5 Shocking Things That Happened When Cassandra Stopped Wearing Foundation

Cassandra used to wear foundation every day. She remembers wearing pounds of it just to leave her room. As Cassandra looks back,  it’s so interesting to think about how dependent she was on foundation and makeup. Today, being able to leave the house without makeup feels unreal! What’s even more surprising is how many changes Cassandra experienced afterward. Not only did she experience changes in her skin, she experienced lifestyle and psychological changes as well. So, let’s talk about the 5 shocking changes Cassandra experienced after she stopped wearing makeup.


#1 Her skin type changed.

Cassandra still has oily acne-prone skin, but when she wore foundation –  it was on another level. While her skin is more oily to combo now, it used to be very greasy. So, maybe there was something in the foundation that dried her skin out. She wonders if her skin felt the need to lubricate itself more. Even now, when she applies a full face of makeup, her skin gets drier, but it feels oilier.

It’s probably because, depending on your skin type, makeup can dry your skin out even more or cause it to become even more oily. If you don’t use the right makeup for your skin type or you do not remove it properly, this can strip your skin of its natural oils, reduce its ability to remove dead skin, slow down cell turnover, and ultimately cause breakouts (Allen Taintor Aesthetics).

Does foundation cause acne?

Makeup doesn't necessarily cause acne, but some people are more sensitive to certain powders, ingredients, or oils. For Cassandra, the foundation alone wasn't the biggest issue but putting layers of it and not removing it properly impacted her skin the most. She also didn't double cleanse.


#2 She notices her wrinkles less and her pores more.

Cassandra would layer on primer, concealer, liquid foundation,  more concealer, powder, and setting spray. So, sometimes her fine lines, wrinkles, and marionette lines would cake up in those crevices, especially if she didn't use the right products in order. But, when she stopped wearing foundation every day, those fine lines weren't there. She noticed them less because they were less exaggerated by the makeup, and in turn, she was less self-conscious about them.

On the other hand, she feels like her pores are very noticeable to her now. Because foundation covers your pores, it seemed like every minute detail of her pores was obvious. Her sebaceous filaments were also more obvious to her. So, if you want to go without makeup, accepting your natural skin may take time, intention, and mindfulness. 


#3 She has less anxiety about her morning routine.

When Cassandra wore foundation every day, she could never just apply the foundation, she felt like she had to do the whole process of concealer, powder, contour, eyeliner (etc.). And it became a 2-hour routine just to leave the house. Then, she would dread getting ready because she would think to herself, “Wow, it takes two hours just to cover my imperfections.” And often, she just ended up not going out. But now, going out feels like less of a chore, and without her dependence on makeup, it’s also less anxiety-inducing 


#4 She can protect her skin more.

You have to reapply SPF throughout the day, but Cassandra couldn't reapply it throughout the day because it would ruin the layers of makeup on her face. She can protect her skin properly from sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation. And most of all, applying makeup is more of a choice as opposed to something that determines her identity.


#5 She no longer defines her worth with material possessions.

When Cassandra bought foundation, she would buy Chanel foundation and the most expensive things. She would feel the need to whip out a compact with a Chanel or Mac logo on it. Because Cassandra felt so uncomfortable, she would think to herself, “Maybe if I wear something of monetary value on my face, I’ll be worth more. If I'm wearing this on my face, I'll be worth at least $50.” And even though this was not logical, this is what went through her head. 

Buying things was the only thing that made her feel of value, and makeup was a part of that dynamic. So, she stopped wearing it as much.  However, she’s not saying the foundation caused her to be this way. Going without makeup simply lessened her habit of fixating on appearance. 

Remember, as long as your skin is cared for,  there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup or expressing yourself through makeup art. Actually, it can be an amazing form of self-love and discovery. These are simply things Cassandra noticed and did on her healing journey.