Are Lash Growth Serums Causing Undereye Bags?

Are eyelash serums causing undereye bags and hollowness? Many people using lash growth serums like Grande Lash or Latisse have noticed that their undereyes look hollow. So, let's talk about everything you need to know about lash serums and how to get your under eyes plump again.


How do lash serums work?

Lash serums contain topical prostaglandin analogs. Prostaglandins are a group of lipids or fat molecules with hormone-like actions that your body primarily makes at the site of tissue damage or infections. Prostaglandin analogs are basically the topical version of prostaglandins.


What do prostaglandin analogs do?

Topical prostaglandin analogs are used in people who have glaucoma. They come in the form of eye drops. Glaucoma causes there to be pressure in the eye. When specific nerves are pressed against, they can be very damaging, and it can impact vision. But dropping prostaglandin analogs could decrease the pressure in that eye.


What does this have to do with lash serums?

When these eyedrops were first being tested, it was noted that the people using these started forming voluminous lashes. So, they began to sell it as a lash growth serum rather than eye drops. When you apply Latisse by Allergan, it comes with spool brushes, and you're meant to paint this on the eye area. Allergan is the parent company that created Latisse, and Bimatoprost is the active ingredient and the prostaglandin analog inside of Latisse.

This product has been effective in growing lashes for customers. However, people started noticing other side effects like darkening of the eyes. That's why when you see Latisse advertised, there's a note that says “might cause darkening of the eye,” and that's actually true. When they were studying Latisse, they found it to cause a little more pigmentation, not just in the iris but around the eye. When people stopped using it, they didn't see a reversal of pigmentation in the iris, but some did see a reversal of pigmentation around the eye area.

What are the side effects of lash serums?

In addition to the pigmentation, these serums have been known to affect the fullness or the fatty tissue around our eyes. We all have periorbital fat pads, meaning fatty tissue around our eye area. Those fat pads are very essential to our eyes looking lifted and full, and sometimes when those sag, it can cause a lumpy look.

Likewise, people who use products like Revitalash, Latisse, and Grande Lash have noticed that their under eyes were looking a little more hollow as well. The hollowing out of the undereye area is what causes bags or hollow shadows to appear under the eyes.

Even though some have seen a reversal of these side effects, Latisse still says, “Do not apply to the undereye area. Only apply to the top of the eye.” These products can also cause irritation for some people. So, it's best to follow the manufacturer's directions and not use them on the undereye area, and talk to your doctor as well before using a lash growth product.