Two Trailblaizing, Female-Powered Brands

A 2017 survey from Statista states that 65 percent of women in the United States use skincare products every day and spend an estimated $250 per month on skincare products. While this is a multibillion industry that caters towards women, it’s mostly men who hold the executive positions within it. Only 29% of executive-level positions within the beauty industry are held by women.While men are an integral part of our world just as much as women and nonbinary folks, in a space that centers around selling predominantly women female-branded products, why is there such a disconnect in how many women own, operate, and create brands? 

If the majority of beauty brands are conceptualized by men, are the majority of them truly authentic to the needs of women? Naturally, there is a dire need for more female leadership within the beauty industry. 

We hope one day we will see a more gender-inclusive approach for both  marketing and for executive roles in the industry.

We should take the time to celebrate female-founded brands and to shed light on the trailblazing women who lead them. Here, we would like to share two of our favorite female-founded brands. These brands are not the only female-founded and operated, but they give back by empowering other young women towards leadership and self-love. 

PURE’AM is a minimalistic and gender-neutral skincare brand that is geared towards the restoration and hydration of the skin barrier. PURE’AM was founded by Jean Kim, a woman who was an executive in the beauty industry for years. During that time, she noticed how the needs of women were being overlooked. So, she created a sustainable line not only for women but for all who love skincare. She is passionate about helping people embrace their skin by finding a skincare routine that truly works for them. 

Likewise, PURE’AM’s name reflects the purity of being a unique individual. More simply, what makes us different does not need to be fixed. The apostrophe within the title stands for the letter “I” which makes the phrase “pure I am.”

Many of the products are named in accordance with this principle. My favorite product from PURE’AM is the Authentic Barrier Cream Balm. 

PURE’AM Authentic Barrier Cream Balm -  $17 - 30 ml / $37- 75 ml 

This thick and balmy cream is perfect for those with drier skin or for individuals like me who want to seal in moisture overnight! With buttery and nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, jojoba, and evening primrose. Another reason that I adore this cream so much is that it features, ceramide, one of my favorite ingredients, as the star. Ceramide cream melts into the skin like vegan, buttercream icing on a cake. Not only does this cream feel great, but its ability to penetrate the skin without irritation has been proved by a 10-layer skin test. Even for those who struggle with a damaged barrier, the barrier cream balm is able to do the same.  

Furthermore, their milky, moisturizing toner, the PURE’AM PH Balance Calming Toner is wonderful as well! This is one of the only toners I’ve seen that has Ceramides.

PURE’AM PH Balance Calming Toner - $28

This toner has more of an essence consistency and includes hydrating ingredients such as citrus fruit water, glycerin, aloe, hyaluronic acid, green tea, centella asiatica, and shea butter. This can almost act as a liquid moisturizer. It smooths over the skin well and a little goes a long way. We normally don’t see calming toners that have soothing and hydrating ingredients all the way through. The product could also function as a light moisturizer. 

Lastly, I love the minimalism of PURE’AMs Super Glow Dew Squalane Oil. This product has a powerhouse of some of my favorite oils like jojoba, sunflower, and sweet almond. I don’t always like products with rose oil, but I have to say - this one has won me over. This may be because of its vegan squalane. This rich oil soaks into the skin well. It evenly coats the outer layer of skin to provide a shield of protection without causing a greasy feel. Another interesting addition to the formula is flower wax. Waxes can help hydrate and calm the skin. 

Super Glow Dew Oil -  $45

I thoroughly enjoy both the soothing toner and decadent facial oil, but overall my my favorite is the authentic barrier cream. While it may be too rich for my oily prone skin in the summer, I believe this is a perfect moisturizer for the upcoming winter and or for anyone with dehydrated skin. 


Overall, PURE’AM not only provides efficacious, sustainable, and ethical skincare for all skin types, but it provides an affirming message and philanthropy for those who have been overlooked. 

Recently, PURE’AM and I collaborated to create a video (watch here)on female-founded brands so the proceeds could go to a pro-woman organization called Camp Reel Stories. In hopes of improving the way women are represented, Camp Real Stories helps young girls explore filmmaking. In an industry where execs are disproportionately male, Camp Reel gives young women the opportunity to bring their unique experiences to the screen and to make an impact on their society. 

Love From Yours

Next, Love From Yours by Navneet Kaur is an amazing customized skincare brand.

Love From Yours is a customizable skincare brand that uses a quiz as well as facial scans to create individualized skincare regimens for consumers. Love From Yours even uses your zip code to assess how your environment is impacting your skin. This sounds like it requires a lot of resources, but sustainability, affordability, and accessibility is a huge priority for Navneet. Love From Your includes a well-constructed recycling guide and swiss made products with wonderful price points. 

Navneet's created the original idea of Love From Yours from an ordinary problem. One day, her husband started to break out. Navneet is extremely intelligent and an ardent lover of skincare so she set out to help her husband. In an attempt to pinpoint what worked and what did not, she created an excel sheet and completed hours of research, but to no avail. However, an “aha” moment came to Navneet as was looking around her bathroom at her skincare collection. Over time, she had spent around $2000 on skincare, and in her bathroom, she had about 40 products total. However, she thought about how only 6 had worked for her. 

She began to contemplate other skincare consumers in her situation, and the amount of waste that had accumulated as a result of this problem. Moreover, many of the ingredients within her products were insignificant, and she was again reminded of the wasted resources. 

From there, she conceived the idea of a sustainable and customizable skincare line that would not waste people’s time or the planet’s resources. 

Previously, Navneet worked in Tech for Uber. She married her passion for skincare and IA, and Love From Yours was born. Loves From Yours now has a multitude of products that are crafted specifically for the customer’s skin and environment.


Some of my favorite products are the Night Cream and the Cloud Factory Cleanser. 

Night Cream -$25

Cloud Factory Cleanser -$22

Of course, my formulations will be different than the formulations you receive since everything is customized, but these two products are standouts in my routine!  Another product I have fallen in love with is their sunscreen! This spray sunscreen is easy to apply, and I love it for reapplication over makeup. 

All in all, Love From Yours as well as PURE’AM are two female-founded brands that not only are elevating skincare but revolutionizing the beauty industry.