Cassandra’s AM and PM 6-minute Skincare Ritual

Is your skincare routine making you short on time? You can still have a thorough skincare routine that is lifting and time-friendly. But. before we get into products, let’s take a glance at Cassandra’s skin type. Cassandra’s skin type is acne-prone, oily/combo, and Fitzpatrick type 2. While she has access to things such as laser treatments, and chemical peels, most of the things she applies to her skin can be done at home. Moreover, Cassandra doesn’t wear makeup at night. So, when she wakes up in the morning, her face is not that dirty, and she doesn’t always need a cleanser. There was a period of time when Cassandra just washed her face with water and went. However, in the instance that she does need to do a quick skincare routine, she has one that can be done in 6 minutes.


Step 1: Cleanse


PURE’AM amino acid mild cleanser -$19



This is the one she’s been using from PURE’AM, and Cassandra absolutely loves this! It’s a gentle K-Beauty cleanser that’s safe for acne. But, on a day that her skin is really red, irritated, showing signs of subclinical rosacea, or breaking out, Skinfix is an absolute.


Skinfix 2% BHA Cleanser - $35

There are so many great and medically proven ingredients in this formula that help with fungal acne (pityrosporum folliculitis), acne, and rosacea. On the other hand, the PURE'AM cleanser is when she wants something more gentle.


Step 2: Apply an antioxidant serum


Next, Cassandra loves antioxidants during the morning, and she usually goes for them in the form of vitamin C or epigallocatechin 3 gallate which is in green teas like matcha. Antioxidants are phenomenal because they fight directly against free radicals.


We have different things that age, damage, and hurt our skin both intrinsically and extrinsically. Things like diet, stress, pollution, and the sun greatly impact our skin. So, antioxidants are so powerful when it comes to skin barrier support, skin luminosity, and helping the skin with fine lines and wrinkles. A lot of people don’t realize how important antioxidants are, and there are a ton of them, but she especially loves EGC3 and vitamin C.


TruSkin Vitamin C Serum For Face - $21.91




Cassandra doesn’t really think this is a “360 facelift,” but it certainly has vitamin C as well as other antioxidants and nutrients. This formula was made by a dermatologist, and on the days Cassandra needs more luminosity and support under her sunscreen, she goes with this.


But, if she’s getting over acne, blemishes, or has a lot of reddish-brown pigmented spots left, that’s when she’ll go for this. This is from Agency, and she’s actually gone through two to three bottles of this. They are custom-made, and Cassandra’s formula specifically contains hydroquinone.


Step 3: Apply an SPF


In the morning, sometimes she’ll skip her moisturizer, and she’ll only use it at night. Instead, she’ll go for her sunscreen in the morning. Cassandra was using the Trader Joe’s version of the super goop. This one is wonderful


Trader joes Daily Facial Sunscreen SPF 40 -$31.20


This is another sunscreen option.





Iris&Romeo Weekend Skin SPF 50 + Vitamin C + Glow -$47


This also gives the skin a dewy glow. This is a beautifully tinted sunscreen that's a little thick. So, if you ever have acne breakouts or redness around your nose, this helps to calm that down and cover it up because it has a slight tint as well as vitamin C. This is three things in one, including an SPF 50. Cassandra will also use this when she wants makeup that isn’t makeup, and sunscreen is the last step to her 6-minute skincare routine.


HYGGEE - Vegan Sun Cream -$12.09

This is another option that feels beautiful and protects from UVA and UVB rays.


Ultimately, when Cassandra wants a quick but thorough skincare routine, splashes her face with water, uses a cleanser, puts on an antioxidant, and puts on an SPF. This routine only takes 6 mins, and it’s, simple, easy, and effective.



Cassandra’s 6-minute nighttime (PM) skincare routine


If you need to get to bed, are feeling tired, or perhaps you’re caught up with obligations, the most important thing to prioritize is a cleanser. And if you wear makeup or need to wash away some build up, maybe do a double cleanse too.


Step 1: Double Cleanse


Inkey List Oat Balm Cleanser - $10.99



This is a great cleanser for dry skin, but Cassandra has oily skin so she does it as the first step to her double cleanse routine.


Dr. Sam's Flawless Cleansing Water -$18



This is another option that Cassandra has been using. She thinks she’s going to switch out the Inkey List Oat Balm Cleanser with this Cleansing Water. Because Cassandra has lash extensions, this oil-free cleanser is great for them. Cassandra has used oil whilst having lash extensions, and it’s been fine. However, if she’s trying to remove makeup, sunscreen, grime, and dirt, a double cleanse is the way to go. The second step of a double is a real cleanser rather than a balm. She doesn’t use a different cleanser for the day versus the night. She uses the same one.


PURE’AM amino acid mild cleanser -$19



SkinFix 2% BHA Cleanser- $35



Step 2: Apply a treatment


At night, she uses a retinoid or retinaldehyde. Cassandra was using a Dermatica formula that contained clindamycin, an antibiotic, and tretinoin. When she was breaking out in her T-zone, she used this. But, although she lovesDermatica, one bottle only lasts for a month before it gets used up or becomes expired.


So, this one is from Agency, and it last 5 or 6 months, but it’s a little better for dark spots. So, this is what she’s switched to. It’s really important to Cassandra that she includes retinoids in her nighttime routine.






Cassandra received a formula containing hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, hydrocortisone, and epigallocatagen gallate from green tea. This reminds Cassandra of a grown-up adult version of Curology, and she loves it.


To provide a few other options, these are both eye creams. But, Cassandra does not use these as eye creams, she uses these as retinoids all over her face.






This is the Versed eye balm, and this is basically Vaseline in a very gentle retinoid. It’s a retinoid you can slug with. It’s an eye cream, but you can use it all over your face.


Beauty of joseon REVIVE EYE SERUM : GINSENG + RETINAL -$9.29


Cassandra has been obsessed with this eye balm, and it has ginseng and retinal. It is a K beauty, super potent retinaldehyde serum. You can use it in the eye area, on marionette lines, and on the corners of your eyes by the temples. It can be used all over as a night retinoid.


Step 4: Apply a moisturizer






At night, Cassandra does use moisturizer. She just recently started using this, and when it comes to her skincare routine, she tries her best to switch one thing out at a time. That way, she can control her variables. So, if her skin breaks out, she knows what’s causing it, but if not, she knows what did it. This has vegan collagen, peptides, and ceramides. This works well and layers very well with everything else in Cassandra’s routine.