The 3 Best Ordinary Products (Under $15) For Dry Skin!

Let’s talk about the 3 best skincare products for dry skin from The Ordinary! Yes, they're super affordable too!

The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser - $10.50

This is one of the best products for dry skin even though it's one of Cassandra’s least favorites for oily skin. While many cleansers feel stripping, this cleanser is phenomenal for dry skin, and it can even be used for combo skin! For oily skin, you can even use it as a first cleanse to remove makeup. 

So, this could also be the first step of a double cleanse routine. On the other hand, this could be a go-to cleanser for dry skin because of the squalane. Squalane is very similar to squalene, an oil that our skin produces naturally. Squalane not only builds the skin barrier, soothes inflammation, and moisturizes the skin, but it also has antioxidant benefits that can defend the skin from damaging particles within our bodies and the air (free radicals)!

The cleanser also has glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it holds onto moisture. Glycerin truly enhances the moisturizing properties of this cleanser. Furthermore, it moisturizes, coats, and supports the skin even after you wash it off. 

Furthermore, this cleanser contains sucrose stearate and sucrose laurate. Both of these are fantastic emollients and surfactants. Emollients smooth skin, and surfactants cleanse the skin by blending oil and water. Likewise, they are very effective at helping to wash away debris, residue, and excess oiliness when water is added.

However, because of the squalane, it’s still a very moisturizing cleanser. So, it’s probably not the best cleanser for oily skin.  But, for dry skin, it works phenomenally. 

The Ordinary Hydrating Serum HA+B5 - $9.90

After cleansing, you’ll want to hydrate, especially if you have dry skin. This is one of The Ordinary’s best sellers, and it’s one of the most hydrating serums they have. It’s a little thick for a serum. So, if you’re oily, you might not love this as much. But, for those with dehydrated or dry skin, this is amazing. This has low, medium, and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids. Because this serum has hyaluronic acid with different weights, it can thoroughly hydrate different layers of the skin. 

Once hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the skin, it’s like a mesh velcro that holds water and attracts water to the skin. When hyaluronic acid is a part of a hydrating serum like this, it  pulls water from the product deep into the skin and holds it there.

In addition, there’s vitamin B5 which is known as panthenol. There are so many medical studies that demonstrate panthenol's benefits, specifically for atopic dermatitis or eczema. Eczema can cause dryness and flakiness in the skin, and it can be very hard to treat. So, panthenol is not going to treat eczema.

However, many studies have demonstrated that panthenol can soothe it and help to rebuild and hydrate the skin - even after using topical steroids, which dry out the skin.

Natural Moisturizing Factors + PhytoCeramides Moisturizer - $6.70 

With natural oils and hydrating ingredients, this product simultaneously coats the skin and imparts moisture into it. This is one of the most rich and hydrating creams that The Ordinary has to offer.

This is like the updated version of their natural moisturizing factors product. They added plant-based ceramides or “phytoceramides” to help rebuild the skin. Ceramides are fatty acids, and they are amazing for our skin. Ceramides make up half of our skin’s outside layer.

But, as we experience skin damage and get older, ceramides begin to break down, and they aren't replenished as much. That’s why a great moisturizer like this one is essential. It’s very hydrating, and it’s amazing for dry skin. 

Cassandra uses this as a night mask for her oily to combo skin, but it’s perfect for everyday use on dry skin too. This also contains glycerin and amino acids, making it super hydrating as well.

Amino acids are small building blocks of proteins like elastin, the stuff that makes our skin bouncy. But, most importantly, they are super hydrating for dry skin.

You could use these products separately, or you could use all three together. Then, you’d have a skincare routine that’s under $30! Although it’s basic, it’s effective and wonderful for nighttime use.

If you do this routine during the day, you’ll definitely want to add an SPF over the phytoceramides moisturizer. Other than that, this is a wonderful and affordable skincare routine from The Ordinary for dry skin.