The Myths and Half-truths Beauty Influencers Tell About Their “Real Skin.” 

How do the influencers and the experts of the industry fake their “no-makeup and bare-faced” looks? Well, actually, some skincare that doubles as makeup. If pores are a natural part of our anatomy, how do celebrities and influencers get rid of them? How do they erase their pores? Of course, there is lighting, photoshop, and filters, but there are certain products that are not technically makeup but skincare that doubles as makeup. So, then, they can just go online and say, “I’m not wearing any makeup today.” They may not be, but they’re wearing a moisturizer pr a tinted sunscreen that blurs scars and pores just like a primer and foundation. So, if the gurus get to do it, we deserve to as well. In this blog, we’re going to debunk common “no makeup look” myths and half-truths.

Myth: “I shank my pores with a certain skincare product or routine.”

Pores can’t actually shrink, and the size of them are determined by genetics. There is not a muscle within them that allows them to constrict. This is important to know because some people pores are still very visible after a thorough skincare routine. This is okay, and you’re doing nothing wrong. While you can’t shrink your pores, oil and sebum within them can cause pores to be even more noticeable. When it comes to “a pore shrinking skincare routine,” it truly doesn’t matter what cleanser you use.  You’re good to go as long as your skin is cleansed. It’s really the masks that are consequential. TheTroiareuke ACSEN Pore Control Maskmask works wonders. It's a pore control mask that controls pores and give the illusion of “shrunken pores.”

Troiareuke ACSEN Pore Control Mask -$38


This has Moroccan lava clay powder as well as different plant complexes. These ingredients go in and suck oil out of pores, but they does it without overly irritating skin. They help to break down and break out blackheads. When you take this off, your skin doesn’t feel overly stripped. It’s not glowy and dewy, but it’s still hydrated. The skin is not stripped, but any oil, impurities, or debris that might be stuck in there or left behind is sucked. If you’re looking for a  skincare mask, Cassandra would use this before your cleanser or even in place of your cleanser.  

Half-truth: “My skin looks this smooth without a primer or foundation.”

From there, a you’ll want to exfoliate because this adds a smoothness to the face. The more exfoliated our skin can look, the more smooth it’s going to look. 

Firstly, what do primers do?

Primers prime the skin to hold onto foundation. They actually fill in pores, scars, and they blur out texture. A primer creates a smooth surface for the foundation to paint over. But, while they’re not wearing a primer, they might be wearing something similar to the Good Molecules silicone-free  moisturizer from good molecules.

Good Molecules Silicone-free Priming Moisturizer - $12

You could literally use this as a moisturizer on it’s own. Cassandra loves this for her oily-prone skin because it is little bit lighter.  This is such a fantastic product for those who don’t want to use silicones but still to smoothe over their skin. Silicones are one of the primary ingredients in primers. Without silicones, it not only hydrates, but it blurs out pores just the way a very lightweight primer does. So, they can say, “They’re not wearing make up” but rely on a moisturizer that doubles as a primer.

Atopalm MLE Intensive Moisturizing Cream - $25.20

Now, if you want something thicker again, the MLE intensive moisturizers is a great choice. This moisturizer is made for dry skin, and it repairs a skin barrier like nothing else. Because of the soothing, and it’s thickness, it doubles as a foundation/primer, and It smoothes over the skin  and blemishes so much. If you have dry skin, Cassandra would recommend this. If you’re like Cassandra, and you have combination-to-oily skin, this is going to be like a thick primer. While it is technically skincare, it does give you a smooth aesthetic.

Furthermore, tinted sunscreens are one of absolute best ways to say “I’m not wearing any makeup” whilst covering blemishes, uneven skin tone, darkness, and hyperpigmentation. Truthfully, some sunscreens can be like makeup in a skincare bottle.

Skin Better Sunbetter Tone Smart SPF 75 Sunscreen -$75

This covers, redness, texture, and pores!

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Flex SPF 50 -$45

If you have rosacea or redness, this is basically a foundation in sunscreen form!

Myth: “I don’t get under eye bags or dark circles because of my skincare routine.” 

Cassandra normally hates eye creams because half of them just have glitter inside of them, and then, all of a sudden, the products is “luminizing.” Nevertheless, it doesn’t make the under-eye area any brighter; There’s no vitamin C, licorice, or caffeine. There’s just pigment. Any ingredient like mica, titanium dioxide, or iron oxides provides pigment. They can also help with UV exposure, but mainly they’re there to add shimmer. When you add it around the cheeks, brow bone, and chin, they give a nice shimmer to the skin, and that effect is definitely desire if you want to wear a concealer without wearing a concealer. Here are a few other products as well that are basically concealers.

Good Molecules Yerba Mate Wake up Eye Gel - $12.98

The Inkey List Symbright Moisturizer  - $13.99


Kinship self reflect probiotic moisturizing sunscreen zinc oxide SPF 32 -$26


Cassandra loves this product even more because you get more for your money, it actually helps with fine line wrinkles, and preventing collagen degradation. This product has a shimmer, and it’s also a full face sunscreen. This moisturizer smells like marshmallow, it has a white texture, and it has a slight shimmer. There’s a little bit of pink tint to it, and if you are someone who has dark under-eye circles, this is a wonderful and luminous although it’s technically labeled as a sunscreen. Even though it’s not labeled as such, it does act like a highlighter. And still, it’s technically skincare, not makeup  

Myth: “I’m not wearing a highlighter cream or setting spray.”

Dermalogica retinol clearing oil - $82

We can’t forget oils. Oils can be a little more obvious than creams or sprays, but they are similar in the way that light reflects off of them. Oil helps give the skin a little bit of a dewy glow. The Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil is made for acne prone skin. It has jojoba oil, salicylic acid, and a retinoid. This is great because it actually does something for your skin. It brings luminosity without using a setting spray or highlighter cream, and now have a couple layers of shimmer going on, and some shine.

Half-truth: “I’m not wearing blush”

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Color Balm SPF 50 -$32

This is technically a sunscreen, but it can apply as blush, eye shadow, a lipstick. 

There is no in using these tips, but do you see how you’ve basically got a full face of makeup now via skincare? We want you to be aware of these things because a lot celebrities  and influencers do this, but then say, “I’m not wearing makeup!” while trying to tell a skincare products.” And consequently, we end up feeling some type of way because our skin does not look like that after thorough and consistent skincare. You are doing nothing wrong, and these were just a few tips and tricks for coverage and dew without using makeup!