nicely, but if you have an oily skin type, and you’re looking for hydration, this is a nice lightweight option loaded with ceramides. This formula has ceramide ap, ceramide np, ceramide eop, and jojoba oil.


Ceramide ap and ceramide eop both play an important role in having a healthy skin barrier and keeping the skin hydrated while jojoba oil which mimics natural oil within the skin. So, for people with acne, this formula works really well.
Pure ‘Am Authentic Barrier Balm
If you want to try ceramides, but you love the experience of skincare, this barrier cream bomb from Korea might be something you want to try. It’s very sensorial meaning that it may give your skin a cool feeling. They did a scientific test on sensitive skin, and the participants did not show irritation although the cream is very sensorial. It absorbs well, and is it a great aid for trans epidermal water loss. Trans epidermal water loss is when water passes from the dermis through the epidermis (top layer) and evaporates from the skin's surface into the air. TEWS can cause dry and irritated skin, this barrier balm is very soothing and moisturizing. So, you might opt in for this balm if you’re in cold weather, a dry climate, or a city where there is a lot of pollution.


Juice Beauty, STEM CELLULAR Anti-wrinkle Overnight Cream


If you have mature or drier skin, this is a great overnight moisturizer. This formula does have a lot of plant ingredients so you may want to tread with caution if you are sensitive to fragrances. This brand directly sources from farms and really prioritizes sustainable farming. You’ll often see ingredients like squalene, grapes, lemon, and apples within their formulas.  This overnight cream in particular has beta glucans which includes a bunch of firming and brightening peptides as well ceramide np. After using this cream, 88% of people reported having more skin hydration (skin feeling less tight) after overnight usage.  And although it’s a night treatment, there’s nothing in it that would make your skin photosensitive (sensitive to light).


Purito, Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack 



Dermide Cica Barrier has ceramide np and soothing centella asiatica. These are both excellent ingredients for more irritation prone skin. Likewise, this is also a fragrance-free option. While it was formulated to use overnight, it’s also light enough to use as a day moisturizer if you have dry or combination skin. This formula has sodium hyaluronate which is a good thing because this ingredient grabs onto water in the atmosphere and pulls it into your skin. However, there’s enough hydration in the product itself to hydrate the skin. It has a lightweight feeling so if you have dry skin, you might want something thicker. After using this product, you wake wakeup in the morning with a pleasant velvet sheen. It just really gives you a really replenishing feel.


We also have created a videofor you on ceramides and how they work on your skin. Enjoy!