Love From Yours: Great Pregnancy Safe and Customized Skincare Routines

Pregnancy can cause a lot of hormonal changes such as oily skin and breakouts. While pregnancy can bring challenges for your skin, changing your entire skincare routine once pregnant can be even more challenging. Thankfully, Love fromYours has pregnancy-safe skincare kits made just for you. Love from Yours is a customized skincare brand, and they have an option where you can request vegan and pregnancy-safe options. They also assess your environment and use a skin scanner to address skin concerns such as oiliness, a common concern for pregnant people.

During pregnancy, increased hormones (namely androgens and progesterone) stimulate oil glands to produce more oil. So, you may be more prone to breakouts and oiliness. While ingredients such as salicylic acid and foaming cleansers can treat these concerns, many products like this are not recommended for pregnancy. 

Cloud Factory Cleanser - $22

However, Love From Yours has a foaming cleanser that is actually pregnancy safe. While some people think foaming cleansers are too stripping, this one from Love From Yours boosts the skin with five fruit AHAs and niacinamide. This is also a great pregnancy-safe option for makeup removal.


Bounce Back Balancing Toner - $25

This one has niacinamide, saccharomyces, and a yeast ferment. It has no salicylic acid, but it’s good for skin that’s breaking out or needs barrier support. Niacinamide can help increase ceramide production and regulate oil production within the skin.

Cassandra put this one on her acne and oily prone skin, and she explains here how it also worked for her. But remember, each of these are going to have a custom blend. Also, a lot of them have good antioxidant blends that work well with moisturizers and other pregnancy-safe ingredients that you put on the skin like azelaic acid.

Face Serum - $25

This is a really luminous day serum that goes onto the skin and hydrates. It keeps oil production under control, and it doesn’t cause greasiness in the sunshine, it dries down perfectly, and it goes well underneath sunscreen and moisturizer.

Matte Day Cream and Moisturizer -$20


If you have dry skin, this might not be the right one for you. It’s a light gel that doesn’t make the skin feel sticky. If you’re struggling with pigmentation and hyperpigmentation because of pregnancy, it also has antioxidants like vitamin C. 

Milky Way Night Cream -$25

This one is slightly thinner and more lightweight. It’s cloud-like and super fluffy. You can buy this even if it isn’t a part of the kit. While many night creams contain retinol, an ingredient that is not recommended for pregnancy, this one has gentle ingredients like poppy cells, betaine, and sebocea that stimulates cell regeneration. 

Sebocea is an extract that combines the properties of two algae: green microalgae and brown seaweed. Both work in tandem to treat and repair oily skin. 

As mentioned before, blends are customized, but you can check Love From Yours for pregnancy-safe, customized skincare.