“Plant-based food has the power and purity to end world hunger,” Paul Turner, Founder of Food for Life Says.

To date, Food for Life Global has served over 7 billion free meals and is the world’s largest, plant-based food relief organization. Food for Life Global is the support office for the other projects around the world. It has 240 projects in 60 countries, and collectively they serve up to 2 million plant-based meals daily. 

Paul Turner, co-founder and executive director at Food for Life says, "Not everyone has a Whole Foods Market, and being vegan isn't only for the rich. There are plenty of families around the world who eat a plant-based diet because they don't have access to processed food, and likewise, meat is too expensive."

Given that, he describes how Food for Life actually "feeds more people for less than any other company."

"Our food is very fresh, and there are few other organizations that can deliver a freshly cooked meal. Many companies seek to impact food inaccessibility through providing frozen meals. We actually serve between 1 and 2 plant based meals each day. Furthermore, none of the food is stressed-based."

Paul goes on to convey the profound meaning of this. "The food we serve not only nourishes the body, but it nourishes the soul. As food is a carrier of intention, the purpose and heart of whoever provides that food goes into the cooking. Your intention is an ingredient. If there was intention to cause harm, that goes into the food. There’s no such thing as humane killing, and meals that are animal-based causes us to consume that aggression.”

Paul asserts, "A lot of the world's problems are directly related to how we treat animals, especially cows and bulls." 

"That's why I want to unite the world with pure food, but pure food necessitates pure intention, and pure intention cannot coexist with harming an animal. Sitting down together to eat a plant-based meal not only has the power to unite people, it has the power and purity to end world hunger.”

“No matter what you believe or how you live, food is the great unifier. When we connect as family through pure food, we feel unified. And that unity is a driving force for absolving poverty and world hunger.”

“While it's true that the whole world will not become vegan, ultimately, we need to minimize violence, and we need to teach people to be more loving and compassionate. Food is our way of teaching the world to do that.”


Food for Life is a charity partner of Cassandra Bankson, LLC. Because Cassandra Bankson, LLC is OM Guarantee certified, funds are immediately sent to Food for Life for every OMguaranteed product that you purchase.

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