Makeup and Micellar Wipes That Are Actually Nourishing

 While makeup wipes have become virtually taboo within the skincare community, there are certain times where specific makeup wipes can be helpful. But, before we explain the instances in which they are helpful, let’s discuss the reservations first.


It’s true that makeup wipes are overpriced and potentially bad for our skin and the environment. In contrast to using makeup wipes, cleansing our face washes off the dirt, bacteria, oil, and sunscreen from the day. On the other hand, most makeup towelettes wipe things onto our face because they contain things like fragrance and soaps which can irritate the skin. In turn, makeup wipes don’t remove enough makeup or dirt to clean the face. Rather, they smear it. In comparison to makeup wipes, micellar water is much better because its molecules encapsulate dirt as well as makeup crystals so they can be washed off. And even if you don’t have water, applying micellar water to the face and wiping it off will achieve a better clean. But again, using a makeup wipe is better than leaving your face as it is after a long day, especially if you’ve applied cosmetics. So, here are a few situations where wipes might come in handy.


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Going to the gym

After a visit to the gym, allowing sweat to sit on the skin can cause irritation. For example, miliaria rubia is known as a heat rash that turns red and dotted along with a warm, stinging, or prickly sensation. For some people who aren’t able to wash after sweating, their skin can really flare-up. As crystallized sweat can irritate the skin, removing some of it from the body can help. If you’re wearing makeup, you can even use wipes before a workout to lessen the irritation.


Coming home late

If you’re coming home late from a night out, and you don’t have the wherewithal to wash your face, makeup wipes might be your best option. It’s better to use a makeup wipe and to remove a little debris than to not remove any at all.



It’s better to rub a makeup wipe on your skin than to fall asleep on an international flight. The dyes and crystals within makeup can call dullness and irritation. While many planes don’t allow full-size cleansers on a plane, you can use wipes to stay sanitary and clean, especially if you’re only doing a carry-on.



Limited mobility

If you’re not able to access a sink and complete your skincare routine because of limited mobility, you can still use a nourishing makeup wipe and apply a serum and moisturizer on top. Say you have chronic fatigue syndrome or anything that limits your mobility sometimes, there are make-up wipes with nourishing ingredients available to you.


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