Lea Alexandra: Acne or Not - Manifesting Your Dreams Is Possible

Lea Alexandra: Acne or Not - Manifesting Your Dreams Is Possible

Lea Alexandra is a manifestation and spiritual wellness coach who has struggled greatly with acne. She speaks with us on why our skin shouldn’t stop us from manifesting our dreams.

“In 2017, I struggled really heavily both emotionally and physically with my acne, but that’s where manifesting comes in. Manifesting isn’t about always remaining positive and never feeling bad. It’s about finding a way not to stay there. For example, when someone thinks that they will heal from within once they have clear skin, sometimes they end up manifesting the opposite of healing.” Lea goes deeper and explains how getting clear skin does not remove feelings of internalized hatred from societal beauty standards. She describes how obsessing over clear skin can perpetuate negative feelings and deeper entrench someone into feeling like worth is based on skin.


In this picture, Lea is wearing an off-white, lose fitting turtle neck, glasses with clear rims, and her brown hair is down. It falls to her shoulders. She looks pensively the left and into the distance. The text reads "reminder: you can't hate yourself into loving your skin," says the Universe.


“Beauty standards are crazy,” Lea continues. “When we go on Instagram, we see all of these beautiful people who may or may not look like that, and we just get down on ourselves. When we want to look like others, we lose ourselves, and therefore, we cannot decide what it is that we truly want. That’s why it comes down to having a good foundation of accepting yourself. When you don’t accept yourself, you’re a lot more susceptible to comparing yourself to others and getting down on yourself. This is a lot of negative energy on your spirit, and it puts you at a low vibration.”


“Like - before, I always tried to be somebody else because I didn’t like who I was. Not just appearance wise, but inside too. I was also kind of facing “inner” beauty standards. And when you focus on those, you lose yourself. We have to learn that just because we don’t necessarily fit into the normal beauty standards, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us or that we’re not good enough.”


Lea describes how life experiences like acne definitely have an impact on our outlook. She speaks on how they can pose a challenge to manifesting dreams. “Outlook is a part of manifesting,” Lea conveys. “You’re always manifesting. It’s always a thing. Even if it’s unintentional, we are always giving off a certain energy and attracting certain things to us. However, manifesting is not about sitting and repeating positive affirmations and wishing for things, and it’s also so much more than having a positive outlook. It’s about figuring out what it is that you want. Not what your parents want. Not what society wants. Not what your partner wants, but what YOU want. And negative experiences can distract us from what we truly want. Sometimes we have things that we want, but there’s so much negativity surrounding us that we  begin to form limiting beliefs. Likewise, we have to work to let those go.”


“Moreover, we have to have an open mind and be ready to accept how our dreams will come into our lives. For example, sometimes we’re like - “No, I want my dreams to happen this way!” For example, if you’re so focused on the dream of marrying someone when you’re 30, you could be pushing away your true, dream partner which you will meet later. So, just be open for your desires to come in how they choose. You have to believe that your desires are possible and create the right habits to attract them. That’s intentional manifesting. It’s bringing your dreams into reality by the right focus.”


While many people say that there is a proper way to manifest dreams, Lea says that it is up to the individual. “A lot of people say that meditation is a must for manifesting in a positive way, but I don’t necessarily enjoy meditation. I don’t enjoy sitting because it usually doesn’t work well for me. It’s hard for me to shut down my thoughts, but you can find very different ways to meditate. For some people, it’s sprucing up their house or going out into nature. I think if you don’t enjoy doing all of these practices like yoga or something, don’t do them, even if it’s considered meditation by most people. I’m not saying don’t try it, but it’s more important to align your definition of meditation with what makes you feel good.”

 Lea has her right hand place on her chin, and her head is tilted to the side. She gives a closed mouth smile and stares directly at us as if she is listening to someone she cares for and admires. Lea has soft blue and prominent eyes.

“That’s a large part of my work. I just want to help people create self-worth and confidence in their own way. Then, it’s easier to manifest or bring into reality the things they want. A lot of people think the things they want are impossible, but nothing is impossible.”