7 Laziest Skincare Products That Work the Hardest: A List of Multitasking Skincare!

On the days where we’re not feeling it, how can we get our skincare routine down to as few steps as possible? When we think about a skincare routine like this, we want products that are multi-tasking, serve 2 or more purposes, and don’t require layering. Multitasking skincare takes the fuss out of skincare, and there are multiple options available on the market. 

Topicals Butter Mask (Hydration + physical exfoliation) -$34

For example, not only is this product a buttery, hydrating mask, but it is a physical exfoliant because of the way it peels up. `When you apply a generous amount of this product, it balls up and becomes a gentle exfoliant once it’s rubbed against the skin. At the same time, it’s a hydrating mask, but if you wanted to use this as a moisturizer, Cassandra wouldn’t recommend it.

Although it’s smooth like butter, you’d want to wash it off. When you do, it gives you a really beautiful glow, and there is no sticky feeling. It’s very difficult to find a product that delivers moisture into the skin but also exfoliates too, and this is probably one of the most gentle exfoliants available. Although it's not labeled as an exfoliant, Cassandra uses it that way because of how it gums up and gently removes dead skin cells from the top of the skin. Once again, this is an amazing, mild, and physical exfoliant that you could use every single day,

For multitasking beauty, Cassandra has found this to be one of her favorites.  

Glow recipe watermelon Niacinimide Spf 50 (Treatment Serum + Sunscreen) -$34

If you want to protect your skin from the sun’s rays and nourish it at the same this is a good one because it also acts as a serum. Most serums Serums are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients (ingredients that are medically proven to treat a skin concern) to the skin.

So, this product from Glow Recipe not only protects your skin from the sun, it has niacinamide which soothes the skin and controls oil production. This also gives you a glow. Now, Cassandra does find that it peels up a ton when layered with other things. So, it works best on its own. It’s a treatment with actives, a sunscreen, and it keeps you safe and protected. Cassandra loves this, and not to mention, it smells amazing!

Skinfix Acne Cleanser  (Cleanser + Oil control + “Fungal Acne” Treatment + Acne treatment) -$35


What about those who struggle with rosacea, pityrosporum/malessezia folliculitis (this is better known as fungal acne, but “fungal acne” doesn’t actually exist), or acne? While it’s true that you have to get this diagnosis for a derm, this cleanser works for it. It has azelaic acid, green tea, niacinamide, and salicylic acid. If you're struggling with these conditions, especially “fungal acne,” this is a great OTC way to treat it.

Skinfix Acne Spot Treatment (Spot treatment for acne + blends well under makeup + rosacea treatment) -$30

This product isan effective azelaic OTC treatment. The first ingredient is water, and the second ingredient is azelaic acid.  The next ingredient is salicylic acid, and thirdly, kaolin clay. 

Although this is a spot treatment, a product you put on pimples, it completely blends into the skin. Given that, Cassandra finds it easier to use under makeup. This helps on defined areas with rosacea , and it also helps with periodic breakouts.

BeautyPie Super Retinol Vitamin C Retinol Night Moisturizer (Brightner + barrier repair + cellular renewal + moisturizer) -$17.87

Cassandra has been using this every day, and she loves how Beauty Pie creates awesome formulas that stabilize hard-to-mix ingredients. For instance, Vitamin C and retinoids don’t always go together, but Beauty Pie has successfully made them complement each other.

Vitamin C normally penetrates the skin with a more acidic pH whereas retinoids have a more neutral pH. Therefore, a lot of beauty publications describe them as incompatible. However, if they’re formulated properly, and especially if they are encapsulated (extended release) they absolutely do. Extended-release retinol means that the retinol is encased and protected as it penetrates your skin. As a result, it works slowly on your skin throughout the day. 

This formula also has ferulic acid, and although it’s called a night treatment, Cassandra uses it during the day. This is one of Cassandra's products from Beauty Pie, and it also includes resveratrol, and vitamin C capsules. This is such a wonderful, multitasking skincare option if you’re looking for a retinoid but also a vitamin C. 

During the day, Cassandra loves to apply this under her sunscreen. It doesn’t tend to ball up, and for most sunscreens, this is  lovely pair, and it ultimately brings together two ingredients that we hardly ever see together. It offers the benefits of anti-aging, acne, cellular renewal, and antioxidan.

As a bonus, BeautyPie also has a membership that offers products at a discounted rate. 

Versed Smooth Landing Eye Balm (Moisturizer + cellular renewal) -$17.99


Although Cassandra is not a fan of eyecreams, she does like this balm. This is a retinoid has the feeling of Vaseline. If you don’t have the time to layer your retinol (put one product on the bottom to prevent irritation and one on top of the retinol to lock it), this is good.  Since this balm is a retinol, it’s more gentle than a prescription. This creamy balm protects, nourishes, and helps with dryness, but at the same time, it gives you the benefits of a retinoid. 

Because of retinol, it’s actually a really good cream for fine lines and wrinkles, but Cassandra would also recommend putting it all over the face because of how well it works. If you’re tiredof layer your retinol out, this is great option for multitasking..

SkinBetter SPF 75 Foundation (Makeup + SPF)



What if you’re trying to apply sunscreen to protect your skin, but you want to wear makeup? Perhaps you often find yourself thinking, “I hate putting my sunscreen on and waiting for it to soak in before I put on my makeup,” or maybe you don’t want your sunscreen to up under your makeup. What are you supposed to do? SkinBetter has so many fantastic sunscreens that are basically makeup.

SkinBetter SPF 75 Tone Smart Compact (Mineral protection  Powder foundation + full coverage makeup + SPF) -$75



This is basically a medium to full coverage foundation with SPF 75, and because it's SPF 75, you need to reapply it, but you don’t have to do so as often. This is like luxury makeup in skincare. The ingredients are fantastic, the formulas are very smooth, and they helpto cover up imperfections on the skin. The compact comes with a little sponge, and you can switch the sponge out as you need to. You can use the compact (mineral makeup with SPF 75), or you can use the  liquid one that feels like a foundation. 

Colorescience Tinted SPF Balm -$32

If you’re looking for something that does double-duty beauty and gives you a little bit of makeup look as well as sun protection, sunscreen/makeup hybrid products are it.

Moreover, here are some wonderful brushes to apply them!

Colorescience SPF Brush -$69

SLMD SPF Brush -$39.99

Jane Iridale SPF Brush - $50

Coverphoto cred: Prestige Hongkong