How to Use The AMIRO R3 Skin Tightening Device to Depuff Your Under Eyes and Face

Under-eye bags are no joke, and they are very difficult to treat. But, people often resort to quick fixes such as eye creams which are just overpriced moisturizers. There are definitely more effective things that will truly tighten and lift the eye area. For example, Cassandra has been using the Amiro R3 device which combines radiofrequency, LED, and electrical muscle stimulation. As a bonus, you also get lymphatic drainage just from moving the device across your face. Cassandra uses this for her puffy under-eyes, especially when she has not gotten enough sleep or has allergies.


Amiro also offers the set which comes with hydrogel, eye masks, and face masks. 

Amiro R3 Turbo Device

Cassandra loves the Amiro R3, and it offers 4 treatments in 1. The radiofrequency heats up the skin to 40 degrees and helps remodel it. Then, the LED therapy decreases inflammation and boosts collagen. It's also got electric stimulation which is fantastic for almost immediately lifting muscles around the eye area.


Cassandra's before and after


When Cassandra does this on her face, she even notices visible results as she's doing it! This tool is great for a quick depuffing session after you wake up. But, it also works long-term for things like fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and in truth, Cassandra has not found anything better. But aside from simply making claims, let's back it up and go deeper into how this device and each feature truly works on the skin.


How does LED work for the skin?

The effect of LED lights depends on the color and wavelength. The Amiro R3 has red and yellow lights. At the correct wavelength, red LED can help to reduce inflammation and stimulate the production of collagen. Yellow light has also been known to stimulate fibroblasts, but also in helping with redness of the skin.


How does the radiofrequency work?

The Amiro R3 Radiofrequency uses radio waves to heat up the skin to 40 degrees. This skin responds by creating new collagen and elastin in the deeper layers. Radiofrequency can also be used under the eyes, and some medical studies have shown it to be effective for discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. Cassandra has also noticed that it's phenomenal for resolving under eyes puffiness and fluid retention as well. Additionally, some studies show that radiofrequency effectively breaks down adipose tissue (fat tissue).

How does radiofrequency work for undereye bags?

We have fat pads underneath our eyes, and they are there for a purpose. They are good, and they can even help our under-eyes look fuller. However, those fat pads can “herniate” or push themselves out. And sometimes, the only way to get rid of that is surgery. But again, radiofrequency has been shown in some studies to break down adipose tissue.

Fat pads can also begin to sag once there's not enough collagen and elastin within the skin's structure. Collagen and elastin are located in the deepest layer of the dermis, and they are essential in giving your skin structure. However, as we mature or experience skin damage, our collagen and elastin can break down. Thankfully, radiofrequency stimulates fibroblasts to create new skin cells, collagen, and elastin. Fibroblasts are a type of cell that helps form skin tissue.

They secrete collagen proteins, and likewise, they help maintain the structure of skin tissue. And when you use radiofrequency, they're stimulated even more to help remodel those deep layers of the skin. Over time, research shows that this helps to create new, stronger, and thicker skin. Therefore, it ultimately helps to decrease fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. 

In addition to the undereye setting, the Amiro R3 has an “emergency face” setting and a setting for the jaw called the “V contour” setting. Each setting uses a combination of radiofrequency, LED, and microcurrent to achieve different goals. Cassandra loves using this setting when there's fluid in her jaws that has trickled down to her checks. It adds to the lymphatic drainage effect of using the device.

Lymphatic drainage

In aesthetics, lymphatic drainage means massaging lymph fluid from the face, down the neck, and into the armpits where it can be reabsorbed by the body. And with the Amiro R3, you can do this for your eyes. When you use this under the eyes, it's better to go from the outer corner or outer area of your eye to the inner corner (right to left). Cassandra learned this technique from the founder of Lanshin, Sandra L.A.c. She is the founder of Lanshin, a brand that makes Gua Sha tools. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that removes heat and stagnant fluid from the body. 

For example, when you go from the outside of the eye, you're taking fluid from the area of the upper cheek, and you're pushing it towards the lacrimal gland and duct. On the inside of your eye, there's a little hole called the lacrimal punctum. So, you're pushing the fluid to a place where it can drain. You can use this technique along with the Amiro R3’s microcurrent as well.


How does microcurrent help the skin?

The Amiro R3 has 15 watts, and it shoots electricity into your skin. It's super safe, but's Cassandra only uses it on the 1 or 2 setting. The microcurrent tightens the muscle. Cassandra uses it on top of the eyebrow. She follows the circular shape of the eye, and this helps drain the area. Microcurrent facials stimulate the facial muscles, causing them to contract and relax. This can help to lift, firm, and build muscles in the face. Through contracting and relaxing the muscles, microcurrent can also reduce puffiness by improving circulation.

There are other microcurrent devices such as the NuFACE and the N1 but she doesn't feel they compare because none of them have radiofrequency or microcurrents.

How can I use the Amiro R3 in my skincare routine?

Cleanse the face first, and Cassandra uses it with her own undereye patches. But, you can also use it with their facial gel. The gel has ceramides so it's very nourishing. There's also flower water and panthenol. But, even if you don't use this gel, you'll need to use something. The microcurrent has to be used with something that can conduct electricity.

Amiro also offers face masks for the jawline area and the under-eye area. You can use this tool with these masks to depuff, and it can do wonders in just about 5 minutes even though you can use it for 10 or more minutes. Overall, it's very time convenient, especially since it has a USBC charger. So, If you want convenience and immediate results that are long-lasting, the Amiro R3 might be an amazing choice for you!