Common Heir: A Better Legacy

While Common Heir just launched on April 6th of this year, founder Cary Lin and Angela Ubias are already leaving their legacy for posterity and the planet. Founders Cary Lin and Angela Ubias believe that self-care and skincare are a unified experience that all of us share. Not only is it an important part of personal growth that needs to be passed down, but it is an important part of preserving our planet. As our beauty is tied to the wellness of the planet, we must care for our home in the same that way we tend to our bodies.

That is why Common Heir’s Vitamin C Serum is plastic-free, 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and effective. Cary says, “There are 7.9 billion pounds of cosmetic waste per year from the beauty industry alone, and we are responding to consumer’s demand for sustainability. Hopefully, by responding to this demand, we can kickstart industry investment in research and development because that’s what is needed to disrupt the beauty industry and bring it to the next level of sustainability. From there, we hope to bring down the cost of sustainable beauty.  Our goal with Common Heir is to always make it as accessible as possible without compromising our values and where our products come from.”


Likewise, Common Heir’s Vitamin C Serum contains dissolvable capsules that are plant-based, biodegradable, compostable, and lightweight for shipping. Additionally, the inks and coating don’t impact the recyclability or safety of the material.

 Vitamin C serum and a tiny pale, pink capsule is pictured next to a leaf.


In addition to the material being recyclable, Common Heir truly goes above and beyond by making their products plastic-free. While many skincare products use recyclable plastic, plastic-free products are exceptionally good for the environment. National Geographic states that “91% of all plastic fails to be recycled, even the items that end up in the recycling bin. This happens because recycling plastic is considered expensive. Moreover, when it comes to shipping plastic, the process is not sustainable. And after shipping it, it must be washed, chopped up, and remelted to actually be recycled. By the time the process of recycling plastic is completed, its own toll on the environment has been taken (2019).” Even when plastic is burned in an incinerator, the gas released also has a tremendous impact on climate change.

On the other hand, many people believe that biodegradable and compostable products do nothing for the environment given that they can’t even break down in landfills (Eco Products, Inc). “Modern landfills are kept dry and air-tight to try to prevent biodegradation. The anaerobic (live without oxygen) microorganisms in a landfill just don’t receive the proper balance of moisture, nutrients, and temperature to biodegrade organic matter” (Eco Products, Inc). Landfills are airtight because uncontrolled biodegradation in a landfill can cause methane gas emissions, groundwater pollution, and unstable subsoil conditions.” So, while it’s true that biodegradable or compostable products can’t break down in a landfill, and therefore do not preserve landfill space, many materials we use still end up on the side of the road, in the forest, in rivers, and in the ocean (Eco Products, Inc). However, if a biodegradable or compostable material ends up outside of a landfill (which many do), it is much less likely to become a pollutant, pile up, or pose a threat to animals. Plus, Common Heir’s packaging is plant-based so it will not leave behind a chemical residue.

Common Heir created their plastic-free, biodegradable, lightweight packaging with all of this in mind, and that’s why we love them. So, while Common Heir’s is working to help our home flourish, it is also working to make your skin more radiant, balanced, hydrate, and healthy.

Within these capsules, you will find a 2-month supply of 10% Vitamin C Serum containing antioxidants and vitamin C to help boost your natural glow. The serum is formulated with a concentrated and deeply penetrating blend of vitamin C THD, and other ingredients licorice root and marshmallow root extract known for illuminating the skin. This treatment has been clinically proven to make skin more radiant and to improve its texture. So, not only is Common Heir allowing us to feel beautiful and thrive, it’s allowing our home, and future generations to do the same.