A Morning Skincare Routine for Glass Skin. Especially for textured skin!

How do you get glass skin if your skin is textured? Glass skin is trend that took off a little more than year and a half ago. Glass skin is a K beauty (Korean beauty) that refers to attaining skin that’s smooth and shiny enough to resemble glass. But, for those of us who have scars, acne, pigmentation issues, or texture, it often feels like we don’t have the canvas for this trend. So, can we still participate? Cassandra has scars, texture, and for the longest time, it felt like she couldn’t participate. 

So, just before we get into it it’s important to know thata lot of the glass skin you see on Google is photoshopped. All skin has pores, and if the idea is to have glass skin, where are those pores going? Show the glass skin in high definition!

But anyways, Cassandra has come up with a AM skincare routine that works for us textured skin people! These products layer together well, and they actually have actives that afford those of us with textured skin a “glass skin” look. In this blog, we wil discuss a glass skin AM routine that works with our skin instead of against it. Some people confuse glass skin with oil or greasy-looking, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Glass skin is hydrated, supple, and bouncy-looking. It’s so hydrated and soft. It doesn’t have the reflective look that oil would give us. So, how do we get this hydrated, smooth poreless look without relying on oils or makeup? Well, hydration, exfoliation, and layers are the key.

Step “#1”: Cleanse

Dr. Sams cleanser -$22

So, if you’re nighttime routine is thorough enough, you don’t actually have to cleanse in the morning. But, if you need to, Dr. Sam’s cleanser is an amazing AM cleanser. It’s a very luxurious, hydrating formula, that’s excellent for acne-prone adults. If you are a little more on the dry and combination side, this a great cleanser to start your AM glass skin routine. 

Step #2: Exfoliate 

Peach & Lily Power Cocktail Lactic Acid Repair Serum - $49

This product is relatively new, but Cassandra has not found a better glass skin product. The Power Cocktail has 15 different extracts, ceramides, and hyaluronic complex that absorbs into the skin and exfoliating lactic acid. Our skin naturally desquamates, but when we speed up that process gently, we can reveal bouncier and more luminous skin. Exfoliating regularly and appropriately can stimulate our skin cells and our skin’s bottom layers to produce more supple and bouncy skin. There are different ways you can exfoliate.

For example, most of us who have acne or blemish-prone skin tend to go for salicylic acid, but unfortunately salicylic acid can dry out the skin whereas AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) like lactic acid are gentle and pull moisture into the skin.

The Power Cocktail provides extracts, exfoliation, and hydration. This looks so beautiful on the skin, and Cassandra finds it to be very gentle. You can use this once a day, and there aren’t a lot of exfoliants that you can’t use daily. Many exfoliants are just too harsh or too much. For the Power Cocktail, you can start by using it 1-3 times a week. After the course six weeks, you can begin to use it daily or every other day if you have sensitive skin, As always, make sure you’re using a sunscreen during the day.  

#Step 3: Spot Treat

Skinfix Acne+ 2% BHA Spot Treatment - $30

The whole thing about glass is being poreless and blemish free, but for those of us with blemishes, it is okay to spot treat. And when it comes to glass skin, Cassandra would actually recommend spot treating. Spot treating is not an overall acne treatment or an overall hyperpigmentation treatment because you’re not preventing other breakouts from happening in the future. That’s the job of lactic acid and retinol. This helps treat blemishes and pop-up areas, so you can achieve the glass skin aesthetic.

Furthermore, this is a female-founded  brand whose products are mostly made for eczema and dermatitis-prone skin. This spot treatment is apart of their acne line. It’s a fantastic formula, and it’s quite gentle. You can apply this up to three times a day. You just apply, leave it on, and let it melt in. Some spot treatments leave your skin red or flaky. This spot treatment doesn’t dry things out, but it still treats the problem. You can apply it underneath your moisturizer, or you can reapply that throughout the day to help with those problem areas.

Step#4: Moisturize 

PURE’AM Authentic Cream Balm -$37

Cassandra loves this moisturizer. It has ceramides, and it’s made for skin that’s eczema-prone that has a lot of irritation. It’s very gentle, and they’ve actually tested it with dermatologists to see how deeply it sinks into the skin and to see how it works on a damaged skin barrier. It layers really well with the Peach and Lily product. Cassandra loves to use this during the day because it’s very buttery and hydrating. Even for Cassandra’s oily, acne-prone skin, it doesn't cause breakouts or irritation, and it doesn’t make her look oily. Moreover, this product is very soothing to irritation-prone skin

Step #5: Sunscreen

Supergoop Zincsreen 100% Mineral Lotion -$42

If you are looking for sunscreen with a tint, this is the zinc screen from super goop. This sunscreen is wonderful because it has a tint that smooths over the skin, but it’s also very lightweight.

Sunbetter Tone Sunscreen (choice 2) -$75



This is the Sun Better Tone. It’s a water-resistant and mineral sunscreen. It’s an SPF 75, and it’s very similar to sunscreen foundation whereas the super goop one is much more lightweight. Both of these are beautiful, and if you are looking for sunscreen that has a tint, both of these could work to give you that glass skin look.

Face Reality SPF Lotion (choice 3) -$30

If you don’t want a tinted sunscreen, this is one of the best. Face reality, which is also an acne clinic, also has the derma clear moisturizer. The Face Reality sunscreen is a non-comedogenic sunscreen. They have a clear derma moisturizer, and it’s very similar. This is a sunscreen that does not break out acne-prone skin, and it’s made for those of us who have acne or hyperpigmentation. This goes on so silky smooth. It comes out white, but it actually rubs in clear, and if you’re looking for glass skin, this is one of the best sunscreens to protect you from the sun.

 It gives you glass skin, dewiness, and a bounce that’s not from oiliness. The formula has Green Tea and allatonin. Both ingredients are super hydrating, and there is also macadamia, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Those ingredients are actually amazing for scarring. If you’re someone who’s actively breaking out, has irritation, scars and texture, this goes on so smooth, and it gives you that reflection, without causing oiliness. This sunscreen is specifically made for blemish prone skin, and it is a chemical/organic sunscreen without flashback. 

Step #6: Add some dew :)

Common Heir Vitamin C Serum - $88

Another tip for glass is multi-layering your skincare. This will create that dewy and supple aesthetic. For an extra dewy effect, you apply a little more to the cheek, forehead, and nose as long as it’s not too much. And while Cassandra doesn’t recommend using oils for shine, she does recommend using the Common Heir Vitamin C Serum.

Specifically, if you have hyperpigmentation, irritation, and redness, this serum is not overly oily, and it absorbs into the skin well. However, it does leave a residual dew, and that is exactly we want around the nose and cheeks for a glass look. You can also apply this to your neck and chest to complete the aesthetic and to spread those vitamin C benefits! 

Coverphoto credit: Stockphotos