Is Hailey Bieber's $768 Korean Skincare Routine Worth It?

We’re going to review Hailey Beiber’s $768 skincare routine and decide if it’s truly worth it! Hailey Beiber is not only the founder of Rhode Beauty, but she’s also on TikTok sharing skincare secrets. We’ve reacted to Hailey Bieber's skincare before, but we’re also interested to see how it’s changed.

In this routine, Hailey starts with a pumpkin peel. Although exfoliating is part of a healthy skin routine, you should not use peels, exfoliants, and scrubs every day. But, when used properly, exfoliants can give you bright and glowing skin. 

Joanna Czech Protective Nourishment Pumpkin Peel Mask - $55


This one has pumpkin and vitamin C, and it might be quite hydrating. If this includes pumpkin seed, this could contain a lot of omega fatty acids and oils. 

The pumpkin peel mask is a spot treatment made for acne and large pores on adult skin. But, do the ingredients back it up? Well, there's pumpkin extract, pumpkin wine, and essential oil. But, Cassandra has a hard time understanding the pumpkin wine ingredient. 

Are they taking a pumpkin and fermenting it? "Essential oils" are also listed as an ingredient. But, "essential oils" could mean a lot of things. It could mean menthol which is used in medicine. Menthol has a cooling effect, and it can be an analgesic, meaning it decreases pain. "Essential oil" could also mean something like cinnamon oil or bergamot oil, which are extraordinarily irritating to the skin. 

When Cassandra looks at the full ingredient list, this might actually be worth $55. How ingredients are harvested and manufactured is a significant part of how skin care is priced. Moreover, pumpkin wine does sound more complex than pumpkin extract. So, maybe that's reflected in this price of $55.50 too. So, even though this product is possibly overpriced, Cassandra doesn't necessarily dislike it.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask - Hydrating Sheet Mask -  $94.99

Next, Hailey puts on a sheet mask, but Cassandra doesn’t like these face masks. SK-II is made by L’oreal, and it seems like a lot of fluffy marketing is involved with this line. You can find anti-bacterial and peptide properties in other products for so much cheaper. 

For example, Mixsoon is a Korean skincare line that has some of the most basic products with fermented ingredients, and it has better prices. HaruHarualso has amazing fermented skincare.

Rhode Skin Glazing Milk -  $29

Ron Robinson is the chemist behind Rhode Skin, and truthfully, the line does have some great ingredients. It works well for rebuilding the barrier, and plus, it’s fragrance-free. This has hydrating beta-glucans, zinc, and copper magnesium. These types of minerals help the skin regulate oil production and maintain balance. Magnesium is not only fantastic because our body needs it to function, but research has also shown it to be helpful for acne. So, this might be helpful for oily skin. Moreover, this has ceramides and beta-glucans that keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum - $195 

Cassandra likes how Hailey Beiber applies this serum. She doesn’t touch the dropper to her skin, but she drops it in her hand, lets it warm up, and then pats it into her face. However, Cassandra doesn’t like the product that much. The main ingredient is grapeseed oil. This product is basically just a bunch of oils. There’s hazelnut, avocado, lemon, and bergamot, which can be irritating. There’s also dandelion and cypress oil. So, Cassandra can’t really recommend this product.  To Cassandra, the ingredients are not worth the money. You could get similar ingredients without this price point. Even though most skincare products are sold at 10 -15x the cost of production, this seems excessive. Some markups are even up to 50x.

Medicube Korean Glow Booster Age-R Booster-H -$330 

This is a Korean “no-needle” microneedling device. It’s “no-needle” because microneedling is not safe at home unless you are a trained professional or trained by one. MIcroneedling creates tiny punctures, and this helps your skin create new collagen. It stimulates your skin’s natural immune system, and in turn, new and better skin is created. Mircroneedling is not for acne or a damaged skin barrier, but it’s good for repairing acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, in-clinic microneedling can be expensive. So, this is a safe at-home option. 

This tool shoots electricity and vibration into the skin. They claim that it causes the same damage as a needle without penetrating the skin. 

Electricity can work on this skin, but to Cassandra, she’s very uncertain about whether this product wields the same results as microneedling.  But at the same time, Cassandra hasn’t used it long enough to see results personally. 

It’s also difficult to track whether or not Hailey Beiber is getting results. One – because her skin is already so glazed. And two –she was using the device wrong. She was swiping it across the skin. But, you’re supposed to hold it right over the skin so it can send shocks, and it does feel like a needle prick.

Medicube has some other fantastic devices that utilize electricity to lift the skin too.

Rhode Skin Barrier Restore Cream -$29 

This is constantly sold out. So, Cassandra has not been able to try and review it for herself. 

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment - $16

Cassandra never tried this either. So, she can’t tell you if it’s worth the money. Some people have claimed that this gave them lip infections, specifically the watermelon one. They might be referring to something called angular cheilitis. It’s not an infection, but it is inflammation and irritation that can result from using lip products, especially ones with fragrances, colorants, or added dyes.

Moreover, sometimes lip products can cause the skin to be dependent on them. When your lips are dry, you apply more and more lip balm to get rid of the feeling. But sometimes, because of the irritating ingredients, the lip balm might be making it worse and perpetuating this cycle. 

So, as you can see, you don’t have to spend $768 to have a good skincare routine. It’s important to put more emphasis on ingredients that will support or repair your skin than trends. Also, there wasn’t a sunscreen featured, so make sure you finish your daytime routines with SPF!

Photocred: CNN