Kylie Jenner Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery - Here’s how she could be telling the truth.

Kylie Jenner claims that “she’s never had plastic or reconstructive surgery on her face.” And obviously, this comes as a shock. When you compare how she used to look versus now, there are some clear differences. This is not the first time Kylie Jenner has made curious statements about her appearance. We’ll use the word “curious” because perhaps she’s not lying. She could be adjusting certain words to get around the truth.  So, let’s decipher it.

But, before we get into it, we are not here to criticize Kylie. Kylie is a beautiful woman, mother, and entrepreneur who has had to grow up and live in front of an audience. It’s just important to understand the way some celebrities approach and speak about beauty so we can distinguish reality. Likewise, let’s dig deeper and talk about the work Kylie has allegedly gotten done and how her approach to beauty was influenced by her childhood.

At times, Kylie speaks very openly about her insecurities. But, there are other times when she denies them. Kylie has said, “One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was an insecure child. One of the biggest misconceptions is that I got surgery to change my entire face. This is false. I’ve gotten fillers but nothing else. I always remember being the most confident person in the room. I’ve always loved myself, and I still love myself.” 

In a later clip though, she goes on to say that “she’s always been self-conscious about her ears.” She described how her family used to comment on her ears and how that impacted her. So, for five years, she never wore an updo. But when she gave birth to her daughter, who has similar ears, she realized how beautiful they are. And over time, she’s learned to accept her features. So, why did she get plastic surgery then? Did she?

Well, based on what she’s said, she says that her changing appearance is due to puberty, and once again, fillers.

But in reality, she’s probably had plastic surgery done to both her face and body, and many physicians agree on this. So, how do we know? Let’s start with the facial structure.

The facial structure and fillers

Cassandra, derms, and dermatologists believe that Kylie has gone through quite a bit. For one, her eyebrows have elevated on her face, her cheekbones have become fuller, and her jaw has become fuller.

But when we look at Kylie’s younger days, her lips aren’t that large and neither are her cheeks. And even though this change is not a bad thing, it’s true that fillers mainly give her the appearance she has now. 

Kylie spoke about why she got these fillers. She was kissing a guy, and he said “You’re a good kisser, but it would be better if your lips weren’t so tiny.” Firstly, although it’s difficult, we shouldn’t let people dictate how we feel about ourselves. It’s okay to have tweaks done but getting them done because of someone’s negativity doesn’t always help in the long run. 

Circling back to the specific fillers she’s had done, they are not isolated to the lips. When you look at before and after images, you can see how much more chiseled her jaw is and how her cheeks have lifted. Fillers in the jaw and chin can definitely give you a more chiseled look. 

Plus, when fillers accumulate in the face over time, this can even give your cheeks a more rounded look and accentuate your cheekbones. Moreover, if you get BOTOX in certain muscles, specifically those responsible for chewing, this can further change the shape of the jaw.

Furthermore, you can treat fat tissue under the chin with liposuction or cool therapies. The reduction of excess tissue can change the way the jaw looks as well. Therefore, it’s technically possible that she hasn't had facial surgery. Her look could be a result of things like Botox, filler accumulation, and cool sculpting. 

So yes, there are feasible ways of saying “I’ve never had plastic surgery” without lying. This also goes for her eyebrows. Her lifted eyebrows could also be the result of Botox or neuromodulators. Neuromodulators temporarily paralyze muscles so you can’t emote or move your face, and they help to prevent wrinkles if done over time. And when certain muscles are injected, this can cause the eyebrows to lift.  But, this is just speculation based on what she’s said. Kylie’s eyebrows could very well be the result of plastic surgery or invasive treatments as well. 

The nose

If we look at Kylie Jenner’s nose over the years, it is so obvious how it’s transformed. The bridge of her nose has gone in, the tip of the nose has been pushed up, and her nostril shape has changed. There are ways to contour the face, but no amount of makeup is going to create this change. So, many plastic surgeons, including Dr. Youn, have heavily speculated that Kylie Jenner has had multiple nose surgeries. 

But, what about the chance that she hasn’t? 

Well, there is something called a liquid rhinoplasty or a liquid nose job. This is when filler is injected into the nose, and it spread over time. But, this would only add volume. Even when injecting filler into those, you can’t change the shape of the nostril.

Although it’s not certain, that’s why a nose job is probable. Given this, that’s why it’s important for viewers and young impressionable women looking up to Kylie to not compare themselves. 

Speaking of that, what about the hallmark Kardashian hourglass figure people covet and compare themselves to?

Body plastic surgery

Kylie has probably had work done. and it’s strange to think that her chest, waist, and glute proportions are trying to be passed off as proportional. It seems quite obvious that Kylie has had a BBL. Certain doctors and plastic surgeons have speculated that she’s had multiple BBLs. 

Moreover, when we look at Kylie’s body today versus when she was younger, you can tell she used to be more athletically built. Now, she looks like her half-sisters who have also had BBLs. Even though Kim, Chloe, and Courtney have a different XY chromosome-possessing parent than Kylie, they still have the same body shape. Likewise, they all likely share similar body shapes because of BBLs.

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) removes fat from other parts of the body via liposuction and transfers it to the buttocks. BBLs drastically slim the stomach too. Kylie has not admitted to getting a BBL, and she attributes the change to puberty. She implies that she’s very confident and wouldn’t feel compelled to get a procedure like this, and this actually brings us to our next point. 

This statement is questionable for two reasons. 1)The reason Kylie looks so different is not because of puberty or growing up. This is setting unrealistic expectations for girls and unnecessary pressures for women to naturally look this way. 2) You can have confidence and decide to get plastic surgery. Not everyone who gets plastic surgery is insecure. Sometimes, they just want to have more control over their appearance. The way she speaks about plastic surgery, fillers, and treatments virtually makes it sound like they are mutually exclusive to confidence. 

Ultimately, Cassandra just wishes that Kylie would be open about her treatments because she posts a ton of photos that show off her body, face, and skin. It’s part of how she sells her makeup online. But at the same time, she doesn’t disclose what she’s gotten done. This could give the impression that certain products or regimens will achieve this look when they won’t. So, just being open could truly go a long way. 

At the same time, it is important to have empathy for Kylie. Cassandra can only imagine the pressure she’s been under, and maybe that’s what led her to get some of these procedures. That’s why we need to open the conversation about celebrities having insecurities. They deserve a safe place to work through them as well without being judged. We should never blame Kylie for the choices she made, we are just here to share the truth and to set realistic expectations about perceptions of beauty.