Should You Wash Your Face In the Morning?

Cassandra has shared one of her AM and PM skincare routines with us! If you are interested in this routine, it’s best not to adopt it all in one night. The skin takes about 28 days to renew. and it’s better to exchange your original products one by one. You’ll notice that Cassandra does not wash her face in the morning, and that’s because her nighttime routine is efficacious enough. While a bit of oil and sweat may accumulate overnight, you generally wake up with a clean face if your skincare routine is thorough enough. Cassandra has actually noticed that washing her face in the morning makes it a bit stripped so instead she rinses it with warm water in the morning and applies a niacinamide and zinc serum.

The AM Routine:

#1 Glossier Super Pure Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Zinc Serum -$38.90

This serum is not sticky, and it applies under makeup really well. The zinc and niacinamide work together on the skin to control redness and oil production. When Cassandra uses this, she targets the T-zone to tackle oil and blackheads.

#2 Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sunscreen -$32

This is one of Cassandra’s favorite sunscreens. It has aloe vera in it, and the formula itself is very soothing. It goes onto the skin and acts as a moisturizer or barrier. This sunscreen is made with organic ingredients, and Cassandra has used it for years.

#2 CLEURE SPF 40 - $39


This is made for sensitive skin, and it is a mineral-based, cruelty-free sunscreen. Cassandra was very excited to add it to her routine. Every skincare routine should include an SPF because preventing skin cancer, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues are a lot easier than treating them. Sunscreens are also a necessity for skincare routines like this one that have an acid or a retinol product.

The PM Routine:

Nighttime skincare routines are very essential. When you are not in the sun, skincare routines are able to work optimally while your skin rebuilds. 

#1 Dr. Bronners Castile Soap As Makeup Remover - $17.09 

This makeup remover is inexpensive and effective. This is hands down one of the best makeup removers Cassandra has ever used. She has used different oil and different creams, but this soap really works. This soap temporarily changes the face's pH, but you can stabilize it with something more acidic. This soap is made of tea tree plus, hemp, and this is the formula that works the best for Cassandra. She only uses the 32 oz. liquid soap, not the bar soap. After using it for 6 years, she’s found it to be the best way to remove makeup. However, even if you use a makeup remover as effective as this one, you should still cleanse afterward because cleansing the skin thorougly removes dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin and the pores. 

#2 The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toner -$8.70



This has a great pH. It penetrates deeply, and while it’s a bit more acidic than a normal toner, it is alcohol-free.

#3 Liquid Gold 1x Retinal Serum From Elite MD -$63



This is a non-prescription, potent retinal. It has caffeine and green tea extract which are nice ingredients for the skin. For this formula, you can either choose a cyclopentasiloxane or dimethicone base. Although these ingredients are used in a lot of primers, some people who have acne don’t like using these ingredients. However, this non-prescription retinal is so potent that it’s even caused Cassandra a little dryness.

#3 The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid (Less potent alternative for Elta MD Liquid Gold -$9.80

This retinol is less potent, and it has less of a chance to be irritating. This is what Cassandra uses as an alternative to the liquid gold if her skin has had too much of the Liquid Gold Retinal Serum. She uses these interchangeably. You can use this retinol during the day, but it’s better to use it at night because it won’t get degraded under the sun. UV light can degrade retinol and make it less potent. Therefore, if you’re using a retinol product, you don’t want to go out into the Sun without SPF. Also, Cassandra puts retinol on at night so it can sit onto her skin and penetrate.  

However, there are days where she prefers not to use retinol at all, and that’s when she uses the Glow Tonic by Pixi and a moisturizer by The Ordinary. 

#3 Glow Tonic Serum From Pixi Beauty (Alternative to Retinols) -$24

This has aloe vera, glycerin, glycolic acid, and ginseng. Sometimes, Cassandra uses glycolic acid products in place of retinol products. The reason why is because retinol works optimally at a pH of around 5. PH stands for potential hydrogen, and some acidic products lower the skin’s pH down to a 4 or even a 3.5. So, she uses the Glow tonic instead sometimes. Moreover, she doesn’t use the Glow Tonic and retinol together because they can deactivate each other given that they work best at such different pHs. 

#4 Paula's Choice Peptide Booster Serum -$53

This has peptides and an amino-peptide complex. It’s non-irritating and fragrance-free. Theoretically, peptides are supposed to go into your skin and stimulate the skin to build proteins like collagen or elastin. In turn, your skin is supposed to become be plumper and more resilient against scars and wrinkles. This serum has a pleasant soapy smell, and it’s a liquid that you can mix into a moisturizer.

#5 The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA -$5.80

This hyaluronic moisturizer has cloud-like texture that goes on smoothly, it works really well on the pores, and Cassandra mixes it in with Paula’s Choice Booster Serum.

For a video explanation from Cassandra, clickhere.

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