5 Moisturizers to Use as Eye Creams


When it comes to marketing claims on eye creams, the most common product description is “treats the eye area.” But when you truly think about this claim, what does it even mean? In truth, there are a multitude of things that could be happening underneath the eye. There could be wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, under eyes bags, or discoloration. However, these problems are all treated very differently, and consumers should have the opportunity to truly learn which ingredients treat what.

When you turn and learn the ingredients of eye creams, you’ll notice that many of them have very similar if not identical formulas to moisturizers. But oftentimes, eye creams are just marketed differently or simply put into a tube so brands can justify inflating the price. While the industry does sly things to make us spend money, you can avoid spending more money than you have to by finding moisturizers that work on your under-eye area. These moisturizers are just as efficacious or even more efficacious, and they often come in larger quantities for cheaper prices.

Below, we have listed a few.


Pacifica Vegan Ceramide Cream 1.7 fl/oz -$16

This cream is fragrance-free, and it has ceramides. Likewise, it is a phenomenal product for the entire face and eye area. In comparison to the 0.5 fl oz Pacifica eye cream that cost $16, this moisturizer is 1.7 fl/oz for $16. This moisturizer is lightweight on the skin. It has ceramides such as ceramide EOP, ceramide NP, and ceramide ap. This product also has cholesterol and oats. Cholesterol helps accelerate the skin barrier's recovery and can improve skin elasticity. The rest of the ingredients are super hydrating and nourishing to the skin. Lastly, this moisturizer includes a ton of amino acids.


Ultimately, these are the same types of ingredients that are normally seen in eye creams. Soothing eye creams normally have amino acids and oats too. So, this moisturizer contains the same things, but you’re getting a lot more for the price.



Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 40 1.7 fl/oz -$42



The Zincscreen 100% Mineral Lotion is an SPF 40 that is slightly tinted. It is also a phenomenal sunscreen that you can use all over the eye area. Another plus about this product is the physical/mineral and broad-spectrum aspect of it. The mineral formula protects against damaging UV rays and visible light. UV rays can cause causes collagen degradation, and in turn, create fine lines and wrinkles. For some people, UV rays can cause under-eye veins to show up more.


Applying sunscreen underneath the eye can help with that, but many chemical sunscreens can be irritating to the eye and the eye area. Because chemical sunscreens are not advised to put around the eye area, it’s better to use a physical/mineral sunscreen for this purpose. If you can find tear-free sunscreen formulas, that’s great too.


Acne Control Oil and Pore Control Mattifier Broad Spectrum SPF 15 PA 1.7 fl/oz -$42


This one is good for oily eyelids although it stings a bit upon getting in the eyes. This is a fantastic formula, but perhaps only use it on the upper eyelid, and use it sparingly. For people who have really oily eyelids, this is an awesome choice. You know that grease that sits on your eyelids and makes your eyeshadow get all creasy? This can help control the eyelid pores that produce this oil.


Eyelids have pores and an overproduction of oil by the meibomian glands are responsible for secreting oil onto the eye’s surface. However, this mattifier has ingredients that can cut some of that grease.


Selfless by Hyram NIacinamide and Maracuja Daily Barrier Support Moisturizer 1.7 fl/oz- $26



This is a daily barrier support moisturizer. It is lighter, and a little more like a serum. If you want some lightweight dewiness or moisture, it works very well under the eye area. It sits under sunscreen, and it doesn’t peel up. This formula has ingredients like niacinamide, maracuja, madecassoside, and murumuru that help with calming and hydrating the skin. Because of the moisturization, this product can help with discoloration under the eye but not to the same extent as some tyrosinase inhibitors like vitamin C.


Perscription strength Tretinoin and vegan Vaseline under the eye area




Tretinoin and vaseline are probably the most budget-friendly and the most effective under-eye treatment available. For someone who has mila and can’t deal with greasy things around the eye, this might not be for you. To apply them, you first put a little bit of petrolatum around the eye are area, and then, you take a small amount of prescription-strength tretinoin cream on the eye area. You can get full-strength tretinoin from Apostrophe as well as Dermatica. This duo is phenomenal for hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. It also helps to plump up the skin and to refresh it. Dr. Shereen Idris and discusses this treatment in one of her videos.


All in all, eye creams are great, but if you can get a larger supply of an equally efficacious product for a cheaper price, that’s even better.