Our Favorite Summer Season Clothes That Protect The Skin from Sun Damage

While SPF is a must, did you know there’s a lot of sun protection that’s actually comes in the form of clothing? It’s called “UPF clothing.” UPF stands for ultraviolet protection, and it’s different than SPF. 


How is SPF different from UPF?

When people see SPF numbers, they think it’s a rating on how much you’re protected. But, the SPF number simply indicates how many times longer it would take for your skin to sun burn after applying the product. 

However, UPF 50 is different. Similar to broad-spectrum sunscreens, it protects against UVA and UVB rays, but UPF 50 means that 1/50th of the sun’s rays will affect the skin. So, with UPF, you don’t have to reapply. There are things such as UPF shirts and pants. There are also UPF swimsuits, which are the best because they protect your skin while you swim.


Flappy Hat to protect the face and neck: Sunday Afternoons UPF 50 Adventure Hat

Cassandra also loves this wide-brimmed hat with a flap in the back. While most hats still allow the UV rays to beam on the side of your face and the back of your neck, this wide-brimmed hat protects the back of your neck and the sides of your face. So, if you get anything, this is probably what you should get.


Protect the arms with UPF sleeves: Coolibar UPF 50 Unisex UV Sleeves Long: 

These are sun-sleeve UPF gloves that go all the way up your arm, and they’re great for driving. But, there are smaller versions that just cover the hands. The smaller ones also have tactile stickers on the fingers so you can use your phone and grasp things better.


Protect the neck halter sundress with pockets: Kilig women’s floral sundress 

When we go out, one of the most unprotected parts is the chest. Many summer dresses are strappy, which is adorable, but they do not cover the chest. This dress from Amazon covers Cassandra’s entire chest, and she could even wear a sunscreen sticker or a patch underneath. It does have exposed shoulders so you’ll need to apply sunscreen to your shoulders, but it also has pockets so you can carry the sunscreen.


Protect the neck: women’s sleeveless knit cami summer halter top 

As for tank tops, Cassandra found these, and they last for multiple washes. They’re great quality, and they come in many colors. Sometimes it’s hard to find high-quality tank tops, but these definitely last a while. Because they’re a halter neck top, they even protect the chest. You can fold it and turn it into a crop top as well. 

When it comes to sun protection, it’s the little things like clothing choices that help us to enjoy the sun while caring for our skin. Sun damage from UV radiation can cause skin damage, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, and melanoma. So, these are a few clothing choices that can help elevate your sun-protective skincare. Also, remember to reapply your SPF and to stay hydrated.

Cover photo cred: Free Fly Apparel