How Do I Take Care of My Lash Extensions? What no one told Cassandra about Lash Extensions.

Here is the truth about having eyelash extensions, and here's what celebrities constantly get wrong. While a lot of celebrities or influencers have eyelash extensions, and they’re very popular, there's a lot of misinformation out there. In the last few years, Cassandra has started getting lash extensions too. And likewise, she’s had to accommodate the extensions during her skincare routine.

The first time Cassandra got her eyelashes done, she didn’t know that she was supposed to wash them regularly, and you could literally see the gunk building up. This was all because she didn’t want to ruin the extensions or the glue.


So, can you wash your eyelashes when you have eyelash glue? Do specific oils break it down, and can you use mascara?


A lot of these questions aren’t answered, and a lot of celebrities don’t seem to wash their eyelashes during the skincare routines they’ve shared via YouTube. So, Cassandra is here to help you make the most out of your eyelash extensions, and save your money. At the same time, a lot of what you should and shouldn’t use has to do with the specific eyelash glue you have. You should also speak with your lash extension provider. But, sometimes they just leave you with “common knowledge ” like the following: (1) Avoid oil cleansers, serums, or washes in the eye area. (2) Make sure that you don’t take a shower or go to the gym 28 to 48 after getting your lash extensions. However, this common knowledge isn’t always true. Cassandra almost always showers after getting her lashes redone, but let’s explain how and why. 


How are eyelash extensions done? 


Eyelash extensions are when little lashes are taken and glued to your real lashes. There are many different types of lashes and curls. Cassandra tends to get the classic set with a C curl. Some are very voluminous, obvious, and thick. On the other hand, some are light, demure, and super curly. Whereas, some don’t curl at all. Now, the type of glue that is used to hold these on can vary drastically depending on who’s doing it. 


You might notice that a lot of professional lash technicians actually have a humidifier in their lash treatment room, and for some reason, this helps things adhere and helps the lash extension to be placed onto your natural lash  properly. Cassandra gets her lashes done at The Blink Bar in Los Angeles. Some lash bars will sell you mascara although you really don’t need it, but mascara can get clumped up and could have oils in it that break down the glue, but again, this depends on what type of glue is being used. 


For Cassandra, she can wash her eyelashes and take a shower the same day, and The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm is the cleanser Cassandra uses to remove makeup.


How do you wash your eyelash extensions?


Inkey List Oat Cleanser - $10. 99

This is an oil cleanser from The Inkey List, but just because that’s okay for Cassandra and her lashes, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for others. One of the worst things you can do is not wash your eyelashes. Many people who have eyelash extensions don’t want to ruin them so they don’t wash them, but that could literally cause an infection. There's sebum or oil, dirt, and gunk that builds up, and when the person looks down, you can see the build up on their eyes. The first time that Cassandra got her lash extensions done - she didn’t know she was supposed to wash them regularly, and you could see the gunk building up too. 

So, If you’re not allowed to use an oil cleanser, use something oil-free. This happens to be one of Cassandra's favorites that’s new from Dr. Sam. Dr. Sam is a derm from the UK who has a YouTube channel, and she has an oil-free water cleanser. 


Dr. Sam Flawless Cleansing Water -$18

This is wonderful because it cleans off sunscreen, waterproof eyeliner, and even those eyeshadows that stick to your eyelids. If you have eye shadow that soaks into your skin, this can get it off. You don’t have to tug at the eye. It’s very important that you don’t tug when washing your eyelashes.

You also want to make sure that you’re using a cleansing water or some sort of foaming cleanser that doesn’t tug at the eye area. You could do this by using a soak method. This is where you use a cotton pad or a reusable pad to soak the eye, and then, rub the makeup off to gently remove it.

Cassandra likes to use a bit of liquid on a makeup brush as a lash cleaner. Cassandra has found that a dome-shaped brush is super gentle, and she loses fewer lashes than if she were using a cotton round. She dispenses a little bit of a foaming cleanser, a cleansing water, or a regular cleanser. Then, she put the brush right on the eyelid, and let’s it drip onto the lashes. Finally, she makes little circular sweeping motions and pats downwards. That allows Cassandra to get all of the dirt and gunk that is held right at the base of the lash, but it doesn’t remove or tug at the lashes either. Once you’ve done this, it is time to rinse the eye area


Are you supposed to comb your lash extensions?


One of the biggest things no one ever told Cassandra was about was combing through your eyelashes after washing them. After combing them, they normally stay wherever they've dried, and regardless of whether or not you have lash extensions, you’ve probably seen your lashes clump together. So, it’s great to use brushes to comb them through while they’re wet. It makes sure to remove any debris, but it also makes sure that your lashes are drying in the shape that you want them. 


People say comb from the top down rather than the bottom up, but if you’re super concerned about lashes falling out, you should comb them from the top to the bottom. You’ll want to spin the brush and the spoolie to gently put the lashes in place. Anytime Cassandra gets her lash extensions wet, she normally combs through them. 


Lash Spoolies - $6.99 -  

Can I use skincare treaments like serums and creams around my eyes when I have lash extensions?


Now, of course, this depends on the type of glue that is being put on your face. Although people say not to use oil-based products, ask your lash professional what type of lashes you have and what type of glue you can use. But, the biggest thing is to not apply these products directly to the eye. Apply them to the orbit. 


Beauty of Joseon Revive Eye Serum Giseng Retinal - $24.99

This is a really good eye cream because it has retinaldehyde which is one of the most potent things you can get that’s non-prescription. It’s very gentle and has antioxidants. Instead of putting this on your eye area, you can put it on your orbital.  If you just apply this to the bone under your eyes, this allows you to get the  product close to the eye area. That way, it'll spread throughout the night or day without affecting your lashes. Your acid mantle produces oil and transfers nutrients, meaning the product will spread around the skin. So, take a little on your finger, and apply it beneath that bone and a little beneath the eyebrow. You can still hydrate your eye area but without putting it on the eye lid or in the corner of the eye.


How do I sleep with eyelash extensions?


One tip for preserving your lash extensions while sleeping is perhaps sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back, nothing is pulling or tugging your eyelash. Nothing can snag on your pillow case. This pillow can help ease the process of becoming a back sleeper.


Back Sleeping Pillow 

So, for lash extension care and preservation, our three take aways are the following. 


  1. Ask your lash tech if you can shower or use oil because not all lashes are incompatible with oils. 
  2. Get a foaming cleanser or a cleansing water that works for you.
  3. Don’t be afraid to apply your serums and moisturizers.
  4. Comb through the lashes.
  5. Try to sleep on your back.



Cover photo cred: Addictit Eye Lash Extensions