Best Derm-approved Skincare Devices

Skincare devices can be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine as well as an innovative, fun way to step up self-care! Here are some of Cassandra’s top picks.

Skin inc + Sabi AI Device

This has a moisture sensor, and it actually senses the hydration level of your skin. For Cassandra, this has been monumental for seeing which product works and hydrates her skin versus those that don’t. Before using this, you have to make sure your skincare has soaked in. 

This uses AI to scan your skin. It looks at the brightness underneath your eyes, the number of fine lines, and your blemishes. Then, it makes recommendations over time through an app on your phone. When you use your phone to access the app, you get to decide what type of information you want to put in. It also helps create a customizable serum for you!

The phone app also assesses how much water you’re drinking, how many steps you’ve taken, and it helps to customize your skincare recommendations based on that. This device also provides LED and microcurrent, but Cassandra doesn’t think hand-held LED devices are that great except for the SolaWave. 

This claims to have a sonic-pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates skincare ingredients deeper into the skin. That’s good, but the real hero for Cassandra is the skin moisture sensor. The app shows how your skin’s moisture level fluctuates with different environments too. This guidance is definitely helpful in forming good skincare habits. 

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro 

This is another great device for LED. Cassandra uses a budget version though  which is The Dermabeam Light Therapy Mask. 



This is another LED brand. Cassandra would recommend getting the red light and the blue light device. The red light is amazing for collagen stimulation and wrinkles while the blue light device is best for acne. While LED is trendy, there’s still a lot of medical science behind using LED for these skincare concerns. You just have to make informed decisions.

NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit

This helps Cassandra contour her cheeks and promote lymphatic drainage. Now, a lot of people say that it stimulates collagen.  While that may be true, your money is better spent on a chemical peel from a clinic as opposed to buying a NuFace. 

At the same time, Nuface is a wonderful microcurrent device. Microcurrent stimulates ATP in the skin, and it can also act as lymphatic drainage. Microcurrents shock the muscles under the skin, and it allows the skin to appear more lifted. Cassandra’s loves the NuFace, and she particularly loves the mini. It’s very similar to the regular-sized device for a lower price.

Nuface also has serums and gel creams. All microcurrent devices need something to conduct electricity, and NuFace has some serums that are very good. They have a gel cream, a silk cream, and even a peptide serum. If you want firm, plumped skin, the NuFace plus the peptide serum is amazing.

If you have more dry skin, the cream is really good. On the other hand, the gel formula is a little bit better for oily skin. What’s great about all of these serums is that they’re not only made to work with the NuFace device, but you can leave them on and go on with your day. 

All of these devices are amazing in their own way, and it’s best to have an informed perspective when you shop for them!