How JLO REALLY Gets Her Glow — The Truth Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Olive Oil SPF Secrets

How did Jennifer Lopez really get the JLO glow? Well, she’s denied Botox, and says that it’s simply olive oil and her skincare line. But, as a medical esthetician who’s also a critic and a skeptic, Cassandra has some insider sources who have said otherwise. So, let’s speak about some things that Jennifer Lopez has used before her skincare line even came into existence. Let’s find out JLO’s gorgeous skin is a result of her skincare line or the result of skincare habits she’s done for several years. In this blog, we’ll answer commonly asked questions about JLO’s aesthetic and Botox too. 

What about Botox?

First, Jennifer Lopez has said, “I have never had Botox.” However, there are many doctors, derms, and insiders that disagree. Well, how could this be? Well, there are many different types of  neuromodulators, including Botox. But, what is a neuromodulator? Well, Botox is a type of neuromodulator, but there are different brands that sell injectable neuromodulators. Neuromodulators stop the muscles from moving or temporarily paralyze them, and Botox is just one brand. Neuromodulators prevent the muscles under your skin from moving, so you won’t get lines that are as defined. Because we make facial expressions, fine lines eventually form in areas that repeatedly crease. That's why smile lines happen You can think of your skin like paper. When you fold paper and then unfold it,  it’s eventually going to crease no matter how much you try to smooth it out. 

For example, your eyebrows cannot lift as much when you get a neuromodulator, and so you don’t get those lines as much.

Another thing about Botox is that they can make your skin reflect light more evenly, increasing glow. Smooth surfaces tend to look more glowy as opposed to surfaces that are textured. Products also lay down smoother on even skin.

It’s possible that Jennifer Lopez has never had Botox, but once again, maybe she’s had other brands of neuromodulators. Botox is just one of them. We’re not here to say if she has or hasn’t, but any neuromodulator can give your skin a little more of a glow specifically because of how products lay on top of them. 

What about laser treatment?

Another thing we can talk about is Jennifer Lopez’s use of radiofrequency and laser treatment. There are a lot of experts that say or believe she’s done this. One thing that seems to be really associated with JLO is “thermage.” Thermage is a radio frequency that shoots a specific type of energy into the skin. It heats up the bottom of the skin, the thick part called the dermis to 40 degrees celsius. Then, Thermage basically causes your skin to have ahealing or inflammatoryresponse. So, it plumps up your skin from the inside out, and it basically uses your body’s own immune system to produce a cosmetic effect. This is usually for skin tightening and collagen building, but it’s also for the reduction of  fine lines, wrinkles, and texture.

Radiofrequency builds back thicker and more resilient skin. And when you look at Jennifer Lopez’s unphotoshopped skin, it looks like maybe she’s had radiofrequency because of her poreless appearance. Primers, niacinamide, and BHAs can also produce this look. But, the results of these ingredients look very different to the trained eyes. Radiofrequency, especially when its done in tandem with microneedling, can give the skin a filtered look. So, we don’t know if Jennifer Lopez has done radiofrequency, but she is quoted saying she’s used Thermage which results in resurfacing. 

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Cassandra uses this at-home radiofrequency, but it’s much different than professional radiofrequency like Thermage. 


Is the glow really from her skincare line? 

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream -$42.75

First of all, Jennifer Lopez’s skincare line is built on olive oil and sunscreen. She says sunscreen is the secret to her glowing, gorgeous skin. But, JLO also uses something called the rose day cream from Dr. Hauschka. This moisturizer has tons of glow-supporting ingredients like shea butter, peanut oil, and avocado. By using products that have oils in them, it can infuse the oils and give you that hydrated plumped glow that  feels great. This has fragrance, but it does have hydrating and nourishing ingredients that can smooth over top layers of the skin. 

So, if she’s been using an oil-based moisturizer since 2016, you bet that will make her skin look plump, hydrated, and dewy. Here are also a few recommendations from Cassandra for getting that glow.


Retinol does great things for the skin. It transforms itself into retinoic acid, and it basically tells our skin cells to turnover. Retinol makes your skin more plump and luscious, and Jennifer Lopez has admitted to using retinol as far back as 2016.

Here are a few other retinol product recommendations.

Our skin is made of multiple layers, and the outer layer is made of dead keratinocytes and dead skin cells. Oils coat those skin cells and flatten them down so they don’t fly off and flake. Cassandra loves this oil from wishful skin.

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Jennifer Lopez has also talked about using sunscreen. Sunscreen is an anti-ager that protects the skin from UV radiation and likewise skin cancer and also melasma. Sunscreen is one of the best anti-fine line products because it prevents them from happening in the first place.

Moreover, if you have acne that turns into acne scars, sunscreen can help acne blemishes from scarring as badly. Sunscreen is amazing, and  e love that JLO has a sunscreen in her skincare line because a lot of celebrity skincare lines don’t.

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Ultimately, while most of us want glowing skin, we just need to keep in mind that celebrities, including JLO, have a lifestyle that allows them to consistently  invest in cosmetic treatments, regimen, and routines. So, it's important not to compare ourselves and to acknowledge our own beauty and individuality.