The 3 Best Serums from Minimalist?

What are the 3 Best Serums from Minimalist? 

Well, before we get into this, let’s talk about what BeMinimalist is. 

BeMinimalist is kind of in the same category as The Ordinary or The Inkey List. But, unlike The Ordinary and The Inkey List, they combine actives (ingredients proven to treat a skin condition) in different ways. It almost reminds Cassandra of Community 66’s products but at a less expensive price. 

BeMinimalist has very inexpensive but very effective products that don’t have the fanciest packaging. Because a lot of the products are made in India, a lot of the prices equate to $7 USD, and in the US, many of the products are sold for around $10. 

Furthermore, BeMinimalist has a very interesting backstory, and in some ways, it’s similar to The Ordinary, but at the same time, it’s very different. When it comes to skincare brands, having differences is actually great for the end consumer. When brands are competing amongst themselves, it means they’re going to price things better to make them more affordable. 

But going back to the serums, Cassandra loves many of BeMinimalist’s products, and there are 3 serums that knock it out of the park. And if you’re struggling with specific skin concerns, or you’re looking to make your skincare routine more effective, BeMinimalist is one of the best ways to do it.

One of Cassandra’s favorites is the alpha arbutin serum from BeMinimalist. This is amazing, and the alpha arbutin serum gives both The Ordinary and The InkeyList a run for its money. And unlike other alpha arbutin serums, this doesn’t make Cassandra’s face feel sticky. 

Be Minimalist Alpha Arbutin 2% - $9.99 

Alpha Arbutin is phenomenal for dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and subclinical melasma. If you’re someone who has tan, brown, red, or purple discoloration on your skin, this can absolutely help by preventing pigment from being created.  Alpha Arbutin is related to hydroquinone, and in a doctor’s office, they might prescribe hydroquinone to people who struggle with things like melasma or pigmentation. However, alpha arbutin is more of a gentle ingredient, and even though it’s related to hydroquinone, it isn’t as intense, and it doesn’t have some of the same side effects. Moreover, this product also has butylresorcinol and ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is what gives this product a slight smell. 

Compared to the beloved Skinceuticals vitamin C ferulic acid, this is incredibly affordable. However, it doesn’t have the same vitamin C presence, but for the money, it’s way better for what you get. It’s hydrating, and it’s not sticky. It helps with some of those little dark marks. Cassandra is more prone to redness than pigmentation, but this works on the areas of Cassandra’s jaw and chin that tend to hypo (light spots) or hyper pigment (dark spots).  In addition to the other supportive ingredients like lactic acid and sodium hyaluronate (hydrating), this is phenomenal. It is available at an inexpensive price and internationally,  and It’s hands down one of the best serums from Be Minimalist.

Be Minimalist Granactive Retinoid 2% - $9.99

This is a Granactive Retinoid that soaks into the skin so well, and it has vitamin E, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid. 


What is the difference between a granactive retinoid and retinol?

Granactive retinoids are typically more gentle than retinol. Granactive retinoids are combined with a solvent, and this can increase absorption and tolerability(Versed Skincare, 2023)

This is a very gentle retinol. It is available to the skin once your skin translates it into the "bioavailable" or usable form. Moreover, this product also has nourishing and supportive ingredients that make it go onto the skin nicely. If you are dry and dehydrated and want to use a retinoid, but even the most basic over-the-counter retinoids don’t do the work for you, this is the way to go. This is a more hydrating granactive retinoid in Cassandra’s opinion, and it’s even more gentle than the one from The Ordinary. Cassandra does love the one from The Ordinary, but it’s more like a serum whereas the one from BeMinimalist is thicker, making the main difference the texture. The BeMinimalist Granactive Retinoid can be used as a serum or a moisturizer step, and it works so well. While it does make your skin feel slippery and slick, it still soaks into your skin and makes it feel hydrated.


How does it compare to the Granactive Retinoid from The Ordinary?

This is very similar to the granactive retinoid from The Ordinary, but again, it’s more hydrating. Cassandra also loves the Vitamin E and amino acids from the BeMinimalist serum. As you know, amino acids are what makes peptide chains. Peptide chains are building blocks, and they fold themselves into proteins, making them phenomenal for skin barrier health. Also, they bind to water, meaning they help to hydrate the skin. They can also stimulate changes deep within the skin, and likewise, they can help wounds be repaired, speed up skin cell turnover, and calm down inflammation. 


Who is it for?

Given that it’s fragrance-free as well, this might be the granactive retinoid for you if your skin is super sensitive. While Cassandra wouldn’t say that she loves it more than The Ordinary’s granactive retinoid, they are both very high up on her list, and fortunately, they are both low cost as well. 

Be Minimalist Sepicalm 3% Moisturizer - $7.99 

This is labeled as a moisturizer, but Cassandra would consider it to be a serum. This is a moisturizing, hydrating, and oat-infused serum. And while it’s labeled as a moisturizer, Cassandra feels that it’s more like a serum. This is a thick serum, but because of the way this plays on the skin, you can layer ir under moisturizers too. This has become one of Cassandra’s favorite products from BeMinimalist.

What's in it?

The Sepicalm Moisturizer contains oat extract, squalane, and amino acids. It’s extremely lightweight, but it hydrates, nourishes, and doesn’t break out acne-prone skin. It would probably work with almost all other products that might be in your routine. Because it’s fragrance-free, it doesn’t have a lot of irritating ingredients, and it it’s very calming. Oats are extremely hydrating and nourishing to the skin, and they have beta-glucans.

Beta-glucans can bind onto moisture and bring them deep into the skin, and at the same time, they can also lock in other ingredients like amino acids within serums and toners. This also has a little bit of shea butter and glycerin. But still, it’s a fantastic formula that feels lightweight. This is a beautiful product that gives you a moisturizing effect. But, you can still use this as a serum and put it under a moisturizer or sunscreen.

It’s similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Moisturizer with  Hyaluronic Acid because of how it feels and how well it plays under makeup. However, the Sepicalm isn’t quite as hydrating as the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Moisturizer. On the other hand, it’s not expensive, it’s lighter, and it doesn’t have fragrance. The Sepicalm is also a budget option that can be used for mature or dry skin. It is a universal product that you can mix and match with other things, and it is one of the best products that BeMiniamlist sells. 

But no matter what products you use, remember to use sunscreen because ultimately, that’s what going to protect your skin, and likewise, you won’t need as many products to treat it.