6 Products and Tips For Glowy + Dewy Glass Skin

These are some of the top products for getting glowy, non-greasy, and gorgeous skin this summer. Cassandra, who also has very oily skin, has tested and tried these extensively. Cassandra has struggled with oily, acne-prone skin her entire life, but she never fully understood the difference between having oily skin versus dewy.

But before we get into these products, remember that working on your oily skin is fine, but you don’t have to become frustrated with yourself for having it because it’s completely normal. 


What is the difference between oily and dewy skin?

Dewy skin is the opposite of mattified. Glowy skin tends to have radiance on the forehead, the top of the cheeks, and a little on the chin. But, it’s not overdone on the corners of the nose, in the middle of the eyebrows, or on the corners of the eyebrows (the T-zone). 

Dewy skin looks luminous from within. It looks healthy, hydrated, and supple. It doesn’t feel very oily to the touch, the pores appear smaller, and there aren’t a lot of blackheads or whiteheads. If you would like a glowy look and you have oily skin, there are definitely things you can do. 


What products are best for oily skin?

When choosing a cleanser for oily skin, you don’t have to be incredibly picky. You’ll want something that doesn’t strip the skin but clarifies it. But, regardless of the cleanser you use, it will not resolve oiliness in the long run. You simply rinse cleansers off. So, they don’t have the chance to truly resolve oilness. However, they still provide a blank canvas for products like serums and moisturizers to work upon more effectively.  

In reality, it’s products like makeup, serums, sunscreens, and moisturizers that will make the most difference for oily skin. When you find the right products within these categories, this is what will truly helps to decrease oil production. 

Using products that control oil helps set the foundation for getting a dewy glow, even if you have oily skin. Remember, just because you have an oily skin type, doesn’t mean you can’t have glowy, glassy skin! Here are 5 products that give a dewy glow for oily skin.


d’Alba First Spray Serum - $26 

This is a mixture of white truffle and avocado. Even in warmer climates, this product is very popular, and people are spraying it to get that glowy, fresh skin look. You can also use it as a setting spray. However, if you use more than a little or moderate amount, this will give oily skin a glossy look. Glossy is not quite oily, but it is more than dewy, and it can become oiliness as the day goes on. 


d’Alba Multi Balm -$22.50

This gives you a glowy, hydrated look without being greasy. You'll want to place it in specific areas on the face, and this can also be paired with something like blush. 


Youthforia Blush - $36 


This is like a blush oil. It goes on completely clear, but upon contacting your body's pH, the color changes into a pink. Cassandra loves to use this on her cheeks as well as a little on her lips. This gives a little glow, and it layers really well with the balm. 

To get a dewy glow, you can add a dot to the nose, and then, spray on the balm. If you were to use this oil all over, the face may become oily.


d'Alba White Truffle Double Serum & Cream- $56

This is the most recent moisturizer Cassandra has tried, and it’s a two-in-one. The gold side is a hydrating jelly, and the other offers a moisturizing cream. It’s one of the coolest moisturizers Cassandra has ever used, and she normally uses this combo at night. 

She loves this because you can mix the two and decide how much hydration from the water formula and moisturizer you want to use. In turn, using the two compartments gives a gorgeous, tinted glow.

The hydrating product is a tinted goldish color because of the turmeric and fig. This is Cassandra’s favorite for anyone who’s super oily but wants a hydrated glow. This hydrating jelly blends in flawlessly, and it soaks into the skin. So, it doesn’t make you overly oily. 

After you use the hydrating side, you can use the cream base to lock in that hydration. The cream base is phenomenal, and it has a blend of eight different ingredients that are super amazing for the skin. There are antioxidants, vitamin E, hydrators, and white truffle.

If you want to use this at night, it will feel very luxurious. It’s what you would expect from something like La Mer without the La Mer price. To Cassandra, it actually works better than La Mer. It seals everything in, and it gives you a gorgeous glow.

Remember, if you’re oily, this will work better at night. In the morning, the skin will appear radiant with hydration. In the morning, you can even use more of the lightweight water gel, especially since it works very well under sunscreen.



For people with oily skin, Cassandra knows it’s really hard to find a sunscreen that doesn’t cause oiliness. But, we have two sunscreens that are phenomenal for oily skin. Cassandra would recommend one specifically for super oily skin and the other for mildly oil skin.


Murad Oil Control Mattifier - $49

This does make your face look mattified, and if you're going for a glowy, dewy, or glass skin look, this is not going to give you that. It’s going to give you mattification. However, you could put this on, and then, strategically place products like the white truffle multibalm or Youthforia blush around your face.

When you do this, it will give the skin dewy hydration in some areas while the rest of the skin stays matte. This is a great technique for combo skin, but it also works for oily skin.


Mary & May Vegan Niacinamide Panthenol Sun Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ - $28

This is an oil-free sunscreen that works especially well for very oily skin. This has niacinamide and panthenol in it. The Sun Cushion helps your skin look a little more glowy, but the niacinamide and panthenol (vitamins B3 and B5) can decrease how much oil your skin is naturally producing.

When you push down on the product, the sunscreen comes out. Cassandra loves this on her nose because it’s been known to decrease the appearance of pores. With sunscreen, you’ll want to make sure you can reapply it throughout the day, especially if you’re in the sun.