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I don’t agree with beauty standards, and I don’t think they make any sense because how can someone be perfect?
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Dr. Adeline is the founder of Brownskinderm and a board-certified dermatologist. She shares her journey through medical school and the challenges she’s faced with her own skin.


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"Everyone has their own flaws, and flaws are not necessarily something that should make you feel bad about yourself."

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"I’m more at peace and accepting of my acne. If I do get breakouts, I understand more of why it’s happening rather than seeing it as a subjective thing that is bad." 
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Just know that it is possible to feel good about yourself with acne because I never thought I would.
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"Breaking free from public perception has been so liberating."
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No matter how you look, you are a worthy human being. 
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Focus on the little things that give you joy, please don’t distance yourself from your loved ones, and don’t give up the things you love to do
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We’re taught to say “suffers from acne” or “suffers from psoriasis.” But I try to say, “if that’s your skin, that’s normal.”