Is Facial Misting Good for Your Skin?


In aesthetics, we use facial misting devices, but unfortunately, they dry some people out. Additionally, steaming isn’t always good for the skin. In comparison, Réduit’s micromisting diffusers actually give a wonderful sensation but without excessive heat. Outside of a professional steamer, this probably is the best option. This is a skin device, but it also has a hair component that can help hydrate and revitalize curls.


What is Reduit?


These magnetic facial misters are actually new to the market. They took 20 years of technology to create. Reduit means to reduce, and one of the driving principles of the brand is using less. The ingredients are very minimal, and Reduit claims to have 50% less ingredients than most skincare products, but because you’re misting it directly onto your face, they’re supposed to penetrate deeper. Furthermore, the process is supposed to give you better coverage with less waste.


How does Reduit work?

Reduit has patented technology, and it’s like a more sustainable skincare version of a Keurig! You know how Keurig has those little coffee cups that you put into the machine? That’s kind of how it works, except you use serum pods. There are actually skin pods and hair pods. You pop the pod into the device, and you twist. You push the button on the bottom, and it starts misting. You glide it over the skin, and you can feel where it’s going. Once you take the skin pod out, you take off the lid, and you can visibly see the ultrasonic diffuser that uses magnetic misting technology. It sits above the reservoir where the skincare pod goes.


Although Reduit has different misting devices for the skin, each one is set up like this, and every skin diffuser is compatible with every skin pod.


Once you’re done misting, you can switch the pods out, and they’re good for more than one use.


What’s even better is that Reduit has a send-back program where you can send these back to be recycled and reused. Therefore, not only are you able to reduce reuse and recycle them, but they even give you a free pod when you turn these in!


What are the pods like?


The pods don’t have fragrance, and they have awesome ingredients like niacinamide, tranexamic acid, allantoin, and camellia sinesis leaf extract. You can use each pod alone, or you can layer them. They will not leave residue, and they’re actually made to be really absorbable on the skin. The company claims that 100% of the ingredients penetrate because of how it’s misted on the surface.


For skincare to penetrate into the skin, we have to make sure that it is very small or micronized for it to penetrate the skin and do its best work. Plus, the pods vibrate so it makes the serum super fine. Reduit suggests that the droplets are 50 times smaller than the regular droplets of traditional skin care spray.


On top of that, micromisting doesn’t irritate your skin the way steam can. Did you know that steam can dry out the skin and lead to transepidermal water loss? Instead, Reduit offers a cool mist that you can use before putting on a thick balm or creamy moisturizer at night. They have four different pods that you can choose from.


Pearl Diffusion Skin pod - $44.90




Not only is this pod fragrance-free and essential oil-free, but it only has 12 ingredients. It works well for people with dark spots and blemishes. It is very smooth, and it has tranexamic acid and niacinamide. Niacinamide helps regulate oil production, and because of that, it can help mitigate the appearance of large pores and create ceramides in our skin. Moreover, niacinamide stops our skin cells from sharing their pigments. So, if you are prone to hyperpigmentation, this pod is great for you. These serums penetrate deeply into the skin so they don’t include potentially irritating ingredients like vitamin C.


Clear Dew Skin pod - $44.90




This one is fantastic for redness. If you struggle with blemishes and redness, this one is a go-to. If you struggle with irritation, it’s also fragrance-free and essential oil-free. It’s hard to find fragrance-free luxury skincare so Reduit is a wonderful choice for sensitive skin that loves to be pampered.


The Clear Dew Skin pod has golden chamomile extract which is known to be anti-inflammatory and supportive to the skin. It’s calming and hydrating, and it’s also got a form of azelaic acid. You can use this for rosacea and acne. It’s also good for scars, minor breakouts, and blemishes. It has azelaic acid too which is amazing because there aren’t a lot of azelaic acid products out there. The fact that this has azelaic acid and delivers it to the skin is amazing.


Precision Shield Skin pod - $29.90




The precision shield skin pod can be used as a base under sunscreen, and it won’t peel up. This pod has green tea which is an amazing antioxidant, and it has allantoin which is good for skin support and inflammation. You can use it after washing your face, and be sure to use it as a first step before other serums and moisturizers.


Overall, Reduit is the most comparable product to a professional facial mister. It gives a light application, and your skin doesn’t feel like it’s dripping afterward. These diffusers offer a lack of irritation and create a glow without leaving residue. As mentioned before, it’s great for sensitive skin, and it’s a wonderful luxury experience with tangible benefits.


For more on, Micromisting click the YouTube link here.