The Best Tips for Period Breakouts

If you're like Cassandra, you might notice bad breakouts or cysts right before your period. But, there are a few things you can do with your skincare routine to improve breakouts and body acne.

Why do breakouts happen around your period?

Period breakouts mostly happen because of the luteal phase. The luteal phase happens right before your period. Your estrogen drops steeply, making the testosterone in the body can be more effective. Testosterone does many things in the body as well as the skin like increasing oil production. Likewise, your skin becomes more reactive and prone to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

That's why Cassandra tries to keep her skincare routine consistent around this time, meaning she doesn't change out any of her normal cleansers, serums, or moisturizers. But, there are a couple of little product essentials that Cassandra does add during this time.


KILLA™ KIT Patch - $25

This is one of Cassandra's favorite pimple patch brands. Cassandra likes how these come in individually wrapped packets. You can take each one and stick them onto zits. They have microdarts that dissolve into the pimple. These microdarts have acne-fighting ingredients such as tea tree and salicylic acid, and they are wonderful for emergency zits. They also have hyperpigmentation patches available. When you get them at Target, they can be a little pricey though. So, Cassandra recommends getting them on sale.

Blume Buds Power Patches for Acne - $15 


These are acne-fighting hydrocolloid patches that have salicylic acid, which gets the goo out of your skin. Salicylic acid is oil soluble (dissolves in oil), but it also fights blemishes. These come in very cute designs, but if you want clear patches, the ZitSticka patches might work better.

This brand was made specifically for periods, and each purchase donates to a charity that helps young women who can't afford menstrual care. Many of these young women are living in countries where women's health and progress is a taboo subject. So, Blume also helps give them education opportunities.


AcneFree Terminator 10: Acne Spot Treatment - $7.99

If you have teenage acne, and your skin does well with benzoyl peroxide, the Terminator 10 spot treatment from AcneFree is wonderful. Benzoyl peroxide is very potent, and it will dry out the zit.

Skinfix Acne+ 2% BHA Spot Treatment - $30


If you have more mature skin, and you struggle with acne and rosacea, this works well, especially if your rosacea tends to flair. This is made for acne-prone skin, and it's from the Acne Plus line. Although it's not as drying as the Terminator 10 treatment, Cassandra loves this because it helps to dry out a pimple.

Ciracle: Red Spot Cream - $7.99

If you're looking for a K-beauty option, this is a wonderful and inexpensive choice. This is a cheap one that works quite well. It has a red spot cream with zinc, tea tree, and sulfur which are great skincare ingredients for inflammation and drying out pimples.


Murad Acne Control Oil and Pore Control Mattifier Broad Spectrum SPF 45 | PA++++ - $49


Cassandra uses this SPF 45 it to mattify her skin right before her period. Her sunscreen is normally the only skincare product that Cassandra will switch out her sunscreen for a few days just to combat the oiliness her skin goes through. 

In addition to skincare, Cassandra uses the following products about a week before her cycle too.

Beauty Bakerie Parchment Paper Oil Blotting Sheets - $11.75 

These are a quick, on-the-go way to remove oil. They have little golden flecks, and they're very fun to use. 


Juice Beauty Phyto-PIGMENTS Flawless Finishing Powder  - $30

This is a makeup product with sulfur in it, an acne-fighting ingredient! Cassandra finds that it works very well for her skin right before her period.

Face shaving

Cassandra dermaplans her face, especially after her period because there can be more facial hair growth during this time. Cassandra has a lot of vellus hair on her face anyways, and a lot of thick, wiry hairs. She likes to shave them off, but she only does this once a month. Cassandra finds it best to dermaplan after her period or once the menstrual cycle has started for the following reasons.

You know how we mentioned that the skin is more oily before your period? Well, oil climbs up the hairs and spreads out on the surface of the skin. If we shave those hairs off, the oil might get trapped and plugged under the skin. That could lead to more acne bacteria feeding on the skin and having a breakout. So, for Cassandra, is best to dermaplan during or after her period.


Versed Skin Instant Gratification Dermaplaning Tool - $19.99

The Versed dermaplanning tool is very lightweight, and Cassandra says it's very eco-friendly. You can recycle them. In contrast to some of the more expensive dermaplanning tools, these are very affordable and effective on thicker hair.

LA Fresh Travel Lite Antiperspirant Wipes

During Cassandra's period, she notices that she has more pungent-smelling sweat. It's normal for your hormones to change your body's scent. So, this is an easy-to-use antiperspirant wipe under your armpits. You can use these in between the legs as well, but they are only for external use. These might be a better choice than some other products because according to OBGYNs, it's better not to use feminine washes.