Our 8 Favorite Scrubs

Peach and Lily KP Bump Boss - $28

This is a body scrub that combines AHAs and PHAs at 10%. It’s a blend of chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation. It offers the sensorial experience of a body scrub, and it’s very helpful with keratosis pilaris. KP happens on the back of Cassandra’s arms and legs, and this is actually what she’s been using. It has physical exfoliants that are not from apricot pits or walnut shells, and the main ingredient is glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that’s more hydrating to the skin. Then, there’s also glycolic acid which is derived from sugar cane. Glycolic acid is an AHA. AHAs are very small molecules, and they can sink deeply into the skin. In turn, this helps exfoliate the skin. Another ingredient in this scrub is stearic acid which is hydrating. 

For the physical exfoliant, they have hydrated silica. Hydrated silica comes in ball formations, but it’s much more rounded on the edges than a walnut scrub. Walnut scrubs have these edgy jagged pieces. Silica is quite smooth, and this means that you’re getting a scrub feel, but it’s a gentle one. Hydrated silica balls up on the skin, and it’s fragrance-free. 

Lastly, this scrub has hydrating lactic acid, apple, and grape extract. So, this is definitely a product for scrubbing without stripping. It’s specifically made for KP and dryness. People with eczema can even use this because it’s hydrating and has ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which are humectants. This also has papaya enzymes and BHAs. BHAs are oil-soluble and can go deep into pores and hold onto water. Papaya enzymes or papain also help break down proteins and form amino acids.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - $58

This one is for the face and has a microfoliant combination. It contains physical as well as chemical exfoliants. This has monocrystalline cellulose and magnesium oxide as its main ingredients, but we’ve also got rice starch in here. Rice starch is good because it doesn’t have those jagged edges. If you’ve ever cooked rice, you know that it can help absorb water. When wet, it also becomes soft especially when you’re using tiny particles like in this formula. 

Likewise, this is a really gentle option for the skin. Some chemical exfoliants have papain and salicylic acid. Papain is from papayas, and as mentioned before, it’s a nice enzyme and exfoliant. 

Moreover, this contains oil-soluble BHAs, tea tree, and licorice which are all helpful for hyperpigmentation. 

When using this, you’re supposed to dump a little bit out, and then, fluff it up with water. Then, you can use a brush or whisk to turn the product into a fluffy egg white texture consistency. Then, when applying it, this textural scrub gently exfoliates. 

Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash By Wishtrend - $25.20

This one has papaya enzymes too although the very first ingredient is baking soda. Given that, it might be too stripping for some people’s skin. We would only recommend this if you have oily prone skin. Also, make sure that you are neutralizing the baking soda. Baking soda is a little more alkaline. So, use an acid toner or serum afterward just to make sure that your acid mantle and lipid barrier stay intact. The skin likes to be a little more acidic.

Peeling gels

Peeling gels are the closest thing to a physical exfoliant. The product balls up as it makes contact with the air and evaporates. This can help exfoliate your skin, but don’t conflate the product evaporating with your skin coming off in sloughs. 

HaruHaru Black Rice Soft Peeling Gel - $27

This one has black rice and antioxidants

Body Merry Vitamin C - $17.09

This has jojoba beads, and it’s a cleanser. If you’re prone to hyperpigmentation, and you want something that makes your skin really glow, this is going to be it. What makes it so amazing is that the beads are completely biodegradable, unlike the microbeads which are horrible for the environment and poison fish. This is the best alternative to microbeads. It’s totally fine for the environment. It has jojoba beads, jojoba esthers, and vitamin Cs that are super gentle. If you look at the beads under a microscope, you’ll see that they have round edges.

If you have sensitive skin, remember to take into account that this product has plant ingredients like lavender, olive, oregano, cucumber, and horsetail. If you are sensitive to plant actives, this is not going to be for you. It does give glow and a slight exfoliation though. 

Maelove the Exfoliator BHA + Clay Facial Scrub - $24.95

This is an amazing exfoliator. It’s a BHA and clay facial made for those who struggle with oily skin. It helps wick away oil. This is a wet formula, but you can use it as a mask, and then, exfoliate it off. The exfoliant is a sugar sucrose. Be careful though because sucrose can be a little jagged around the edges. You don’t want to rub it too hard. You want to let the water do the work and help it dissovle. 

Sugar is still great because it can act as a humectant that holds onto and binds water to the skin. 

Additionally, this one has cellulose acetate which can bind things to the skin. It has BHA, clay, and then salicylic acid for a chemical exfoliation. Lastly, if you want physical exfoliation, there is definitely texture within it, but it doesn’t strip. This is probably the most intense physically exfoliation. 

SLMD Glycolic Acid Body Scrub - $34.99

This one is for the body. This is really great for eczema because of the glycolic acid. It works great on the knees and elbows and pretty much anywhere on the body. This formula is a combination of glycolic and physical scrub. The main difference between this and the Peach and Lily one is that the Peach and Lily has artificial fragrance. If you’re looking for something with glycolic and lactic acid, this a good option for people are looking for something non-irritating. There’s sorbitol in this which is also a type of sugar. That’s why this one is a bit more of a thicker exfoliant that works well on the feet and body.