7 Mixsoon K Beauty Products for Skin Repair

Is Mixsoon Korea’s version of The Ordinary for sensitive skin? Cassandra wanted to find a simplistic skincare line because she disturbed her skin barrier. She had to use all of these different products and give reviews. However, she wasn’t patch-testing or isolating her variables. So, half of her face and chest broke out. That’s why it’s important to take things low and slow. 

So, to repair her skin barrier, Cassandra went back to basics, and during this time she had the opportunity from Style Korean to try minimalist Korean beauty. So, Cassandra decided to try a brand named Mixsoon.Mixsoon reminds Cassandra of The Ordinary because you can mix and match these simple formulas, but instead of potent actives, Mixsoon offers minimalist, botanical ingredients.Some of the products remind her of vegan cruelty-free dupes for SK-II, and their formulas are composed of 1 to 5 ingredients, making them wonderful for repairing and building the skin. 


The name of this brand comes from the term “mix,” meaning harmony. The word “soon” means “pure” in Korean. The name evokes the idea of mixing pure and harmonious ingredients for your skin. Mixsoon is known for using gentle and supportive ingredients such as centella, bifida fermented filtrate, fermented beans, galactomyces, and heartleaf.  

MIXSOON Centella Asiatica Toner   

This is completely centella. Centella is hydrating, nourishing, and hydrating to the skin. It’s known to help with redness, and it’s pretty much in every K-beauty product out there. This is pure centella which Cassandra found fascinating because she’s never been able to find pure centella.

She used a little, and it was okay. But, it evaporated off of her skin pretty quickly. Cassandra felt that it wasn’t thick or hydrating enough for her skin, especially skin since it was damaged, dry, and irritated. So, she definitely wants to try it during the summertime or when her skin is more oily.  

MIXSOON Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence   

This essence is 100% centella, very hydrating, and fragrance-free.  A little goes a long way, and Cassandra would say this is more of a liquidy essence. It hydrates and gives a K-beauty, glass skin glow. So, instead of layering several products for the glass skin look, you can apply this one to quickly get a similar look.

However, it can still be layered very easily, and this also has glycerin and water, allowing it to soak deeply into the skin. Also, the little bear on the box indicates that a purchase donates to eco-friendly and anti-global warming initiatives. However, there is no such thing as completely eco-friendly skincare. 

But, the fact that Mixsoon cares is a huge step. 

MIXSOON Centella Sun Cream   

This is one of the best K-beauty sunscreens that Cassandra has ever used. This is an SPF 50 centella sunscreen, and the ingredients are so basic. It’s simply sunscreen ingredients plus centella. 

Technically, this sunscreen is fragrance-free. There’s no artificial fragrance in it. But, it does have lavender. So, keep that in mind if you’re irritation-prone. Cassandra’s skin doesn’t always get along with lavender either, but her skin did get along with this. 

MIXSOON Centella Mask Pack 

Cassandra loves this because it allows her to make facemasks with some of the other Mixsson products. She can use the cotton pads to soak the toner onto them and mix ingredients like centella asiatic and bifda.

MIXSOON Master Deep Barrier Mask

This has centella asiatica and fermented bifida. Fermented skincare supports, balances, and nourishes the skin barrier. This barrier mask pack protects the skin barrier. However, it does have a bit of orange extract which may be sensitizing for some. 

MIXSOON Bean Essence 

This is basically a serum, and people are using it to remove blackheads. People put some of it on their hands and then rub it on their face, and it’s supposed to lift blackheads. But, it didn’t do this for Cassandra. However, it did support her skin. This wasn’t great for exfoliation though. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best vegan substitutes for snail mucin. 

It’s made out of fermented soybeans which holds onto moisture and provides anti-inflammatory effects. This bean essence is a skin-reparative, barrier-supporting version of snail mucin. This is probably one of the things that truly helped to clear up and soothe Cassandra’s skin. This also leaves her skin with a glow, making it one of Cassandra’s favorite products.

MIXSOON Galactomyces Toner 

This is 100% galactomyces, which is a fantastic ingredient for brightening, hydrating, and plumping up fine lines.