Cassandra Reacts to Kylie Jenner’s 2023 Simple Get-ready Routine

Let’s review Kylie Jenner’s new classic get-ready Beauty Routine. Kylie Jenner has a skincare line, but she also uses a lot of luxury products and professional skin treatments. In this routine, she doesn’t speak about the professional treatment she does, but she discusses the few products she supposedly used or her glowing skin. So, let’s analyze, scrutinize, and learn from this routine.

First, Kylie starts with a lip scrub. 

Kylie Jenner Sugar Lip Scrub -$21

She says, “I like to do a lip scrub before I start my routine before I know I’m gonna wear a matte lip.”

Let’s take a moment to talk about lip scrubs because a lot of doctors and dermatologists don’t recommend them, but a lot of doctors and derms actually use them. Lip scrubs are normally made with sugar, including the one in Kylie’s skincare line. The sugar is meant to exfoliate the lips. The lips are unique because they’re made of squamous stratified epithelium, and they are semi-permeable. The lips can also be a little sensitive. 

For example, if you’ve ever had a condition called angular cheilitis, you know how painful it can be to get those cracks on the sides of your lips or even on the middle of your lips. A lot of people reach for sugar scrubs or lip exfoliators to try to rid their lips of that dry crustiness. But, while physical scrubs and exfoliants can help to get rid of a little bit of crustiness, it doesn’t necessarily prevent that dryness or irritation from coming back. 

If your lips have a lot of issues with being overly chapped, you should be hydrating your lips during the day or at night and adding something like Vaseline to lock in the moisture, especially before if you want your lipstick to go on smoothly. 

A lot of doctors and dermatologists not only recommend scrubbing the lips or putting on chapstick, but they also recommend using something fragrance-free like Vaseline or petrolatum jelly to seal in the moisture. However, if you have something like angular cheilitis, first, get it diagnosed. Angular cheilitis is a bacterial infection that happens on the corners of the mouth. It can happen especially if people are mouth breathers, have a lot of saliva in this area, or wear a mask that irritates their skin. Get that checked out by a derm, and in this case, Cassandra would suggest avoiding using lip scrubs. 

The Kylie lip scrub is $21, and Cassandra is actually really impressed with the ingredient lineup. There’s sucrose which is sugar and jojoba seed. Jojoba oil is amazing because it mimics the kind of waxy lipids and the fatty acids our skin naturally creates. It’s super wonderful and locks in hydration. There are also copolymers, castor oil, and we have some hydrating ingredients on the list such as shea butter, grapeseed,isononyl isononanoate.Isononyl isononanoate is an emollient ester with a rich and creamy but non-greasy feel, and it softens the skin. 

These are great ingredients. There is also phenoxyethanol which is an aromatic product that prevents mold and bacteria from growing in the product if you do have super sensitive lips or are sensitive to phenoxyethanol, you might not want to use this. But overall, this actually looks like a very good lip scrub. 

For the next step, Kylie applies her foundation by mixing it in with a moisturizer. 

As Kyle puts on her foundation, she says, ”When I use my hands to put it on, my foundation looks different. It feels way more natural. I like how it blends into my skin a lot better.”

Cassandra used to smear foundation on with her hands too. There is something about how fingers warm up foundation, push it into your pores, and leave it sitting on your face. Maybe it depends on the foundation. To Cassandra, fingertips feel even better than beauty blenders, but some might find it messy, especially if you’re combining it with a moisturizer. 

Kylie Skin Facial Moisturizer - $25.99

This is a very basic moisturizer with jojoba, shea butter, and oat. These are all good ingredients, but the formula is nothing outstanding. It’s like they put kiwi seed oil and tried to make it unique.  There’s sweet almond oil, banana, and orange extract too which could be irritating for some people. There are so many good moisturizers out there. So, why do we need this for $22? 

Cassandra doesn’t know how it plays along with makeup, but in this routine, Kyle seems to be using this along with sunscreen, concealer, and a light foundation. But based on the ingredients, Cassandra feels that it might peel or ball up. Combining jojoba oil, glycerin, shea butter, and dimethicone could make things goopy. Plus, the ingredient list doesn’t tell you everything about the way a product is formulated. 

This is the get-ready routine that Kyle Jenner has shared with us, but of course, celebrities have access to extensive treatments and professional skincare. So, what is shown to us might not be the reality of the person’s everyday routine.