Can LED Give You Fuller Lips?

There’s no shortage of crazy things people have done to make their lips fuller, plumper, and smoother. Do you remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge where people would literally put a shot glass around their lips until they had to go to the ER?


On the less dangerous side, many people seek regular lip treatments and lip fillers in an attempt to fill the lip's natural wrinkles. And now, people are even using LED. 


LED for lips

Supposedly, Dr. Dennis Gross has a $150 “solution” for lip fullness. And when Cassandra first heard about it,  she was very skeptical. Make no mistake though – Dr. Dennis Gross is a wonderful brand, and in fact, their LED face mask is one of the best on the market. Cassandra would even say it’s the closest thing you can get to a professional product. 


However, one thought caused her to question the lip product. Cassandra thought, “If Dr. Dennis Gross has a facemask, why can’t I just move the facemask around and use it there instead?” The Dr. Dennis Gross DRX SpectralLite LipWare Pro LED Device is specifically for your lips. 


Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite LED LipWare Pro - $148 

Dr. Dennis Gross sent this to Cassandra, and that was a plus because she was not about to spend $148. But, upon receiving it, she decided to put it to the test. So, does it truly work? While it’s true that red LED is medically proven to help with wound healing, fine lines, wrinkles, and stimulate collagen, we still need to see if the product’s claims match the results. 


The LipWare Pre LED Device has 56 infrared LED lights, and it claims to help wrinkles, improve circulation, enhance natural color, and make visibly fuller lips. So, Cassandra used this every single day for 9 months to see if this would happen.

Day 1

When she opened the box, the device was already charged. She noticed a mouthpiece that attaches to the device.  You're supposed to chomp down on it for 3 minutes. But, she had to bite down on the metal piece in front of the mouthpiece too. That way, the device could touch her lips. For LED to truly be effective, the light bubbles need to be compressed against the skin. So, she had to bite down pretty hard, and it did begin to hurt Cassandra’s jaw.


There were instructions to use a lip treatment afterward, but it doesn’t come with a lip product. So essentially, you have to buy another product for best results. You’re supposed to see results after two weeks, and then notable results after 10 weeks, but Cassandra actually used this for 9 months.


Does it work?

To Cassandra, this did seem to stimulate blood flow, circulation, and help with lip color. Her lips did look plumper, but their shape didn’t change or round out at all. Ultimately, Cassandra wonders if pressing her lips up against a heated device also had an impact and perhaps an even greater one than the LED.

Ultimately, Cassandra would expect to see better results for $140. She’d rather use an LED mask that covers the lip area. For fuller lips, getting another treatment might offer more promising results.