How Do I Use a Lip Scrub? Pros and Cons.

We’re going to talk about a St. Ives Scrub that Cassandra truly likes. Cassandra has avoided purchasing St. Ives for quite a few years. When she purchased St. Ives in the past, it really scratched her skin. St. Ives scrubs are not recommended by doctors, dermatologists, estheticians, or skin professionals because they can damage the skin, especially if people use them too vigorously. There was even a class action lawsuit against St. Ives because people said that the walnut shells in their products were so jagged that they scratched up their faces and caused microtears. Microtears are tiny little abrasions or small cuts that can do  more harm than good.

However, using a St. Ives scrub as a lip product is a different story. Cassandra always turns and learns her ingredients, and she did see that the main exfoliating ingredient in St. Ives Watermelon Lip Scrub is sugar. Sugar is different than walnut shells because it’s a unique crystalline structure. It’s a little finer than walnut shells, and it melts and dissolves in water. This means if you use water along with a sugar scrub, it’s much gentler on the skin. Sugar scrubs can still do some harm though.

That’s why Cassandra prefers physical exfoliants to be gentle. She likes rice scrubs or even cellulose scrubs, nothing sharp and jagged. At the same time, Cassandra does appreciate a sugar scrub on her legs. Sugar scrubs can be hit or miss especially if you’re like Cassandra and have very, dry, cracked, and chapped lips. It also can be very uncomfortable to physically exfoliate under open fissures. So,this is the one Cassandra currently uses.

Bite Beauty Agave Vegan Lip Scrub - $24 

St. Ives Watermelon Lip Scrub - $4.99

This smells like watermelon bubble gum, and it also tastes like it as opposed to some scented scrubs that have a really bad taste. It feels like a softer paste. Cassandra couldn’t feel like the granules because they’re not quite as large compared to other sugar scrubs. There’s also a reddish tint to the lip scrub. The color is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds Cassandra of a K-beauty tint. The scrub includes castor seed oil, coconut oil, and paraffin. 

How do I use a lip scrub?

First, get your lips a little wet, and then apply it gently in a circular motion. The St. Ives Watermelon Lip scrub  doesn’t burn that badly when you rub it into an open cracked lip. You probably shouldn’t be exfoliating on an open cracked lip though. The color of the lip scrub is kind of messy, and it transfers to your fingers. Cassandra also wishes that St. Ives sold this with a spatula so you don’t shove your fingers in it. 

A little goes a long way, and it kind of stains your lips. It feels more gentle than the Byte Beauty Lip Scrub. The St. Ives granules are much finer than Byte Beauty’s chunky ones, and Cassandra liked how her lips looked afterward. It got rid of the dry crusties, and it left them feeling super soft, beautiful, and nourished. Make sure you put on a sealant like lip balm or petrolatum jelly afterward or before you go to bed. Also, remember to reapply SPF to lips. 

Solimo Petroleum Jelly White Petrolatum Skin Protectant

The Results 

After using this, Cassandra noticed that her lips were splitting less, and the exfoliation seemed to help them heal. Whenever you touch the lips or exfoliate them, you’re promoting circulation. Circulation brings blood flow which can speed up wound healing, making them plumper.

Although basic, the ingredients are great.  This scrub is a fraction of the cost of Byte Beauty. At the same time though, Cassandra noticed a small pimple around her lips. The border of her lips is very sensitive to different products. Sometimes she breaks on the corner of her mouth and on the top of her lips. It does have paraffin wax, sunflower oil, and coconut oil which might increase the likelihood of a breakout. With this scrub, it took four days for Cassandra to remove the splits in her lips. Normally,  it takes almost 2 weeks for Cassandra’s lips to heal. Split lips are terrible, and you feel like you can’t even smile without lip pain!

So, this scrub is truly wonderful although if you have major lip issues, Cassandra doesn’t think you should use this. But, if you just need a little bit of lip exfoliation. and you’re okay with the fragrance and color, this could work. Cassandra still does not endorse St. Ive’s, and she dislikes a lot of their products, but Cassandra would purchase their lip scrub again. This lip scrub is vegan and cruelty-free. 

After using a lip scrub, you need to use a moisturizer or a sealant like petrolatum jelly. If you use it during the day, don't forget to apply SPF!