We Found a $14 Dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s $100 Magic Cream!

Cassandra has come across a $14 dupe for the $100 magic cream by Charlotte Tilbury! Cassandra does not love expensive luxury products. And likewise, she usually finds excellent products for much cheaper prices. However, there are certain luxury products like the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream that Cassandra will buy.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream 1.7 oz  - $100 

This cream truly demonstrates the magic of science, and it’s an amazing product specifically for people who wear makeup. The history behind Charlotte’s magic is very interesting. Charlotte Tilbury was a makeup artist who grew up in London. She had a very challenging upbringing. But, she fell in love with beauty because it was a form of self-expression, and she began to use her talents on the skin of different celebrities. But, when she did makeup on models or celebrities, she noticed that their moisturizers would peel under makeup. So, before doing makeup, she began to use a custom-blended cream as a base or a primer.  Then, she started to package and sell it. However, even though this product is not really for sensitive skin, this is one of the luxury brands that Cassandra does like. She recommends it for people who struggle with foundation, moisturizer, or sunscreen pilling under makeup. At the same time though, it is pretty expensive. 

Thankfully, there is a $14 dupe by Revolution Pro. They recently launched a miracle cream, and everyone on TikTok is saying that it’s like a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury cream! So, Cassandra decided to find out for herself by trying them side-by-side. She compared how they both held under sunscreen and also under foundation on her acne-prone and scarred skin.

Revolution Pro Miracle Cream 1.69 oz - $14 

Revolution Beauty is also from the UK, and it’s been around for quite a few years. They’re known as an inexpensive or dupe brand. They’re not a brand that creates exact dupes, but they’re known for creating less expensive versions of luxury products.

Some people don’t like this, but Cassandra thinks it creates healthy competition. As long as they’re not stealing someone’s intellectual property, they're making products like the Miracle Cream more accessible.

 So, which one is better? 

Cassandra put the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream on the left side of her face. It smells thick, luxurious, and powdery.  

The Charlotte Tilbury one is a little more tinted, and it’s slightly less liquidy. They still feel similar, but The Revolution is a little more lightweight. The Revolution One smells like flowers or a dated perfume, and it has a stronger scent than the Charlotte Tilbury one. The Revolution one is slightly more liquidy, but they honestly feel almost identical on the skin even though Revolution Pro one blends in a little faster. The Revolution one is also a little more wet to the touch once you rub it in. 

How do the ingredients compare?

As for the ingredients, Cassandra was expecting the ingredients to be almost identical, but they’re actually quite different. So, let’s talk about that. As for the Charlotte Tilbury Cream, the main ingredients are water/aqua, glycerin, as well as a bunch of different oils like camelia seed oil, shea oil, and aloe. There’s also fragrance. Cassandra thought that Revolution Pro was going to have almost the exact same ingredient list, but the main ingredients are water, grape seed oil, and there are also different jojoba seed oils. Jojoba oil is one of Cassandra’s favorite ingredients, but it’s not listed in the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. In the Revolution Pro Cream, there’s also shea butter, fragrance, and peptides like bis(tripeptide-1) copper acetate. 

So honestly, the ingredients are quite different. When it comes to a dupe, you would think the first five ingredients would be similar, but not here. However, the feel, the sheen, the function, the effectiveness, and the hydration of both products are identical. 

How do they compare under sunscreen?

For example, Cassandra put The Revolution Pro Cream on the left side of her face to see if either cream would peel under   Black Girl Sunscreen, and neither did. The Revolution Pro side was a little more tacky though.

How do they compare under foundation?

Both products allowed her foundation to lay down so smoothly! Neither side pilled or changed color, but at the end of the day, there seemed to be a little more creasing on the Charlotte Tilbury side around Cassandra's eyes and smile lines. Cassandra feels like the Revolution side held up better under makeup, and she used the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation.  She also didn’t notice one side breaking out more than the other. 

How do they compare when you sweat?

Without sunscreen or foundation,  Cassandra went for a walk and sweat a bit. Likewise, she did notice minimal pilling, but there was a little more pilling on the Revolution Pro side. Granted, she had to rub her face for the pilling to happen though.

The morning after her walk, it’s worthy noting that Cassandra did wake up with a pimple on The Charlotte Tilbury side. But, that may have been because of something else.

All in all, The Revolution Pro Cream is a great dupe if you don’t want the price of The Charlotte Tilbury Cream. And this just goes to show that something can be a dupe without having similar ingredients. Dupes are a great way to save money and experiment with what works best for your skin.