Our Favorite Spot Treatments

Cassandra has some favorite spot treatments she wants to share! So, what are spot treatments? Spot treatments are not for the entire face. You place them on a blemish or pimple to ease inflammation. Cassandra knows these can be a lifesaver, and here, we have some of her best recommendations!

AcneFree Adapalene Gel - $21.99

This is like the cruelty-free version ofDifferin. We love adapalene gel, and it is a unique form of vitamin A aka “retinoids.” Retinoids are made by our body,  but adapalene is a synthetic retinoid, meaning it’s made in a lab. Given that, it’s more stable when exposed to sunlight. It’s also a lot less irritating than prescription retinoids. So, if you’re more prone to sensitivity, this is a wonderful option. Even if you don’t have acne, and you just have fine lines and wrinkles, this is the best. If you have acne or scars, this is awesome as well. Any retinoic acid or adapalene will help you out, but this is a great one. 

Medik8 Crystal Retinal - $62

This is one of Cassandra’s favorite retinaldehyde products. If you have mature skin, adult acne, or PCOS (if you suspect PCOS, get that diagnosed and treated by a doctor), this would be great for the skin that is experiencing the side effects of PCOS, even though it’s not going to cure them. The Medik8 Crystal is absolutely wonderful because it has the highest potency of retinoids that you can get over the counter without a prescription. Your skin turns retinal directly into retinoic acid, which is the most bioavailable form of vitamin A. Once it’s turned into retinoic acid, it goes to work on the skin directly. Cassandra loves this so much. It’s a stable retinol night serum with retinaldehyde aka retinal. When it comes to OTC retinal, this is the best product that Cassandra has ever used. 

The Inkey List Succinic Acid Acne Treatment -$8.99

The Inkey Lists’ Succinic acid spot treatment helps to annihilate breakouts in a very gentle and easy way. A lot of acne spot treatments have things like benzoyl peroxide, which can be very harsh on the skin. If you have oily skin, that might be okay. But, if you have mature, dry, or acneic skin, that can be very hard to deal with.  This is a wonderful spot treatment for dry skin, and you could even put this all over your face if you have oily skin. 

Face Reality Skincare Sulfur Spot Treatment -$27

This is made by Face Reality which is a skincare line tailored to acne-prone skin, and it works so well, and Cassandra feels like sulfur is such an underrated ingredient for acne. This doesn’t have a sulfur smell, but it does gently annihilate breakouts. If you’re using benzoyl peroxide in a cleanser, you may not want to double up with a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment too. So, using something like a sulfur spot treatment is a great way to hit acne or blemishes from both angles. This also works on blackheads. Benzoyl peroxide works on blackheads too, but Cassandra finds that it can be drying for blackheads whereas this sulfur spot treatment clears blemishes and even sebaceous filaments without being too drying. 

ZITSTICKA Killa Zit Patches - $29

These Zitsticka patches visibly reduce the size, color, and inflammation of pimples. First, you use one of the wipes to disinfect your skin. The wipes have tea tree, vitamin E, and alcohol to kill bacteria. Then, you take one of the patches and put it on a pimple. The patches have micro darts made out of skincare. The darts contain hyaluronic acid, oligopeptide 76, salicylic acid, and niacinamide. They penetrate the skin and dissolve within the pimple. The patches help to kill the acne bacteria. And overall, this is an emergency must-have for people who deal with sudden blemishes and zits. Zitsticka’s entire brand is made for acne-prone skin, and they are a great way to get a glow.


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