Is There A Such Thing as Natural Skincare Treatments?

Why do people shop for “natural” acne treatments? Well, many fear unknown ingredients in their skincare, irritation, or they simply believe in the “efficacy of natural ingredients.” However, “natural skincare” does not necessarily mean that the skincare is more gentle or effective.

Furthermore, "natural" skincare still contains preservatives, and preservatives will not necessarily sensitize your skin. In fact, it can make it less likely to. Skincare contains organic compounds so it breaks down. And yes, expired skincare can definitely cause irritation. 

Furthermore, skincare with ingredients such as lab-synthesized salicylic acid, vitamin C esters, or AHAs are ingredients are proven by science to be effective. Lab synthesized ingredients mimic what's already in nature or within our bodies.whereas plant extracts come directly from it.

Also, some plant extracts may not have the same research to back them up. Lab synthesized ingredients are made specifically to be applied to the skin whereas ingredients that come directly from plants are not. Moreover, they are less sustainable. 

However, there are some skin treatments with ingredients that come directly from plants that Cassandra likes. If you truly favor plant-extracts in skincare, here are a few products that work well. Plus, they only have a few ingredients.

MIXSOON Cicatree Clean Toner   

This has tea tree oil, and it only has five or ten effective ingredients. Plus, it’s fragrance-free. This has tea tree, niacinamide, and centella asisatica. It’s very calming and soothing, If you have large pores, this works very well for minimizing their appearance, and it can even work amazingly well as an aftershave.

H.C.T. (Heartleaf, Tea Tree, Centella) Body Mist   

Did you know heartleaf is a houseplant? However, heartleaf is so amazing for redness and supporting the skin barrier. It’s soothing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial too.

Cassandra uses this on her pimples. She sprays this on her face and her back, and it is soothing. This spray has ingredients like tea tree. Tea tree is antibacterial and antimicrobial, but it does need to be used with caution. Using raw tea tree oil or tea tree oil that’s not properly diluted can sensitize the skin. So, it’s better to use it in a proper formula such as this one. Moreover, the centella in this body mist is fantastic for anti-redness.

Cassandra found the entire formula to be so hydrating. There’s also hyaluronic acid in it, and because the hyaluronic is blended with water, the HA molecule can thoroughly sink into the skin. 

Although there’s a fragrance ingredient listed, this does not have a scent, and Cassandra’s skin was not irritated. Cassandra doesn’t necessarily have a problem with fragrance, but she understands why some people would want to avoid it. 

MIXSOON Heartleaf Toner 

This took down Cassandra’s inflammation as well.

MIXSOON Master Serum 

This one has 5-10 ingredients. It reminds Cassandra so much of The Ordinary’s NMF serum. The NMF Moisturizer has a couple of ingredients blended together in a lightweight moisturizer.

This master serum contains centella for anti-redness, bifida ferment extract, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, and panthenol. All of these ingredients help to balance, hydrate, and nourish the skin barrier. 

MIXSOON MsDeep Barrier Mask   

This is great for travel. It has centella, madecassoside, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, ceramide NP, and fermented Bifida. The masks are a slightly more moisturizing and skin protective version of the master serum. But, unlike the master serum, it doesn’t have a scent to it.