How Do I Reapply SPF? Plus, Tips for Applying Sunscreen over Makeup!


This is how to reapply sunscreen. Reapplying sunscreen is very important. Reapplying your sunscreen properly significantly decreases the chance of you getting skin cancer. The sun radiates there are UVA and UVB rays that can damage the skin, degrade collagen, and turn into acne scars. These rays can also cause premature aging, fine lines, aging, and wrinkling.

They can also turn acne into bigger scars and cause hyperpigmentation. But, reapplying it properly is crucial to your SPF’s efficacy. So, how do you properly reapply sunscreen? Will answer some frequently asked questions concerning these, and we’ll also give some affordable recommendations. 


What does the number after SPF mean?

The number after the letters “SPF” determines how long the sunscreen lasts. According to The Skin Cancer, “the SPF number tells you how long the sun's UV radiation would take to redden your skin when using the product exactly as directed versus the amount of time without any sunscreen.” So ideally, with SPF 30, it would take you 30 times longer to burn than if you weren't wearing sunscreen.


How do I reapply sunscreen while wearing makeup? Does makeup protect the skin?

Some makeup does have zinc, titanium, or iron oxides which are active ingredients in sunscreen. However, there are not enough of these ingredients within makeup to protect the skin. 


But, there are formulas made to be “SPF makeup.” These normally come in the form of powder sunscreens, and they work great for reapplying makeup. But, they should never be your primary or first application. You should use a liquid sunscreen or a SPF foundation under your makeup.


Another thing is that the brushes on powder sunscreens are very hard to clean, and they’re small. So, you can take off the top and dump some of the powder out. Then, you can use a larger beauty to apply the makeup more evenly.


One of Cassandra’s favorite brands for reapplication is Jane Iredale.


Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen Powder- $55

These have multiple tints, and it’s probably the smoothest brush Cassandra has used. They also have refillable cartridges. 


Light coverage foundation

Zitsticka Megashade MEGASHADE Breakout-proof SPF Serum - $40  

This is a lightweight, liquid sunscreen, but it still has a form to it, meaning it’s not watery or runny. It works great for reapplying SPF. To use it, first, dampen a beauty blender or a makeup sponge so the mega shade won’t soak into it. Then, you can take this and reapply it to your entire face. You can do the entire face. Don’t drag the beauty blender. Just dab it in short spurts, and it won’t mess up your makeup. However, if you’re wearing thick makeup, you may want to use a spray sunscreen. 


K Beauty Make Prem UV Defense SPF- $28.99

This is also a great option for light coverage 


SPF Spray 

If you’re wearing thick makeup, you can use a spray sunscreen. For spray types, you’ll want to go for an organic chemical sunscreen because otherwise, things can get a little messy. Just spray it over your face, but don’t get it in your eyes. Putting on glasses or sunglasses before doing so helps. These are a few choices that Cassandra likes


Love From Yours Sunny Side Up

Pacifica Sea & C Sheer SPF 30 Sunscreen SPF Spray - $22.26 

Elta MD Aero Spray