How to Use Skincare as Self-care: A Relaxing 1-hour Skincare Routine

Self-care is essential, and while skincare is not only a way to feel luxurious and pampered, it is definitely a way to feel valued, appreciated, and connected with yourself. If you’ve been wanting to practice skincare as self-care, but you don’t know where to start, here is Cassandra’s, relaxing 1-hour skincare routine for the morning and evening. 

Try this a.m routine upon waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning. We all need a way to decompress on our days off. Cassandra normally doesn’t do a full routine in the morning, given that her nighttime skincare routine is so thorough. In the morning, she really focuses on boosting her skin with antioxidants and using skincare tools.

Cassandra’s 1-hour morning skincare routine 

Step 1: Use a toner and essence



This has one of the highest concentrations of centella asiatica that Cassandra has ever found. Centella is an amazing antioxidant, and it’s wonderful and hydrating to the skin. It soothes irritation and relaxes redness on the skin. 

[Papa Recipe] Noble Rot Lifting Essence

Cassandra loves this, and it’s more of an Essence. This was made by a father whose daughter had eczema. It’s not meant to cure eczema though. This contains noble rot, and although it's just a fungus that grows on grapes, it is lifting, nice, and plumping to the skin. For Cassandra, essences are normally an extra hydration step.


For Cassandra’s morning routine, she does not exfoliate or use any retinoids because they can be broken down by the sun. So,  Cassandra doesn’t use ingredients like adapalene gel. In the morning, she actually uses skincare tools as treatments. 

Step 2: Use a skincare device

Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device - $209

Cassandra loves this. It is lifting especially if she sleeps on her face and on her side. This is like a jade roller 2.0. This shoots microcurrents and electricity into the skin. However, you do need to use it regularly for it to work, and you do need a conductive gel. Likewise, you can’t use it with an oil serum. Cassandra uses the mini because it’s less expensive, and if she has time in the mornings, she loves to use it. 

Dermabeam – LED Light Therapy Mask -$199

Then, Cassandra puts this on.LED light has been shown to help with wound healing, collagen formation, and inflammation. Specifically, blue LED has been shown to help with acne. “Blue LED light is most often used to treat acne. It may do this by reducing activity in the sebaceous glands, so they produce less of the oil that can plug the hair follicles, leading to acne. Blue light may also kill acne-causing bacteria known as cutibacterium acnes. Often blue and red light are used in combination to help fight acne — the blue light targeting the C. acnes and the red light targetinginflammation and redness” (Harvard health).

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks- $26

These are so much fun, and the ingredients are so good. Cassandra has seen great results after using this. They truly help with puffiness and discoloration under the eyes.  If she’s going somewhere important, she’ll wear these while she’s driving. 

The other patches she might wear are the Zitsticka patches. 

ZitSticka Killa Kit Deep Zit Microdart Patch - $29

Starface Rainbow Hydro-Stars -$10.99

If she wants a zit to lessen, she will use this during the day.

Cassandra’s 1-hour nighttime routine. 

A skincare routine is a great way to relax before bedtime or cuddling up with your favorite streaming series. Doing something relaxing for bed can improve sleep, and it also allows us to feel rewarded and deserving. 


Cassandra loves the Versed dermaplanner, and she does it about once a month.

Step 1: Double Cleanse


Inkey List Oat Balm Cleanser - $10.99

Dr Sam's Flawless Cleansing Water - $18

Double cleansing is great to remove the day or any makeup from one’s face.

SkinFix 2% BHA Cleanser - $35

Step 2: Apply a treatment

At night, she uses a retinoid or retinaldehyde from a brand likeDermatica  orAgencybecause these types of ingredients can breakdown under the sun. Retinoids increase cellular turnover, and they work very well overnight.  

Step 3: Exfoliate 

Option 1:

Minimalist AHA PHA BHA 32% Face Peel

Cassandra has heard that this is like the Indian version of The Ordinary. This is an AHA/BHA peel that also has PHA, and her skin loves it. 

Option 2:


This is so potent, and on every so often, Cassandra will use this at night. This is one of the most potent exfoliators, and it literally makes Cassandra’s skin peel the next day even though she has pretty resilient skin. If you want your skin to look brand new, hydrated, soft, and collagen boosted, this is it. This makes Cassandra’s face peel more than The Ordinary’s AHA/BHA peel. If she’s worried about hyperpigmentation, she’ll use her agency prescription that actually has tretinoin. Otherwise, she’s been loving the Saturday skin

Step 4: Use a mask

ZitSticka Press Refresh Exfoliating Hydro Sheet Mask-$8

Genabelle - PDRN Rejuvenating Mask Set -$15.68

These are two face masks that Cassandra has been adoring. The Zitsticka one is Cassandra’s tried and true. It’s one of the best that Cassandra has ever used. Because it has an ingredient called graphene, it doesn’t slide off but grips to your face. It's like an anti-acne miracle worker. But, if you don’t have acne, and you’re worried about your skin barrier or anti-aging, the Genabelle one has PDRN(Polydeoxyribonucleotide)that is sodium, not salmon-derived. PDRN has been used for a whole bunch of research, and usually, it’s for pain. But, on the skin, it can help with dryness. It could potentially help with moisture, skin barrier repair, and wound repair, 


This can help apply the face mask, and it gives the face a massage that feels wonderful!

Step 4: Use a skincare tool

Medicube Age-R Derma EMS Shot

Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot

These tools are a high dose of electrical current or “microcurrent,” and it makes the skin jump with the intention of tightening it. It’s also incredibly relaxing. 

Step 5: Use a moisturizer

Cassandra will mix this with the Ole Henrikson moisturizer on her hand, and put it on her face. 

Minimalist Salicylic Acid 02%


Option 2:

EltaMD Skin Recovery Night Mask - $50

You can use this one instead or in addition to the Ole Henrikson one if you have dry skin. Night masks are basically extended-wear moisturizers.

Step 6: Apply a spot treatment

Skinfix 2% BHA Spot Treatment -$30

If she’s having a major breakout, she’ll use this.  If you’re having rosacea, or pityrosporum folliculitis (aka fungal acne), Skinfix is really good. 

Face Reality Skincare SULFUR SPOT TREATMENT -$29

This is another great option, and sulfur is an underrated ingredient. Cassandra can apply this, and leaves it on if she’s having a breakout.

Step 7: Apply a skincare oil

Wishful Get Even Rose Face Oil - $63

Sometimes Cassandra if she’s using gua sha or a jade roller. You can also use a skincare oil to lock everything in.

Step 8: Optional


If you’re a side sleeper, and you’ve noticed that there are fine lines on your chest, you can use these as well.